• Published 11th May 2014
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Five Days - Sir Hat

I was the first human to come to Equestria, and I will be the first to die here. My name is Able, and in five days I will die, leaving behind a filly that looks to me for everything. These are my last days.

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Day Three: Celestia

I sat in my living room, trying to stay awake as the fatigue tightened its grip on my body. I was failing fast, each day growing weaker and weaker, each hour losing more and more of my memories. I was slowly losing my connection with my body.

A soft tapping came from my front door. "It's open!" I yelled, feeling lightheaded from that little bit of exertion. "It's...it's open...."

"Able...where are you?" Celestia's voice cut the soft shuffling as I tried to get up. "Dear god, there you are!" Celestia bolted over. "Able...I think I found--"


"No, listen to me! I found a way to--"

I waved her off, clutching my heart as it started fluttering. "Celestia...it's over...look at me." I held my arms out weakly. "I'm done...I'm ready to rest a while."

Celestia paced around me. "Stubborn ass! Stop being so damn selfish!"

I just watched her as she paced around the room. "Do you realize how much time I've taken out of my week, to come see you! And still you just sit there, denying treatment, pretending to be some kind of martyr!" She charged over to me. "You think it's fair!? You think it's okay to be doing this to me!?" Celestia shut her eyes hard, trying to keep from crying. "It's not fair...." She laid down before me, resting her chin on my thigh. "It's not fair to anyone...and you know it...."

I slowly put my hand onto her head. "Celestia...I'm sorry. But I'm not about to prolong the inevitable."

Celestia turned her head, refusing to meet my eyes. "I don't know what happens when you die in your world...but here...you're not going to remember anything. You'll- ...you won't be you anymore...."

"Celestia...it doesn't matter.... It's going to happen." I took a deep breath. "I don't care if I never wake up...I just...I need to leave this behind."

Celestia snapped upright. "What about me!? You're leaving me behind too!" She caught herself mid wince. "What about the filly, the one you always talk about...you're not just leaving, you're leaving everyone, everything!"


"Good!?" Celestia ran over and planted her hooves next to my head, staring me down. "What about this is good!?"

I took a deep breath. "Moving on."

Celestia lowered her head, letting go and collapsing against my shoulder. "Able...why...."

I took a shaky breath, my lungs compressed by her body. "Celestia, you've dealt with death before...this is nothing, a grain of sand in the desert."

Celestia pressed her cheek against my head. "It's different...it's different...."

"It's not...you'll move on."

"It is...Able...don't leave me...." Things got quiet as she nuzzled against me. "Able...Able, Able!?"


Celestia, I remember when we met. You were the first pony to treat me like a person. Noble after noble poked and prodded me, told you I should be in chains, but you didn't listen to them.

Without you I would have been treated like a beast. They would have closed the portal, humanity would have never come to Equestria, and I would have been sent to a quarantine and studied because of my illness. Without you I would have been dead a year ago.

You gave me a chance, a chance no one thought I deserved. I could never repay you, and I'm sorry to leave you like this.

I'm so tired. I just need a rest.

Be kind to your subjects. Be good to humanity in kind. I don't know why you care about me so much, but I won't question it. Having you watch over me has help me connect with your people, it's let our races come together. Without you, humanity would never have achieved what it has in Equs.

I love you, but it's time to say goodbye.