Night's Blood

by Wishful Fun

First published

Night Solo reveals a secret he's been hiding from his best friend, Wishful Fun. A secret Wishful did not expect.

On the night of the Grand Galloping Gala, Night Solo reveals a secret he's been hiding from his best friend, Wishful Fun. Wishful did not expect his best friend, to be cursed by Vampire Ponies. Will they be able to find a cure?

The Gala

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Wishful Fun & Night Solo are best friends. They've known each other ever since they were young colts. They both has some rough times, but they always find a way to patch their problems. It was the night of the Grand Galloping Gala. Night Solo is at the main entrance, waiting for Wishful, who's running late.

"Ugh, where is he...?" Night thought to himself. Wishful then arrives to the Gala.

"Hey, Night!" Wishful said.

"I thought you weren't gonna show up! We better get going." Night said, as they walk into the Canterlot Castle.

"So," Wishful asks Night, "Did you bring flowers for Rainbow Dash?"

"Ah, crap...How could I forget the dang flowers?!" Night said, as he starts to freak out.

"Don't worry!" Wishful said, as he brought out flowers.

"Man Wishful, you are a life saver!" Night says in relief.

"Well," Wishful says, "Let's have a good time!"

The Gala is packed with many ponies. They were both impressed.

"Hey, Night..." Wishful says as he points Night to Rainbow Dash.

"Don't worry about me. Tonight's the night after all...The best night ever, right?" Night looked down with a slight frown on his face. he pulls out an envelope.

"Before I go off to hang out with Dash, I need you to hand this to Celestia."

"Oh, alright." Wishful says, as he grabs the letter.

"I wonder what's in the letter..." Wishful thought. "I better not look inside. Night will kill me if I did. Celestia notices that Wishful is approaching to her.

"Excuse me, Princess Celestia?" Wishful says as he gets Celestia's attention. "I came to deliver a letter from my friend, Night Solo." Celestia glances at the envelope. A sad tension is felt as the envelope is passed down to Celestia.

"Thank you, Wishful Fun." said Night.

"You're welcome Night. So, how did things go with Rainbow?" Night took a drink out of his apple cider. It seemed as if something was bothering him.

"It went great. I'm thinking about taking her to someplace special in Cloudsdale." After finishing his cider, he put the cup down on the floor.

"I've been wanting to show you something for a while." Night said. "Tonight is the perfect night..." Night whispered to himself. Night & Wishful walk outside.

"Night doesn't look happy. Why would he be sad at the greatest event in Equestria?" Wishful thought to himself.

The Curse

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"Wishful, I've been hiding something from everypony for awhile. The only ponies who know what I'm about to reveal are Celestia and Rainbow Dash." Night gazed at the stars in the sky. "I only trust three ponies in this world. One of them is you, Wishful. I have nothing to hide from anypony other than what I'm about to reveal..." Night turned around, as the moon rises up. "This is what I am!" Wishful could not believe what be is seeing. Night's eyes became blood red. The color of his fur turned dark. Fangs grew out of his teeth. Night is turned into a Vampire Pony.

"N-Night..." Wishful is stuttering of what he just saw. "...W-What happened to you?"

"The origins of this..." Night explains. "It all started when I decided to go trot with Rainbow Dash, through the Everfree Forest. It was a calm night, such as this one. It seemed as if not a single thing could go wrong. I was talking with Rainbow as we were trotting through the peaceful forest. The night was perfect. I never felt happier in my life, but to be by her side. Then...I realized we were being followed. The atmosphere turned from lovely to deadly. A Vampire Pony appeared with 5 others. One of them knocked me down on the floor, by punching me. I saw them restraining Rainbow. Apparently, one of their kin were weak and needed blood to sustained himself. I couldn't get up and fight...there was too much of them. I had to come to some sort of an agreement."

Night looked down and tried to hide his tears that were coming down his face. Wishful puts his hoof around Night's shoulder.

"Night, what was the agreement?" Wishful asked.

Night answers, "They let Rainbow go, and they take me instead." Wishful was shocked. His best friend sacrificed himself to protect the mare he cares about.

