• Published 14th Aug 2014
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Night's Blood - Wishful Fun

Night Solo reveals a secret he's been hiding from his best friend, Wishful Fun. A secret Wishful did not expect.

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The Curse

"Wishful, I've been hiding something from everypony for awhile. The only ponies who know what I'm about to reveal are Celestia and Rainbow Dash." Night gazed at the stars in the sky. "I only trust three ponies in this world. One of them is you, Wishful. I have nothing to hide from anypony other than what I'm about to reveal..." Night turned around, as the moon rises up. "This is what I am!" Wishful could not believe what be is seeing. Night's eyes became blood red. The color of his fur turned dark. Fangs grew out of his teeth. Night is turned into a Vampire Pony.

"N-Night..." Wishful is stuttering of what he just saw. "...W-What happened to you?"

"The origins of this..." Night explains. "It all started when I decided to go trot with Rainbow Dash, through the Everfree Forest. It was a calm night, such as this one. It seemed as if not a single thing could go wrong. I was talking with Rainbow as we were trotting through the peaceful forest. The night was perfect. I never felt happier in my life, but to be by her side. Then...I realized we were being followed. The atmosphere turned from lovely to deadly. A Vampire Pony appeared with 5 others. One of them knocked me down on the floor, by punching me. I saw them restraining Rainbow. Apparently, one of their kin were weak and needed blood to sustained himself. I couldn't get up and fight...there was too much of them. I had to come to some sort of an agreement."

Night looked down and tried to hide his tears that were coming down his face. Wishful puts his hoof around Night's shoulder.

"Night, what was the agreement?" Wishful asked.

Night answers, "They let Rainbow go, and they take me instead." Wishful was shocked. His best friend sacrificed himself to protect the mare he cares about.

"But wait..." Wishful questions Night, "If you've became a Vampire Pony, how were you able to hide it?"

Night sighed as he gives Wishful an answer. "This may sound complex, but Celestia provided me medicine that allows me to not transform into what I am now. I didn't take it today, which allowed me to reveal what I am. You may be wondering: Where does Celestia get this medicine? I'm gonna answer that question, with a question. Do you know what the Rainbow Factory is?"

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