• Published 6th Apr 2012
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The Colors Of A New World - LordOfTape

I've finally made it Ponyville, but what in the world is going on?

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Blending Tones

Chapter 2: Blending Tones

My eyes slowly began to open. The light coming down from above seared right through them into my brain. It was the middle of the day now, or at least I could’ve guessed that by the fact that the sun was right above my head. The direct path of light didn’t help in allowing me to see. I tried opening my eyes once more, but it was still far too shiny for me, and the flashing sent me into a daze. I blinked repeatedly, trying hard to make out the scene around me, but all I could see were blotches of color. To my side were blobs of brown atop a large stretch of sketchy green. Above me was a mix of white and blue swirls, circling each other in endless harmony. I was alive. Thank Celestia, I was alive.

With my eyes closed to prevent them from further damage, I pushed my left arm off of the ground in an effort to turn over. A jolt of pain shot from the tips of my hooves to my back. Fortunately, it was enough to flip myself over. Ignoring the pain, I used all four of my limbs to thrust myself off of the ground. The more effort I put in, the more it hurt, but I was eventually able to stand all the way up. I shook my beaten hooves out, reinforcing the pain, but alleviating some of the stress.

What was I going to do? I was in no shape to continue running away, let alone fly. I glanced at my new feathery sides. From what I could tell they looked alright. Nothing out of place or sticking out at least. Trying to move them was a different story. I had to get fixed up soon if ever wanted to do anything here. I wracked my brain to figure out a solution.

After a few minutes of intense inner debating, my eyes shot wide open, visibly exclaiming my brilliant idea.

“I’ll go to the hospital!” I shouted.

The light immediately flew right back into my open eyes, stunning them once again. The effects were a bit numbed down now that I had some time to adjust. When the throbbing finally settled down, I took a sweeping glance to see exactly where I was. Trees, rocks, grass, sky. Great, I could’ve been anywhere. How could I get to the hospital if I didn’t even know where I was?

I turned around to see if there were any indicating clues behind me. As it was, I could see Ponyville a short distance off. The tall town hall building stood strong among the smaller cottage villas. The pastel pasted town was glamorous. Perhaps to someone, eh, somepony like Rarity or the high class ponies of Canterlot it might not have been so glamorous, but to me it was one of the most magnificent sights I had ever seen. Houses with beautifully trimmed lawns lined the dirt roads, all meeting in the center to enjoin in the town square market. I could get lost in enjoying this new world, but I had several tasks at hand.

I began to make my way towards the small village as hastily as I could. It was rough going, limping and stumbling along the way, but eventually I made it to the home of dreams. Doing my best not to be overwhelmed with excitement, I scanned the area for the hospital. Looking into my memory for details on locations, I realized that I had no way of knowing which way the hospital was. It wouldn’t have been too much of a problem, had there been a pony around I could’ve asked for directions.

The scenery had taken me by such surprise that I had hardly noticed the looming fact that there was no one, eh hem, nopony around. Perhaps my earlier calculation about the position of the sun was wrong? Or maybe ponies just woke up later than usual? Any of these things could have been very well true, but that did not take away from the fact that I needed help. Limping could only get me so far.

There had to be someone, urgh, I can’t believe I keep doing that, somepony, who was awake at this hour. Rarity? No, she would want her beauty sleep. Applejack? Probably, but I had no clue as to how to get to the farm from here. Fluttershy? Equally too far away. Pinkie Pie? Oh god no, I wasn’t going to be going to her for help. Then again, if anypony was to understand different universes it would probably be her…

Wait, that’s it! Twilight could help me. With all her books and studying I’m sure she has something that can inform me of what’s going on.

This thought became even more pleasing as I realized that I knew exactly how to get to the library from here. Pushing my already strained muscles past their limits, I ran towards the library. Reaching the gigantic, bookkeeping palace, I knocked viciously on the door.

“Alright, alright I’ll be with you in a second,” called out a familiar voice. “Just let me finish this book first.”

I waited patiently at her door for what seemed like hours to my aching body. As the small burst of adrenaline from earlier faded, I began to feel my knees turn to jelly. Even as I heard footsteps, or hoof steps maybe, walk towards the door, I felt as though I was going to fall over. My body swayed in a dizzy attempt to stay up.

Glowing purple lights formed around the parameters of the door. The glow was filled with smaller purple and white stars that flicked about wildly. It was such a nice shade of purple, light and bouncy like the sky’s blue. The magical door made me smile inside.

“Hello there, how can I help –” the studious unicorn’s voice cut off as my tired body fell limp to the ground. “you?” she picked up her finished sentence.

The tone displayed a mix of both curiosity and imperative surprise.

The mare called out to her young assistant “Spike, get the bed ready!”