"But wait..." Wishful questions Night, "If you've became a Vampire Pony, how were you able to hide it?"

Night sighed as he gives Wishful an answer. "This may sound complex, but Celestia provided me medicine that allows me to not transform into what I am now. I didn't take it today, which allowed me to reveal what I am. You may be wondering: Where does Celestia get this medicine? I'm gonna answer that question, with a question. Do you know what the Rainbow Factory is?"

The Factory

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"The Rainbow Factory?" Wishful says. "Yeah. It's a song created by Glaze. Why would you ask?"

Night replied, "It's more than just a song. It's an actual place. An actual hell! I've been inside. Everything the song says is true. The only thing is that the soul purpose of it is a lot more than just producing Rainbows. A lot of medicines are produced there also. The only thing is how the medicine is produced."

Wishful says to Night, "Night, take me to the factory."

Night spreads his wings. He smirks and says, "Don't mind if I do."

Wishful uses his magic to create temporary wings, & flies with Night to Cloudsdale.

Wishful asks Night, "I'm assuming you told Rainbow about your transformation?"

Night looks down & says, "Not only that...she works at the factory. She's one of the main officers there. She makes sure everything is under control. She supports the place."

They arrive at the factory, as Night gives Wishful a dark hoodie jacket.

"Put it on," Night says, "Your identity must be a secret." Wishful puts on the jacket, & they enter the factory.

"Welcome to the Rainbow Factory!" Wishful was shocked, as what he saw brought tears to his eyes. The sound of gears grinding quickly filled the facility. A dim-lighted place that can be described, as hell itself. Pegasus being stabbed in the chest. Their blood being drained to be used to be converted into Rainbows. Corpses everywhere.

Night starts grinning in an evil way. "Yes, this is what Rainbow wanted me to see!" Wishful was scared, when he sees Night laughing maniacally.

"Night, snap out of it!" Wishful screamed as he smacked Night's face with his hoof. Night realized what just happened. Tears rolled down his face.

Wishful tries to comfort Night. "Night, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that. You were starting t-"

"Wishful..." Night interrupts Wishful. "We need to destroy this place!" Night collapses to the ground, crying about what he's become. Wishful feels what Night's going through, as he puts on the hood.

Wishful says, "Alright Night, what's the plan?"

The Plan

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Night gets up, and explains the plan. "I'm gonna find a way to malfunction the machinery. If I do what I intend to do...the machines will cause a huge explosion, thus destroying this facility. Now here's where you come in. There should be an emergency cell release button. This should also open the main gate, giving you time to escape with the other Pegasi. Once the alarm goes off, you make sure everyone gets out of here, without getting captured by the guards..."

Night puts his hooves on Wishful's face and puts his forehead on Wishful's forehead. "And whatever you do, don't wait for me. Don't look back. Just keep on running."

Night smirks as he jumps off the railing & flies up. "There isn't anymore time to talk. Now is the time this place falls & free the Pegasi!"

"Alright." Wishful says. "I guess, this is goodbye then?"

"Tsk. Don't be so sure about that, Wishful." Night says. "I'm sure we'll see each other again."

Night flies towards the control room, as Wishful flies to the cells, waiting for the alarms to go off. Night looks at the panel.

"Hmm..." Night thinks, as there 's a variety of knobs, buttons, & switches on the motherboard.

"I don't have time for this!" Night then smashes the panel, causing his hooves to be pierced. Blood starts coming out of his hooves as well. Night starts tearing up from the pain, but he didn't care. He eventually smashes the motherboard, causing the alarm to go off. All the Pegasi woke up, as their cells are opened.

Now is Wishful's chance. "This is your Redemption Day, Everypony! Follow me if you want to live!" The Pegasi follows Wishful, as the factory starts to fall apart.

"Ugh, my hooves!" Night thinks as his hooves are bleeding out.

The Factory's A.I. goes off: "MALFUNCTION. CODE BLUE. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. PLEASE HEAD FOR THE NEAREST EXIT!" Night tries to open the door, but it won't open, as the broken gears have blocked the door.

"Oh, no..."

The Rescue

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As Wishful guides the Pegasi out, he encountered a few guards.

