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The Colors Of A New World - LordOfTape

I've finally made it Ponyville, but what in the world is going on?

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Strokes of Greenery

Chapter 5: Strokes of Greenery

My eyes opened slowly as I released an awakening yawn from my mouth. The lights were dimmer than usual, casting odd shadows on the walls of the room. I stretched my forelegs and then my hind legs. What a good night’s sleep I had.

“Hey Mac, you awake yet?” I called out.

The room remained silent. Aside from the small bustle coming from the constant movement outside of the room, there were no noises to be heard. Mac was used to getting up early, but it was possible for him to sleep in. Celestia only knows if he’s ever been able to do that before.

I decided to wait for a few more minutes, to see if he would wake up. Tapping my hoof in boredom, I glanced over at the clock on the wall. 11:35. What?! Mac would never sleep that late, impossible. I hopped out of bed quickly and look around the corner of the divider.

Mac was gone. His bed was made and his things were still left by the side, including Smarty Pants, but he was nowhere to be found. Wanting to know more about my missing friend, I trotted over to his bedside. There was a chart on the bed with another piece of paper lying next to it.

The medical papers seemed more important and open, so I looked at those first. Mac was scheduled for leg surgery today. I sat down, thinking over the new information. His leg hadn’t appeared that hurt, although I guess he didn’t move it much. And there was nothing to really be done about his ribs, so his leg would be the only repairable part of him. Mac getting surgery troubled me. I really hoped he would be ok. I was about to look at the note, but as I opened it up, Nurse Redheart walked in.

“Excuse me, Mr. Drumroll, WHAT exactly are you doing out of bed?” her cold stare frightened me, as if she was going to stomp on wings with her hooves.

“I, uh, just wanted to see where Big Mac went.” I answered honestly.

“Back to bed, Mr. Drumroll. You’re leaving here today anyways, you’ll need as much rest as possible.” She ordered.

Home? Today? That was impossible; my wings were still in awful condition. How could they let me out without even treating me yet? Before I could ask, she had begun walking out the door.

She turned around and pointed to the bed, her steely eyes telling me what her silence did not. Before shutting the door, she told me to prepare for company. Somepony was ready to take me home.

Waiting in that hospital bed was awfully boring. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to finish any of Twilight’s books before I left at the end of the day, so I merely sat there and stared at the wall. I thought about conversing with myself, but quickly decided that would lead to my being taken to a different part of the hospital.

After what seemed like years, the door creaked open again.

“Hello? Oh thank god, somepony has finally came!” I screamed joyously.

“Bored were we?” Twilight giggled.

“You have no idea.” I sighed.

“Well, Nurse Redheart has told me that everything is ready for me to take you out of here.”

I questioned her about my situation, “Hey, why are they letting me out so early? They never even did anything.”

A grim look flashed across Twilight’s face. I wondered what kind of news would make her feel so off centered. It was just like Twilight to worry about everything, but this seemed odd even for her.

“You see,” she began “There has been an usual string of accidents occurring all over Ponyville. They’re only allowing the most severe cases into the hospital, seeing as how it is an abnormally small medical facility. The doctors told me that my magic had been enough to keep you going, so although your wings will still be incapacitated for a bit, you are free to go.”

An unusual string of accidents? That was interesting, at least for a normal coincidence. I wondered if I was one of those so called ‘accidents’? I mulled it over for a bit, but Twilight had come back with a wheelchair, ready to take me out, so I decided to leave it alone for now.

“Ready?” she smiled her usual bubbly smile.

“Yeah, thank you.” My own smile reflective of my thanks for everything she had done for me. Taking me in, fixing me up, brining me here, and just being there for me in general. She was a truly wonderful pony.

Once we were out the door, I jumped from the chair and landed on my feet, feeling wonderful to enjoy the fresh air again. I just love nature. Walking over to a small patch of grass, Twilight and I sat down and basked in the glorious afternoon sun. It was then that I realized I was still holding a small piece of paper.

“The note.” I said aloud.

“What note?” my accompaniment asked.

“Oh, I found this on Mac’s bed this morning. Did you know he went in for leg surgery today?”

