• Published 10th Aug 2014
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Saiyan of All - GMD

Everybody knows about Goku, the one Saiyan who avenged his race and defeated Frieza, but what happened when Planet Namek exploded?

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Important News

Sorry for the delays, there really are no excuses. Ill take whatever blame anyone might lay on me.

Basically. End of story. No more updates. Period.

Reason being, as pointed out by wandering brony, it's been a while. This story feels like a stick in the mud to me, i don't like it, and its holding me back. I liked the plot line i originally chose but the direction it took changed it a lot. The story also progressed far to quickly for my own enjoyment. I've wanted to start other stories but i don't like starting new things without finishing whatever came before. This will fix that. I do not know if I will end up writing more pony fics mainly because its restrictive in nature. I would much rather write my own stories in their own universes that i completely control.

I hope you all understand.

Officially, this story is now abandoned. I will no longer update or post anything new for this story at all. Sorry if you still wanted to see it end, i did too, but i just can't.
If someone wants to take up the story and finish it or use the characters or, hell i don't care if you change the entire plot line just to make better in some way. Go ahead, we can talk about any and everything.

End of story, it's been fun, but... I just can't keep going.

Thank you, for all you're kind feedback. Who knows, I might just bring it back in the next year or so.

Once again, thank you all so kindly,


P.S. The guy who came, well, I may tell you... if I bring this story back.

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Possibly Dead.
To us.
I you either post something new that, like you have said, where you can control. Or, continue the current incomplete story, 'small in size'. If you do that.



...Not sure if I follow...

But I am continuing Small in Size.

5148948 I always get the same reaction when it comes to the others.
Remember that i dont give a fuck
AND I LOVE STILL LOVE YOU!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
Just like you love everybody.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- wait, you might finish it? Ok then, I'll add it to a bookshelf.



Like I said, I might go on with the story... I just, might rewrite the chapters. :pinkiecrazy:

(LIke i said, maybe)



Yea, I never was too good with serious, and the way I took this story, I just... didn't like how it went on. It felt like a car ran over a keyboard and, "TADAA" Saiyan of All was made.



It saids sure in the chapter, so why not?

Comment posted by PotatoManato deleted Sep 20th, 2015
Comment posted by PotatoManato deleted Sep 20th, 2015

5238038 Well, that sucks


Yep, this story is officially discontinued, meaning I won't ever go back to it. (Cause I can't)

5243217 .......
Oh, goodie....
Not this again!!! :twilightoops:
We'll be back when he is calm.


Calm down, it is not the end of the world.

Yea, just the end of the story.


5244130 i Just have a habit of freaking out like that.
Habit. more like a state of mind.
Whatever, anyway, i'm good now. Still sucks your original account got banned.

GMD you suck you looser

Comment posted by PotatoManato deleted May 16th, 2015


I can only assume the cliffhanger could directly link to the show where he sensed Frieza on earth before Trunks killed him.

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