• Published 6th Apr 2012
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The Colors Of A New World - LordOfTape

I've finally made it Ponyville, but what in the world is going on?

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Purple Tints

Chapter 3: Purple Tints

The already ajar door flung open, and in its doorway stood the very same unicorn who I’d grown so accustomed to enjoy. Twilight’s interesting personality as a bookworm was completely opposite of my own outgoing nature. To see someone who could work so hard and study and learn was just, perplexing. But it was fun nonetheless.

She walked slowly towards my bed, pulling over a small chair and sitting down next to me. Calmly, she used her magic to lift a small notepad and ink pen in front of her from a nearby nightstand. Tapping the pen into an inkwell quickly, she readied herself to take her ever famous notes.

“Ah hem,” she cleared her throat, “My first question for you before we begin our little chat is what exactly is your name?”

I froze, stunned by such a simply question. Why on earth would it be hard to tell her my name? I had a perfectly normal name, for where I was from at least. But how would my human name sound here? Obviously out of place. It would have nothing to do with my special talent.

My special talent…what was it? Having barely seen any of my body at all in any detail, I had completely disregarded looking for a cutie mark. That was, if I had a cutie mark. I was never one to really find anything all too great in myself, although others didn’t seem to have such a hard time. My talent could be anything, maybe even something I hadn’t discovered yet.

Hello? Mystery Stallion?” Twilight prodded, looking for an answer to her previous question.

I was taking an awfully long time to answer her with my name. Talents, talents, oh what could my talents be? There are plenty of things I could be good at, but nothing I could truly excel at. I did have plenty of hobbies though; perhaps one of them would suffice for now? Hmm, what did I do for fun? I was a drummer, an artist, a writer, a martial artist, a scout, a gamer, a collector, a partier, there were so many things I reveled in.

Twilight’s eyes narrowed down on me, staring intently into me so as to increase the pressure. The studious unicorn did not want to wait, her hoof tapping rhythmically on the floor. I figured the easiest way to get around it would to go with my first choice, being a musician and a drummer. I just spat out the first pony sounding name I could think of.

“You can call me Drumroll.”

With the silence broken and the question answered, Twilight’s visage lightened up and a small smile could be seen. Ready to begin her seemingly long list of questions, Twilight moved the mane from in front of her face. Twilight’s mane was enticing. The darker purple hair contrasted well with her lighter coat. If one was not paying attention, they would not notice that her coat was made up of several different purples in itself. They were not patches of blobs, but rather they just existed. The colors identified so well with each other that they appeared as one. Her mane was solid in its purpley tinge, but had the three stripes down the center. There were the two purple of a lighter variety closed around a smaller pink one in the center. The pink strand composed her entire figure, separating each purple as its own entity.

“Excuse me, Drumroll sir? I do need you to respond to these questions. It is imperative that I understand absolutely everything about you so that I might be able to heal you quicker.” The unicorn interrupted.

My day dreaming about colors had set me mind off track once again, hindering my healing process as it was. As it was, anything that Twilight could tell me would help in the long run.

“I’m sorry; my head is still a bit, fuzzy. Could you repeat the question?” I asked politely.

“Of course. Now, what are you doing here in Ponyville?”

Another staggering question. Lost between the collapsing thoughts of my own mind, I could only imagine an answer. What was I doing in Ponyville? What purpose did I have here?

“Actually Twilight, I was hoping you might be able to answer that for me.”

She cocked her head to the side and raised one eye slightly, “Me? But I don’t even know you.”

How could I explain it to her easily? I was a human. But ponies had never heard of humans, so what could I say? I was from a different universe. But what good would that do? Twilight would scoff at my absurdity. There weren’t any good answers that wouldn’t lead to her asking more about my world or denouncing me as a lunatic.

“I know you don’t know me, but I know you are the smartest pony in all of Equestria. And if there was anypony at all who could help me, it would be you.” I pleaded.

“I don’t know if I would say I’m the smartest pony in all of Equestria. Maybe Ponyville, but even that might be stretch. Still, what makes you think I can help?”

“I….I just.” I stopped, trying to understand why exactly I thought Twilight could help. What could she do if I didn’t tell her about my home? My efforts all seemed to fall hopelessly short of accomplishing anything.

Thankfully, Spike interrupted “Hey Twi, why don’t you let the pony get his rest, alright? I’m sure he’s still tired from the medication and these questions probably won’t help his head any.”

Twilight frowned, glancing at her notepad, but soon agreed to the dragon’s proposal. She put the pen back down on the nightstand, wiping the ink from it with a cloth. Then she lifted her pad up with magic and walked out of the room, leaving only me and the dragon behind. Spike followed behind her, but instead of leaving, he promptly shut the door and turned to face me.

“Sorry about Twilight, but as you can see, she wasn’t going to stop with the question’s anytime soon.” he chuckled. “I get that this place is new to you, heck, you’ve probably never even seen Ponyville in your life have you?”

My eyes darted swiftly from side to side for a brief moment. The wondrous town of Ponyville had been the centerpiece of my attention for the past year. Still, I had never lived in it, so I decided it wouldn’t be a total lie to say no.

“Not really. I think I’d be fine if I hadn’t, um, busted myself up this bad.” I joked around.