“Actually yes, I was fixing up Smarty Pants for him the other day when I heard he was in the hospital.” She acknowledged. “But I felt awful when I couldn’t find him this morning to bring to…wait, did you see Big Macintosh?” she asked, startled.

“He was in the bed next to mine.” I laughed. “In fact, you left Smarty Pants with me yesterday, luckily, Mac was right there.”

“Quite the coincidence. I had thought you were alone in that room.”

“So did I.” we both shared a laugh this time.

“Well what does it say?”

I opened the small paper. On it was a message from Big Mac,

“Sorry Drumroll, I know y’all wanted to talk, but I done forgot my surgery was today. Thank ya kindly for Smarty Pants and the conversation last night. I don’t mean to impose, but I was hoping y’all could do me another favor. My sister Applejack is all by herself while I’m in here. She needs some help on the farm. Could you please go and offer a hand. She’ll be stubborn, but tell her I sent ya. Thank you for all of your help Drumroll,

Your Friend Big Macintosh”

Twilight, having noticed my slowed pace, checked back. “What’s up Drumroll? What’s on that paper?”

“It’s a letter,” I replied “from Big Mac.”

Twilight looked surprised, obviously wondering what the letter said. I decided to answer her unasked question.

“He wants me to help out Applejack on the farm. Says that she’s really gonna need the help for cider season.”

The purple unicorn looked bemused. She pulled out a folded up piece of paper from her satchel. Opening it up with magic, she levitated it towards me.

“This is a map of Ponyville. I always keep one on me just in case something happens. I’ve really got to be somewhere right now. I don’t want to get off schedule. Anyways, I’m sure you’ll find Sweet Apple Acres no problem on the map. Just tell Applejack that Macintosh and I sent you.”

Her upbeat smile and helpful attitude immediately brightened my mood. Although I was worried about Mac and his surgery, Twilight made me feel alright about everything.

“Thanks Twilight.” I held out my hoof for her to shake.

She returned the gesture, and then pulled me in for a quick hug. I could feel myself blushing, although I didn’t know what was so embarrassing. She let go and we were left standing right in front of each other. The vibrant glow of her face told me that not only was she happy, but also that she had learned something new. It was the same smile she had on while writing her letters to Celestia.

“Anything for a friend.”

“I promise I’ll stop by when I’ve finished helping out Applejack.”

“I’d love that Drumroll. Good luck, and I’m glad you’re feeling better.”

There was an awkward pause for a brief moment, where neither of us would say anything, although I didn’t think words were necessary. After having talked so much with Twilight and having her fix me up, I felt a deep connection to the once fictional pony. It was almost like she was a second sister to me. Obviously not my sister from back home, but a new one who I could count on and care for myself here in Equestria.

With a mere nod of our heads, the two of us set off in our separate directions. Twilight to her unknown destination and myself to Sweet Apple Acres. This new adventure was bound to be as exciting as the last, I hoped.

Taking a swift glance at the map, I decided to head south. The best route was over the bridge and through the side streets at the outskirts of the town. It was such a beautiful day; then again, it was always wonderful in Equestria. I couldn’t help but chuckle as a trotted down the dirt roads. Such thoughts and sights only made my mood rocket to its positive spectrum.

As I walked to the ever famous farm, I paused frequently to take in the sights. The buildings were tall and stood firm in the swaying rural scenery. They were painted pastel like everything else, but something made them burst from the world. The roads were soft and patchy. I felt the weathered dirt brush up against my hooves with each step. The trees were new and vibrant with life. Green with tanned trunks, the trees were the epitome of natural beauty.

Because of the repeated stops and breaks, I wasn’t able to reach the farm’s premises until the falling of the sun. The contrasting planes of color that the setting sun shaded over the property were dumbfounding. It held a certain comfort to know that even this world, so different from my own, held some of the same pleasures and antiquities.

I strolled up to the Apple’s house and knocked three times on the old wooden door. I could hear the voices of two ponies conversing lightly inside, but could not tell exactly what they were saying.

The door opened to the inside, “Howdy there stranger, what cn’ Ah do ya for?” Applejack asked politely.

“Well you see, I came here to help you out with the farm, seein’ as its cider season and all.” I replied, my tone light and sincere.

