• Published 10th Aug 2014
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Saiyan of All - GMD

Everybody knows about Goku, the one Saiyan who avenged his race and defeated Frieza, but what happened when Planet Namek exploded?

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Thank you so much guys!

I gotta say, never thought any of my stories would EVER get half a thousand views! (May not seem like much to all you pro writers out there, but for me it's epic!) So, in honor of this very occasion, I have something to announce.

Recently, i've been getting SERIOUS writers block, mainly cause i'm still helping someone else with a story and my ideas all get flushed down the toilet. So, i've got to thinking, (What do fans like in a story?) Well, I never figured it out, but since you MLP and DBZ fans probably do, I got to even MORE thinking.

(Why don't I ask the fans what they think will happen in the next story?)

So, I finished my thinking pea brain, and I write this to all of you. PM me just what you think might happen, and you're idea may be in the next chapter! And i'll even give credit in the Author's Note to all those ideas I pick!

(Only for these two chapter though!)


Author's Note:

Just PM you're ideas! Putting it in the comments might make others steal it!