“Heh, yeah I bet. You know, I’m sorry for bringing this up, I know Twilight wanted to make sure by talking with you but,” he paused mid sentence to open me up for his question “it was you who was in Rainbow Dash’s bed this morning wasn’t it?”

Spike was a smart dragon, although I’m sure it didn’t take much to figure that out. I had to laugh a bit at how blunt he was, but also had to appreciate that he didn’t accuse me of anything. There really was no use hiding anything that was so obviously true at this point, so I found no harm in telling him.

“Yes, that was me. In fact, I received this damage falling from her skyward abode. Although I swear, Pinkie Pie Promise, that I have no idea why I was there.”

“I hope you know that’s some severe stuff you’re getting into with a Pinkie Promise.” He warned me.

“I understand. I just really want to clear the whole thing up, I mean, I don’t even know why I’m here.” I explained, trying my best to include everything.

I had not been able to talk to Twilight about myself, although she had been so kind as to see me. Spike was different though, I felt that I could be open to Spike, as if he would not judge me as much. Perhaps it was that I trusted guys more than girls, or maybe that I knew Spike and Twilight so well that I knew who would understand and who wouldn’t.

Spike’s skeptical look told me I may have been wrong, but even if he did think I was lying, he played along “So why did you come here? And come to think of it, how did you know Twilight’s name?”

At this point, I decided it best to lie. Even under Pinkie Promise standards, Spike still thought I was up to some trickery, so going all different dimension would probably cut off all ties with the truth.

“I’m a traveling pony. I like to explore new places and meet new people. As it stands I’ve heard many stories about the citizens of Ponyville and the antics they get up to.” I smiled.

Still in slight disbelief, Spike pressed on. His earlier concern for Twilight asking me questions was obviously fake in itself. He just wanted to know things himself. Maybe he would even tell them to her later, I didn’t know.

“So how did you know what a Pinkie Promise was?”

Playing along with my earlier story, I answered “I told you. I’ve heard plenty of stories.” Still smiling.

“Uh-huh.” He nodded repeatedly but slowly. “Well, I should leave you to your bed rest then.”

His body language suggested her was mulling over the information given to him mentally. As he exited, I noticed the light from the windows reflecting from his scales. They were a similar purple to Twilight’s coat. Odd that they could be so similar in appearance yet so different in personality. Spike’s scales shined in the flicking lights, inflicting glowing purple tints around the room. Everything surrounding him became a shade of purple as he left.
The door’s closing resounded with a thud. Almost immediately I jumped from the bed and back onto the floor. I had to find out exactly how much of me had been fixed. I flexed my various muscles, especially the new ones. The tension had died down a bit, but the overall achy throbbing had not stopped. Bed rest was best after all. Before climbing back into the comfy library bunk, I looked to my flank to see if I truly did have a cutie mark.

“Blank.” I sighed heavily.

I was a stallion for god’s sake, a blank flank stallion. What would my class have said about that? Wait, my class? I didn’t go to school here, I’ve never even been here before. Such frivolous thoughts were not only out of place, but completely irrelevant. Then again, so were colors. But as long as I was a blank flank, no one could call me on being named Drumroll. Perhaps my special talent really was music?

As soon as I had finally settled into bed, nestled and warm against the pillows and comforters, the ominous door swung open once again. The slam was no different than those before it, but the message after it would be far more interesting.

“Drumroll, I’m sending you to the hospital.” Twilight announced in what I swore was the Royal Canterlot Voice.

Eyes wide in surprise, I was lifted from my resting place and brought to the side of my caretaker. Spinning around, she led the way out the door and towards the hospital. As she turned, her coat brushed up against mine. It was soft, softer than I thought it would be.

“I know it might hurt to walk, but I think trying to see how much you can do will help them gauge how much further help you will need.”

Twilight was always so analytical and by the book. An impromptu trip to the hospital when she clearly had everything under control seemed off to me, but as with all else, I could do nothing about it. Walking wasn’t hard, but after a while it did wear on me. Twilight noticed my slowed pace and lifted me up with magic, carrying me the remainder of the trip. No wonder she was the element of magic.

As we reached the hospital, she began to openly tell me everything that had happened while I was under. She had applied some spells to patch up some of the fractures and internal bruises, but couldn’t do any serious operating. The ponies at the hospital, she assured me, would be able to completely restore my clean bill of health.

Entering the large white complex, I was sat down and watched, waiting as Twilight filled out some paperwork. The doctors came in with a wheelchair and brought me to a several rooms. X rays, physical testing, the whole nine yards. Finally, after several hours of tests, I was brought to a nice infirmary room and laid down.

Twilight, who had been kindly accompanying me the entire time came up to me and said, “I’ll be back every day to check on you.”

With a bright smile, she and Spike left me to my lonesome in the cleanly white hospital room. It made me sad inside a bit, dropped off so soon by one of those I cared for the most. It had now just been over an entire day, or so I thought, and so much had happened. From waking up, to waking up, to waking up, to waking up again I found that every new situation put me in some kind of awkward mental chaos. It was nice to know I had a good while in the hospital to recover, but who knew what the next morning would bring?

Lacking any further purple to enjoy in my new settlement, I closed my eyes and readied myself for sleep. After all, it had been quite a long day. As my body settled down and my senses began to shut down, I again heard the ever present voices on my shoulders.

To the left “Get well soon, dearest Drumroll.”

To the right “Enjoy your stay, while you can.”

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