The orange earth pony shot me a derisive glare of anger and gritted through her teeth, “We don’t need nopony aroun’ here t’ help with anything the Apple family cn’ do themselves! Ah don’t know what y’all think yur doin’ comin’ here and tellin’ me that you think ya cn’ run this whole show yourself!”

This intense shift in tones stunned me. I hadn’t been expecting such a harsh remark from her. I did suspect she would retaliate against my offer, considering her personality, but this anger…

“Now go an git’ off ma property. We don’t need no help from nopony, got that?” she spat.

I tried explaining, “I’m sorry Applejack. I was with Big Macintosh in the hospital the past few days and he had asked me to offer up my assistance. He was a great friend to me, so I wanted to honor his request.”

The apple-bucker shot me a skeptical look. She glazed her eyes over me up and down, trying to see if she could remember me, perhaps from a description or something. Her head shot back and her eyes opened wide as the idea struck her.

“Now that ya say it, Ah do think Ah remember Mac tellin’ me this morning ‘bout ya. But Ah still don’t need noponies help.” She stayed adamant.

“Twilight thought you’d say that, so she told me to say she was behind it to. I mean, you remember last Applebucking season, don’t you?” I retorted kindly.

With a slight sigh, she let down her guard and nodded. “Yeah, Ah suppose y’all are right. A’sides, Twi and Mac would be awful mad at me if Ah didn’t accept your help.”

“So you’ll let me help then?” I asked, still unsure of the situation.

“Alright, ya cn’ help collectin’ the apples for the cider, but that’s all Ah need ya for.” she added.

“Perfect, when do I start?”

I was happy that Applejack didn’t continue to put up a fight. I was a pretty stubborn guy, or stallion, myself, but she was one tough cookie. Besides, I barely ‘knew’ her so to speak, and arguing with a stranger never ends well.

Applejack looked at the easily setting sun and said, “Well, considerin’ the time, ya cn’ start tomorrow, bright an early.”

“Great, I’ll be there.” I affirmed, nodding my head.

“Now why dontcha go on home an rest up, yur gonna need it, Slick.” She warned.

I looked back at the path a had tread upon to get here and blushed lightly. I didn’t have a home to go back to, at least not yet.

“I um, well, you see…” I trailed off, looking for the way to explain my situation.

The element of honesty knew exactly what I was going to say, and beat me to the punch. “Y’all cn’ set yourself up a hay bale in the barn o’er there. Jus’ be sure to get up, I aint gonna wake ya.”

Her coarse tone throughout the conversation was, as I believed, derived from her unwillingness to admit her need of the help. But even though she wasn’t showing it openly, Applejack was still displaying the enormous amount of friendliness she had. Dependable ol’ Applejack.

“Thank you, Applejack.” I smiled. Quickly realizing that I had forgotten to tell her my name, I caught myself, “Oh, and my name’s Drumroll by the way, it’s been a pleasure to meet you.”

She spat on her hoof and we shook heartily, “Nice meetin’ ya Drumroll. Ah’ll be seein’ ya in the morning.”

The door closed heavily behind her. The loud thud blowing wind away towards the farm. The leaves on the multitude of apple trees rustled softly. The green pieces of paper blew gently and gracefully against one another. Each leaf was a new color, a new entity in itself, full of life and promise. The genius behind their multiplicity was astounding. Each shade and variant displaying an eager likeness to those around it. The leaves continued to sway and blow even after the wind had stopped. It was a truly magical moment.

I looked over to my right and saw the looming red barn. Almost black with the coming of night, it was nothing like the leaves. Instead of soft and accepting it was cold and rejecting. The ominous walls bouncing the other colors and objects around it away. It was nowhere near as pleasing as the leaves of the trees. I entered the barn, remembering to pluck a single leaf from one of the trees before I went in.

Pulling up several bales of hay into a sizable stack, I jumped on top and rested on the makeshift bed. I held the leaf as best I could above my body, staring at its wonder from below. Each vein was a new green, branching in and out of one another in an effort to reach the end. It was such a pleasing sight, that I hadn’t noticed myself drifting away as I gazed.

Only had I known I was about to fall asleep when I heard the repetitive voices reveling in my day.

To the left, “Each new friend brings a new experience to share.”

And to the right, “So this makes how many ponies you’ve slept with?”

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