"Stop! We cannot allow you to escape. You ruined this facility, & now you will pay the price!"

Wishful grins in the dark hood, "Try me!"

Wishful uses his magic to blast the guards, blocking his path. Wishful notices Night is trapped in the control room.

"Oh, no! What should I do? I need to help him, but he told me to not wait for him..." Wishful quickly thought about it. "I'm sorry Night, but I can't let you die!"

Wishful uses his magic to create a clone. "How did I-" The clone was interrupted by Wishful.

"Wishful Clone, guide the Pegasi out of this facility. Make sure ALL of them make it out alive!"

"Roger that!" The clone says as he leaves to guide the Pegasi out.

As Night pounded helplessly on the door for a mere 5 minutes, he stopped & leaned on the door.

"I never even got to tell her I loved her..." Night said, as he starts to cry. "I never got to thank Wishful Fun for all he has done for me..." Night slid on the door, & sat.

"...I'm sorry Wishful...I'm sorry Rainbow...I promised I would never go and stay by your guys' side..." Night lost a lot of blood, as he faintly begins to close his eyes.

As Wishful heads to save Night, another Pegasus is there, trying to break him out.

Wishful says, "Excuse me, do you need help?"

The Pegasus looked at him. Wishful was surprised of who it is.

"R-Rainbow Dash?"

Night opened his eyes, hearing a fuss behind the door. "W-who..."

Rainbow was surprised. "You..." Rainbow says angrily. "You're the pony, who helped the Pegasi escape. You're the reason this factory's destroyed. Why would you do this?"

"Because..." Wishful says as he removes the hood. "...It's what Night Solo wanted."

"Wait..." Rainbow said. "You're Night's friend, Wishful Fun. But how did you-"

"No time to chat. Do you want to rescue him or not?"

Night thought, "Whoever's behind that door is gonna kill me or leave me to die." Night stands up from what much strength he has left. "I'm not gonna die, like some sort of caged animal." "Bring it..."

Wishful uses his magic to move the rubble out of the way, as he & Rainbow bust the door open.

"NIGHT!!!" Both Rainbow & Wishful screamed as they entered the room.

"Rainbow..." Night said, as he collapsed to the floor. "Wishful...I thought I told you....." Night's head falls down. He's out cold.

Rainbow starts crying in shock "No, Night! Please, stay with us!!!"

"He's unconscious." Wishful said. "We need to get him out of here. Rainbow, hang on to me & Night. We're teleporting ourselves out of here!"

The three managed to escape just in time, as the Factory explodes, burning in the sky.

"Master..." Wishful noticed his clone arrive. "All the Pegasi were able to escape. The mission is a success."

"Thank you." Wishful says, as the clone disappears. "Come, Rainbow. We must get Night to the hospital."

The Healing

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Night opens his eyes. "Dang, it's bright in here...speaking of "here," where the heck am I?"

Wishful & Rainbow are sitting in the waiting room, hoping Night will be ok.

"I don't understand." Rainbow said. "How did you find out about the Factory?"

Wishful takes a deep breath & explains to Rainbow. "Night told me everything. He helped you escape from the vampire ponies. He showed me his vampire form. He showed me the factory & the horrors that happened in there. I know, you mean well. You helped Night by giving him the medicine thst helps him control his transformation, but he needed my help to destroy the factory."

Night looks around the room. "I'm in a hospital..." Night thought.

One of the doctors enters the room. "Ah, Night, you're awake."

Night was confused. "Um, you mind telling me how I got here?"

"Your friends brought you here." The doctor explained.

"Is that so?" Night says.

"Yes," said the doctor. "Now I have a few things to talk to you about. It seems you lost a lot of blood from your hooves, as they appear to be cut & pierced. However, the charts say that you will make an unnaturally quick recovery. You will be released, tomorrow."

"Thanks, doctor." Night says. "May I have a word with my friends?"

"Sure thing." The doctor said.

"I'm sure that Night probably hates me." Rainbow says, as tears start coming out.

"I wouldn't say that." Wishful says.

Rainbow responds, "Why is that?"

Wishful answers, "Because he loves you." Rainbow gives a me a smile.

