• Published 10th Aug 2014
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Saiyan of All - GMD

Everybody knows about Goku, the one Saiyan who avenged his race and defeated Frieza, but what happened when Planet Namek exploded?

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Super Saiyan of All

Saiyan of All
Written by: GMD

*Back at King Kai's planet*

"Hyaagh!" Yamcha said, as he raised his fist at Tien. Both of these warriors were training to get stronger, just incase they get wished back.

Tien fly's above Yamcha and unleashes one of his many special attacks. "Domination Blast!" Tien yells out. This technique is a special KI attack in which, once activated, fires several continuous KI blasts. Yamcha see's the incoming attacks, and uses a counter technique. Can you guess what it is? Here's a hint: It starts with the letter K! Can't guess?

"KA-ME...HA-ME......HAAAA!" Yamcha shouts out at the fighter above, both attackers can be see from a far distance... and heard. Don't believe me? Ask poor King Kai, who's searching for any signs of life from where Namek was. And... well... he found none.

"Will you guys keep it down back there!?! I'm trying to see if somehow the space pod survived!" King Kai shouted to both the fighters. They seem to hear him and Tien fly's back down to the ground.

"D'aww come on King Kai! I was so close to whooping his butt!" Yamcha said with a smirk on his face.

"Pffft, you couldn't beat me if you wanted to." Tien said with courage.

"You take that back! I could beat you, anywhere, any place!"

"Not even in you're dreams!"

"SHUUUTTT UUUUPP!!! I've almost found a life source and you're bickering isn't helping!" King Kai shouted. Both the Z Fighters crossed they're arms and looked at each other with a competitive rage.

"Wait, I think I found something!!! WOOOAHHH!!! That power... I think i've felt that from somewhere... wait. GOKU!!!"

*Inside the Castle*

"W-What... is that?!?" The white tall horse asked me with shock.

"I told you already, it's a Super Saiyan! With this power, I was able to defeat Frieza." I said. Everyone stared at me...

"Okay, is this staring gonna be a thing you guys do or... what." I said to all the ponies staring at me. I don't know why, but ever since the tournaments, I never liked people staring at me. It make's me think of all the time I got beaten the crap out of. The purple pony remembers hearing this and facehoofs.

"Wait, why did you defeat him? Aren't the saiyan's on his side?" The white pony asked me. I shook my head.

"He destroyed Planet Vegeta, and every saiyan on it. At least, that's what I heard. Heh heh, as a matter of fact, i was never with them. The saiyans were nothing but a bunch of cruel hearted people, who sold planets to the evil." I said, chuckling a bit.

"Wait, so... yer not tryn'a take ar here planet?" The orange small pony asked, walking a little closer to me.

"Now why would I do that? I ne-" I was strangely interrupted from an unknown voice.

"Goku! Oh thank the gods I found you! We all thought you were dead!"

"Oh hey, King Kai! Nahh i'm fine! My pod landed on a strange planet with talking horses! Yay?" They looked at me as if I was crazy, but the taller ones didn't. They stared at me with shock. Again, come on with the staring!

"King... Kai You're speaking, with King Kai?" The white one asked me. All the ponies looked at her with confusion, besides the purple one, whom I think's name is Twilight.

"King... Kai?!? You've contacted King Kai!?!" Twilight said with a face.... well.... here was her face...


"Goku! How did you survive!?! That should of killed you!!!" King Kai said.

"Well, the pod seemed to be able to take a lot of damage! Without it, I'd be a goner!"

"Listen Goku, you're in a new world now! And I can't seem to contact the beings in it. So you're on yer on this!"

"Gee, thanks."

"You're welcome. Now if you excuse me, I have to go scream at those guys who keep making SO MUCH NOISE!"

That white alicorn keeps looking at me. Why...

"Why would... King Kai call on you?!? He only calls on those who are not foes." She pointed out.

"Well, like I told you, I'm no foe. And if you heard it, which apparently you did, you have some proof I'm actually on you're side!"

"Umm... excuse me princess, but... who's King Kai?" The rainbow of disappointment asked.

"How do you not know King Kai? Ruler of The North Galaxy?!?" Twilight said.

"Well soooorrry for not being an egghead like you, Twilight."

"I am not an egghead!"

"Surrrrree you aren't..."

*Girls! This is no time to be fighting!" The small white one said.

'What the heck is happening here?' I thought in my mind.

As all this strange fighting was happening, I felt a powerful energy coming from above, this energy... it felt similar too... FRIEZA!?!?! I began to run out of this huge castle, with all the ponies trying to catch me

You can't catch me, I'm the Son Goku-man!

Man this is taking forever, this castle is even huger then I imagined! That power level is closing in on this planet faster now, I feels just like Frieza... but, he died in that explosion! Alright, now I'm getting curious. Just as that rainbow got close to me, I went my full speed, and was out of that huge castle in half a second.

A giant pod began to fall from the sky, and I watched as it fell into a small town. Screaming could be heard from all around, until the others showed up.

They finally found me! "Took you guys long enough." I said with a smirk. The rainbow one crossed her arms.

"Yea, if it wasn't for you teleporting."

"Heh, that wasn't teleporting that was my actual speed. Anyways, another pod fell, I gotta go check it out. It feels like Frieza, but... stronger..."

Author's Note:

Hey everyone! Like I said last chapter, I will give credit to everyone who gave me ideas for this! Heres the list!

"Butterfield Pancake" For the King Kai idea!

"Crespusculo and RDVF123" For a next chapter idea that you won't know until it's out...

Also, thanks Goku for being epic!

I plan to have the next chapter epicly long. (Longer then any of my chapters i've ever written!)