A faint moan came from upstairs, presumably where the grumpy dragon had been previously occupied before I came in. A faint glow, exactly the same as the one that washed over the door, now surrounded me. I felt my contact with the floor cease and my legs dangle from beneath me. If one was to add rushing wind into the scenario, I would’ve felt like I was falling from the sky all over again.

“I’ll fix you right up.” the helpful young mare smiled.

She trotted quickly up the wooden stairs, into what I thought was her bedroom. Multitasking with her magic, she lifted the sheets from the bed and placed me gently on top of it. Then she moved the covers back over my fragile form.

“Spike, get me my first aid kit and the book on caring for injured pegasi.” She demanded.

“Sure thing Twilight.” Spike agreed, running downstairs to obtain both of the required items.

“You’re going to be just fine.” She smiled again, trying to comfort me.

Spike was quick, as he was trained to be, and brought both of the items to Twilight almost instantly. She opened up the first aid box and began flipping through the pages of the book. I couldn’t tell exactly, but the book didn’t seem like it was used that much. Had I not known Twilight, I probably would have been scared by this.

Closing the book almost instantaneously, as if she had captured all she need to know in just a split second, Twilight assured me “I’m going to put you under for a little while, but then you’ll be just fine.”

Never being a fan of operations, or doctors doing just about anything to me that I was unaware of, I twinged a bit at the idea. Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do but accept the unicorn’s help. Before closing my eyes to the inevitable I saw her pull out a small needle from the first aid kit. I sighed. Let’s hope she knows what she’s doing, I told myself.

The next thing I knew I was staring at an intricately designed wooden ceiling. Nature could truly work its wonders anywhere, with such little effort. I smiled, taking in the lovely natural artwork. It, like everything else here, was fascinating to me. The varying shades of brown blended, intertwining with each other in captivating decoration. It was simply amazing. After thoroughly appreciating each twist and turn in the wood’s grain, I refocused to the important thoughts at hand. Was I alright?

I got up, taking myself out of the comfortable library bed. My hooves landed with an echoing thud, loud enough that the entire house could hear me. Spike opened the door to see what was going on.

“Hey now, you gotta stay in bed. Twilight’s orders.”

With a groan, I replied “Ugh, but I really do need to talk to her.”

I tried walking towards the door, but there was still a lot of strain on my muscles. Whether the strain was from my fall or whatever Twilight used I was unsure of, but it did hurt. Spike caught me before I could fall again.

“Come on now, let’s get you back in bed. I can have Twilight come up and talk in a minute.” He scolded lightly.

“Alright.” I begrudgingly agreed.

Spike helped me get back into the bed, which was great because I couldn’t have done it myself. Getting me a glass of water, he reminded me not to get up, and went out to fetch Twilight. He didn’t shut the door to the room though, and I could hear a conversation going on downstairs.

“Hold on, hold on. So you’re telling me you just woke up and there was a random stallion in your bed?” I heard a faint Twilight ask incredulously.

“YEAH! He didn’t even say anything, just flew right out after I woke up. Creep.” Replied an all too familiar angry female pegasus.

Oh wonderful, Rainbow Dash was talking about me.

“Well what did he look like?”

“I didn’t get a good look at him, but his coat was orange, kinda like a dark orange. And his mane was blue and red. At least, I think it was blue and red. Oh, and he was a pegasus, of course.”

The tone in Twilight’s voice changed after hearing the all too obvious description of me. She seemed skeptical of Rainbow Dash but also appeared to be extremely interested in this new find.

“So Rainbow, where did he fly off too?” she asked inquisitively.

“Well see, that’s why I’m here. Stupid colt. I have no idea where he went, but when I find him, I’m gonna give him a piece of my mind.” Her tone changing from angry to furious.

“Maybe you should ask Fluttershy? She lives close to the forest, maybe he went there?” the purple unicorn offered.

“Great idea!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed “But keep your eyes open alright?”

“Oh, I’ll keep my eyes open alright Rainbow.” She said. Her tone indicative of a wink to me, as if she knew I was listening.

The door closed and I could hear the wind blow as Rainbow Dash flew off to Fluttershy’s. I heard the faint talking of Spike to Twilight, and wondered what in the world I was going to do next. One sticky situation after the next had not made me any better at solving them.

“Oh mystery stallion,” Twilight called out, the words melodious forms telling me she was interested “I’m ready to talk to you now.”

Her sly attitude was easily picked up. It didn’t frighten me, but I knew I had to think on my feet. What kinds of questions was she going to ask me? Why did she wait till Rainbow dash left? What in world will she do to me when I don’t have the answers?

I closed my eyes trying to think of a solution. Colors swirled in my head just as they did when I awoke from my fall. Each color was a different thought, different idea. Which to choose? The more I thought, the more it hurt to think. In the end, I chose to dispel the influx of colorful thoughts in favor a pure blankness. No more time for thinking, just act natural.

Again two voices on either side conversed by my ears.

To the left “Natural is always best.”

To my right, “Easier said than done.”

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