The doctor approaches to them. "Wishful, Rainbow, Night's awake now. He wishes to speak with you two."

"I see." Wishful says.

"Thanks Doctor." Rainbow says to the doctor.

Night sees Wishful & Rainbow enter through the door. Tears start coming out of Night's eyes.

"Words cannot express how I feel......If it weren't for you two, I would have been dead..." Night smiles with tears in his eyes.

"Oh, Night..." Rainbow says, as she hugs Night, while crying. "I'm so sorry for putting you through all this."

Night holds Rainbow tight. "It wasn't your fault...Don't think that. None of this is your fault..."

Night looks at Wishful. Night lips at him, "Thank you."

Wishful lips back at Night. "You're welcome."

Night looks at Rainbow with her hooves around him. "The doctor said I'm gonna be released tomorrow."

"That's great news." Rainbow said. "There's one thing I want to do before you leave."

"And what would that be?" Night asked.

"This." Rainbow kisses Night on the lips. Night was shocked of what's happening, yet he lulled her closer to him. The whole universe went silent for Night. For once in his life, Night felt a surge of happiness.

"I knew those two would make up." Wishful thought.

Rainbow slowly backs out of the kiss, as Night speaks, "Rainbow, while I was sitting in that control room, one of the only regrets I had, was me not telling you...I love you."

Rainbow starts crying tears of joy. "I love you too, Night." Rainbow says, as she hugs Night again. Night smiles, with tears as well.

Hours passed, as they had a conversation. Night suggested Rainbow to leave, so she can rest. Wishful insisted to stay the night over.

"What a day, huh?" Wishful says.

"Indeed." Night answers.

Wishful had to ask Night a question. "Hey Night, how were you able to pull through? You lost a lot of blood at the factory."

It was night..." Night said, as he answers. "...The only way I withstand all that blood loss, was because I was in vampire form. I can regenerate to perfect state faster than an average pony..." Night looks down. "But that's the thing! I don't wanna be a blood thirsty monster. I may have these powerful abilities...but the things I wanted to do in that factory...were truly monstrous thoughts."

"Well that explains why Night was laughing maniacally when he looked at the Pegasi suffer." Wishful thought to himself.

Night sits up on the bed & asks Wishful, "Where do we need to go to reverse this curse?"

Wishful just thought of a solution. "I know just the pony who can help us."

"Who?" Night asks.

"While I was leaving to attend the Gala, I met a zebra, named Zecora. She's known for creating cures for curses, most commonly, for ponies affected by Poison Joke. Maybe she can help you."

Night stands up. "Alright. Where does she live?"

Wishful answers Night's question. "She lives a hut in the Everfree Forest."

Night starts seeing flashbacks about the forest. "You ok, Night?" Wishful asks.

Night looks down. "The Everfree Forest...was the same place Rainbow & I were ambushed by those Vampire Ponies. Wishful, I don't want to go back to that forest, but I have no other choice. This curse must be lifted."

Wishful looks outside. "The sun's starting to set, so we must hurry up." Wishful says.

Night smirks & says, "You lead the way."

The Apology

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Wishful & Night left the hospital, & allowed as fast as they can to the Everfree Forest to see Zecora.

"Hey, Wishful," Night says. "If the sun sets & the moon exposes itself, I'm not worried about myself being a threat, as much as the other vampire ponies in the Everfree Forest."

"I'm not worried about that, either." Wishful says. The sun sets, and the moon reveals itself.

"Aw, crap..." Night says, as he transforms once again.

"Don't worry, Night." We're almost there." Wishful says. But then, they were stopped by unknown figures.

The first figure speaks, "Well, well, well...look who we have here. The big hero!"

Night recognizes the voice. "You..."

Wishful asks, "Night, are these the same vampire ponies you & Rainbow encountered?"

Night answers, "Yeah. Be careful. Their bite is something you don't want to tango with." Night looks at the vampire ponies. "What the hell do you guys want now?"

The leader answers Night's question. "Well...we need more blood, and as you know, we can't drink the blood of our own kind." They glare at Wishful.

"Not gonna happen, buddy!" Wishful says.

