• Published 19th Jun 2014
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Her Greatest Desires... Her Darkest Fears - Raidah

When Rainbow Dash is killed in a tragic accident, she is sent to purgatory. Once there, she is faced with the possibilities of everything she ever wanted... Along with that which she feared most.

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Lust (2)

The scene changed again into a bright, sunny day, in the fields of Sweet Apple Acres. Applejack was on the ground, bucking apples from the trees as she usually did while Rainbow Dash was camped on a nearby cloud, eyeing the orange farmer from a distance.

Rainbow Dash looked at Lust, who simply stared into the scene before them. That made Dash uneasy. How she could just stand and watch while Rainbow was forced to have every memory she cherished be ripped apart right in front of her. She turned back to the scene, for she had known exactly why Lust had brought them here.

The memory version of Rainbow Dash eyed her prey delicately, her eyes trained on Applejack's curved flank. She had seriously considered flying down and pinning her love interest to the ground and confessing to her right then and there, but she knew that that probably wouldn't work out so well. So instead she simply eyed her dear Applejack from afar. She could feel something stirring inside her, but she knew it would be awkward to take care of if she was caught.

She quickly pushed the cloud away from AJ with her wings, not wanting to be seen by the farmer.

Rainbow Dash looked at Lust knowingly, and her ears drooped slightly, understanding why Lust had shown her that completely. The scene changed yet again into a more dreary day, the sky dominated by dark grey clouds and a light rain pouring on the land below. Rainbow looked around, searching for her past self among the scarce few who were out in the rain. As usual, there she was floating on a solitary cloud, with a cloud canopy to keep her dry as she napped. Looking at herself while she slept, Rainbow had to admit that she looked cute when asleep. She looked her sleeping self over until she found why Lust had brought her here. One of her front hooves was lodged between her hind legs. Rainbow's face lit up in embarrassment, turning bright red instead of its usual cyan colour. She was glad that there were very few people around that day, or it could have gone a whole lot worse.

"I... I..." Rainbow tried to speak, but found no words. Lust simply looked at her and laughed lightly to herself.

"Seems you were enjoying your dreams a little bit too much, my dear," she snickered.

"Shut up," Rainbow said defensively. Utterly humiliated by what Lust had shown her. She lowered her head and covered her face with her hooves, too embarrassed to even look at the purple mare next to her.

"Oh, come on, Rainbow Dash. It's not that bad. Everypony's had a moment like that at least once," Lust tried to calm her down.

"Not in public," Rainbow muttered.

Lust sighed and nudged Rainbow Dash to get her attention, changing the scene to something more peaceful.

It was bright and sunny, like so many other memories of hers, only this day hadn't happened yet. It was from Dash's future, or, one of them at least.

Rainbow looked up from her hooves at the scene before her and watched it play out, not sure what was going on anymore. She could see herself and Applejack chasing after each other through the fields of Sweet Apple Acres, then into the orchard, and back to the fields.

Rainbow Dash was running from Applejack. Why, the current Dash never knew, but all that mattered was that they were together and enjoying the flames of young love. It warmed Rainbow's shattered heart to see herself and Applejack being so happy together, but then Applejack caught up to her, tackling her and pinning her to the ground. Rainbow saw it coming before it even happened, Applejack leaned down and kissed her flat out on the lips. She could see their love for each other, and something else, too. Something that was standing right next to her.

The scene faded away and Rainbow was left in the darkness with her Sins. She turned to face the six remaining ones as Lust walked back and took her place in the centre. She nodded at Rainbow Dash as one final scene formed behind her. She turned around and saw something that she never thought she would, and never hoped to; Applejack screaming at her in rage. Pissed off about something that Rainbow could only guess at. It was clearly after they had started dating, and it must have been something awful for Applejack to be this mad about it.

She turned to Lust, who simply shook her head. She turned back to the scene, which had no audio for once, and her heart broke when she saw what came next.

Applejack reared a hoof back and struck Rainbow hard in the face. Sending her to the ground holding a hoof up to her now bruised cheek. Applejack then stormed out of the room and slammed the door, leaving the sobbing form of Rainbow Dash behind and the current Dash wondering what she would have done to upset Applejack so much. And that's when it hit her: clearly Rainbow had cheated on Applejack, and it killed her to even think of doing such a thing.

She broke down, crying for the eighth time in the last two hours, her heart destroyed by that last scene.

Lust walked towards Rainbow Dash's sobbing form and placed a hoof on her shoulder. Soon the other Sins were surrounding her and they each had their right hoof placed somewhere on Rainbow Dash's body. They all said in unison;

"Rainbow Dash, we have decided based on your past to send you to a peaceful afterlife. May your soul find happiness again in the underworld. And if not happiness, then peace."

The void then erupted into blinding white light, and the Seven Sins faded away one by one; Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Pride, Wrath, Sloth, and finally Greed. Fading away while the white light shone brighter until; nothing. Rainbow was soon surrounded by the souls of past ponies who all seemed to be in peace. So that's exactly what Rainbow Dash was going to do. Be in peace. And even though she would carry the lessons that the Seven Deadly Sins had taught her with her forever, she would be strong and wait for Applejack to join her, so they could be together again, and she could try what she had always wanted to.

The End

Author's Note:

I finished it!!! Ahaaaa!!!! I hope that was enjoyable, because I sure as hell enjoyed writing it. Sure the ending is a bit anticlimactic, but hey, it's not the worst in the world. In fact it fits with the subject matter pretty well. Anyway, I think I will go through with the semi-sequel revolving around how the Mane 5 are handling Dash's death, but that's all for now! See ya in the comments!

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I really enjoyed this story. Not exactly what I was expecting from lust, but what do I know about life. :twilightoops:
Also, you put List instead of Lust in this chapter.

5046745 I know... Touchscreen is a bitch...


And yes, touchscreen is a bitch half the time.

5046944 only half? With my experience the only thing that keeps me from fucking up is autocorrect, and even then it pisses me off sometimes.

Autocorrect needs to get its shit together.

5251319 I remember that day...

When I hear "screaming in rage" *cough*Applejack*cough*, I can hear it. And my interpretation is either:
Or immensely inhuman noises.

That is the terror and stupidity this chapter brought.


"Oh, come on, Rainbow Dash. It's not that bad. Everypony's had a moment like that at least once," Lust tried to calm her down.

So you're telling me that even somepony of great honor, such as Mayor Mare, Celestia, possibly Chrysalis, Discord, and even LUST, the one who's responsibility (along with the 6 other sins) is to show how anypony has FUCKED UP in life, has masturbated at least once?

that's when it hit her


"Oh, come on, Rainbow Dash. It's not that bad. Everypony's had a moment like that at least once," Lust tried to calm her down.

Is it bad if I pictured Lust masturbating to sinners?

5251372 Pffahahaha! Best. Comment. Ever.

does anyone know where to find pony porn with huge cocks?

6649036 id appreciate it if you didn't spam those kinds of comments on my stories, thanks.

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