• Published 19th Jun 2014
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Her Greatest Desires... Her Darkest Fears - Raidah

When Rainbow Dash is killed in a tragic accident, she is sent to purgatory. Once there, she is faced with the possibilities of everything she ever wanted... Along with that which she feared most.

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Knowing that Pride and Lust would probably want to go last, Sloth stepped forward. His wings resting at his sides as he approached Rainbow Dash. He looked her over, small smirk forming on his face as he figured out what to do.

"Well, look at you," he said. "You know, out of all your friends, you're probably the most lazy. Waiting until the last second before actually doing your job."

"Not like I can't do it in ten seconds," she muttered.

"Oh I know you can do it, it's just that you put it off."

"So what?" she asked.

Sloth grunted, knowing that she was winning. He seriously considered just leaving it at that and giving up, and in another circumstance he might, but he had to break her. A smile quickly formed on his face as he realized something he could punish her with.

"Do you know how many times someone has gotten hurt because of you putting something off?" he asked.

Rainbow was taken aback by that one. "What do you mean?" She asked.

"Well, it's just that whenever somepony had been in imminent danger, you'd always wait until the last second to save them. And as you may recall, this hasn't always worked out."

He quickly brought up a scene from Rainbow's recent past. A dark, stormy day in the middle of summer. Wind stronger than was probably safe for even the most skilled fliers, knocking trees and even houses over. Rainbow remembered this day, for it was one she tried to forget for months after it had passed.

"Please, no," she pleaded. "I can't go back there, please!"

Sloth only smirked and let the scene play out.

Sweet Apple Acres appeared on the horizon as they flew over the memory version of Ponyville. Seemed to be a common place for these. Applejack was in the field, a stupid decision and she knew it, but she had to do something. Rainbow wasn't sure what, but she saw the tree coming and did her best to try and knock Applejack out of its path. Sadly, she was too late. The tree smashed into her friend and threw her across the field into another tree. She survived, barely. And Rainbow couldn't stop blaming herself for it.

"Stop. Just stop!" She yelled at Sloth, tears again starting to form at her eyes.

Sloth smiled widely and the scene faded away into blackness. He went back to his siblings and took his place to the far left of Lust.

Rainbow looked at them all, one by one, hatred in her eyes.

"Why?" She spat out. "Why do you have to torture me like this?"

"Because it's our job," Lust said. "Now, if you wouldn't mind, there are only two of us left. Pride?"

The young unicorn smirked devilishly and stepped forward. Eyeing Rainbow Dash like a predator would his prey.

"Oh, Rainbow Dash," he started, "am I going to have fun with you..."

Author's Note:

AHAAA!!! Now I can get to the REALLY juicy bits :3. And no not in that way ya stinkin perverts :P