Night opens his wings, & says, "You're not gonna get anything from us, bub. Now, beat it! I've already delt with you before."

The leader makes a snarky remark. "Oh, how foolish...a coward like you turns into something more confident."

That angers Night, resulting him to tackle the leader. The others tried to help them, but they're blocked by a boulder.

"If you don't want to be flattened, I'd recommend you back away from him." Wishful said.

Night was ticked."Listen, you..." Night said in rage. "...I've had a dark past. That night, me hanging out with Rainbow Dash was the best night of my life, until you guys showed up. You've turned me into a monster!"

The leader tries to reason with him. "Ok, you're starting to scare me. I'm sorry for turning you into a vampire. Please let me go. We'll do anything. Please?"

Night thought about it. "There's one thing..." Night picks up the leader. "Me & Wishful going to Zecora's hut to remove this curse. So, with that on your minds, promise me, that you won't drink the blood from me, Wishful, and Rainbow."

The leader thought about it with his comrades, as they come to a decision. "We promise, to not turn you & your friends, into our kind."

"Alright, and I have one thing to say...I forgive you." The Vampire Ponies fly away.

"You did the right thing, Night." Wishful says to Night.

"Thanks, Wishful. Let's keep moving."

The Cure

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"Here we are. Zecora's Hut." Wishful says as the two made it.

Night says to Wishful, "Let's hope she has a remedy for this curse..."

Wishful knocks on the door, as a zebra, with a mohawk, answers the door.

"Oh, hello, fellow Night & Wish. What brings you here from such a mist?"

Night thinks to himself. I suppose we did choose a weird time to come."

"Hello there, Zecora." Wishful says. "Night has been turned into a vampire pony, & he needs a cure."

Zecora tells the two. "Well I may have something in store. Please come in and tell me more."

As they come inside the hut, Wishful explains the story to Zecora. She was intrigued with the story.

She responds to Wishful. "Ah, a brave move. You have nothing to prove."

Wishful & Night watch as Zecora mixes all sorts of potions, & weird things.

"Drink this, and you shall feel a slight bliss!" Zecora says as she gives Night the potion.

Night's look of disgust made Wishful chuckle a bit. "...This doesn't look too good, but this looks like it's the only way." Night drinks the potion and, of course, he did not like the taste. " head's spinning."

Zecora tells Night. "You may feel very dizzy. So just relax, and don't be busy."

The potion was able to turn Night back into a normal pegasus, but the dizziness causes Night to pass out.

Zecora tells Wishful, "Wishful, you should take him home. Just make sure he is not left alone."

Wishful responds. "Alright. Thanks for the help Zecora. I owe you."

Wishful uses his magic to teleport himself & Night. To Night's house.


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One day has passed, since Night was healed. Wishful crashed at Night's place, waiting for him to wake up. Wishful thought to himself.

"When will he wake up? I'm starving. I could go for some cupcakes at Sugarcube Corner."

Night finally wakes up from his bed, and sees Wishful in his living room.

"I see you're awake." Wishful says to Night.

"Yeah..." Night responses. "That drink was disgusting! But I have to admit, diet soda is still the worst drink I've ever had."

"Haha. Possibly." Wishful says. "So, do you feel different?"

Night answers, "I do. Actually, I feel great! Man, I don't know what Zecora did, but it worked!"

Wishful asks, "What time is it?"

Night checks the time, on his watch. "Sheesh! 12:23? I woke up late!" Night puts on his coat.

"Where are you going?" Wishful asks.

Night answers, "I got to go set up dinner reservations for me & Dash." Night pulls out a small container, from under his couch. "I have a question to ask her..." Night opens the container, revealing a diamond bracelet. "...a really big question..."

Wishful whistles at the sight of the bracelet. "Have a great day with Rainbow." Night slips the container into his coat, as he & Wishful exits Night's house.

"Hey Wishful?" Night says, as he gets Wishful's attention. "Thank you...for everything you've done. Despite my flaws and stood by my side, every step of the way."

Wishful responds, "You're welcome, Night. I will always be there for you."

Night tells him, "Same here Wishful. Same here."