• Published 19th Jun 2014
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Her Greatest Desires... Her Darkest Fears - Raidah

When Rainbow Dash is killed in a tragic accident, she is sent to purgatory. Once there, she is faced with the possibilities of everything she ever wanted... Along with that which she feared most.

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"Oh, Rainbow Dash," Envy began. "Rainbow, Rainbow, Rainbow."

Rainbow Dash simply looked at Envy with fear in her eyes, but determination on her face. She wasn't going to let him break her, if that's what he was going to do.

"Where should we go?" he asked rhetorically. "Your past? Your present? I can't decide," he looked at her as if she might have an answer. "Do you have an idea?"

Rainbow shook her head, unable to speak.

"Well then," Envy said. "I guess we'll go to your past."

The darkness was quickly replaced with the scene of a bright, sunny day. Next to no clouds in the sky and a gentle summer breeze swept through the meadow. Rainbow could see herself laying in the middle of the field, looking up at the sky and smiling. She then saw Applejack and some stallion walking into the meadow. Rainbow recognized him as Caramel, another farmer who lived in Ponyville. But what we're they doing together?

It didn't take her long to realize what was going on, and it crushed her inside. Applejack and Caramel were together. It broke her heart to see this, for she had had a crush on the orange farmpony ever since she moved to Ponyville, and seeing her with somepony else drove her mad.

"What are we doing here?" Rainbow asked Envy, who was watching her with an evil smirk.

"You know exactly why," he replied, "this is when I came into play the most in your life. You seeing the mare you loved with another pony. Crushing, isn't it?" he kept watching her, waiting for a reaction.

"That was years ago," Rainbow protested, "they broke up after a while. So it's not really bugging me anymore. Nice try, though."

Envy simply dropped his smirk and eyed her devilishly. "Hmm..." he mumbled, "you are a tough nut to crack," his ears perked up as he thought of something new for her. "Don't worry, I can fix that."

The scene quickly changed to a fairly cloudy day, a light rain fell on the town below as the ponies went about their daily buisness. She could see that the library was destroyed, so this was within her very recent past.

"Where are we now?" she asked.

"Today," Envy replied.

"Why today?"

"Because there's something here that I know you'll want to see."

Rainbow looked uncertainly at Envy as the scene played out. It was obviously after the branch had fallen on her, since the many ponies working on the library were crowded around a single spot. She could see her body, and the bleeding mush that used to be her head. But what surprised her more than the damage to her skull, was the pony holding her lifeless corpse. It was Applejack, crying a river as she shook Rainbow Dash's body, trying to wake her up.

"See, Rainbow Dash? They're alive and you're dead. How does that make you feel?" Envy teased.

Rainbow Dash, however, didn't even pay attention to him. She was too busy watching Applejack sob over her body. Twilight then walked up behind Applejack and put a hoof on her shoulder.

"I'm sorry, Applejack... Really, I am," she said.

"I didn't even get to say goodbye..." Applejack sobbed. "I never got to tell her how I felt."

"I know," Twilight said, tears already pouring down her face, "I know."

That's what set Rainbow off. What broke her heart into a million pieces before shattering the pieces all over again. That small revalation that meant the world to her. One tear made it's way down her face, then another. After several seconds she was downright sobbing into her hooves, broken by the fact that she and Applejack could have been together, but never got the chance. She looked at Envy with bloodshot eyes, a pleading look found it's way to her face as he just smiled at her dispair.

"Please," she said, "stop this."

"As you wish," Envy replied, and the scene faded away to the darkness again.

Author's Note:

Umm....... I don't even know what to say.