• Published 1st May 2014
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Friendship is Shining: The Gala - Hopeful_Ink_Hoof

The night of The Grand Galloping Gala arrives at last. Unfortunately, things do not go as any pony was hoping.

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Twiley: Sleeping Over

Cup Cake -- most often known as just Mrs. Cake -- let out a sigh of relief as she finished filling out the order forms. It was one of the parts of the job she liked the least. She enjoyed baking, and loved to see the excitement and happiness of the ponies as they tasted the wonderful confections that she, her husband, or Pinkie had made. Unfortunately, to do that, there were bills to be paid, stock to be inventoried, and supplies to order.

Her eyes glanced up at the clock, checking the time. It was a later than she expected. It was the strange thing about paperwork: somehow it seemed to take forever to do, but at the same time it managed to use up extensive amounts of time.

Another thought occurred to her as she saw the time, one born from the experience of being a mother.

The children had been too quiet for too long.

The last time she had seen them had been several hours ago. Pound Cake had come running in, yelling at her to save him from the two unicorn fillies. The young pegasus colt had several light purple ribbons in his mane and tail, and was being chased by the two with the intent of adding make-up (turned out Twilight bought it for the sleepover after reading about make-overs in her book). As cute as Pound looked with the ribbons, and as funny as it would have to see him with eye shadow and blush -- not that she would admit it aloud -- Mrs. Cake had vetoed the idea of letting Twilight and Pumpkin doing so. And no amount of puppy dog eyes from the fillies would change her mind.

Twilight and Pumpkin tried to convince, mostly by looking sad and saying please, but the pair eventually accepted the mother's decision. With that decided, the three of them tried to figure what to do next.

Last Mrs. Cake had heard, the foals had decided to tell each other scary stories. Pound had a flashlight they could use for effect, and Twilight had a book of scary stories she brought with her (did she have a book for everything?). Pumpkin teased her brother about being scared easily, but the three of them had gone back to the room they were using.

That had been a over an hour ago, nearly two in fact. Mrs. Cake had not realized it since she was busy, but it was an unusually long time for them to be quiet.

Mrs. Cake headed up to the bedroom. Her ears were perked to listen for even the slightest sound, but she did not hear a thing. Not even the sound of one them talking or reading from a book aloud.

Reaching the doorway, she stepped inside.

"Is everything.... Awww..."

Much to Mrs. Cake's relief and delight, there was no reason for her to worry. Twilight, Pumpkin, and Pound were not plotting anything.

A book laid on the floor, wide open. A flashlight laid next to it, the beam shining across the pages. On the other side of it were the three young ponies. Pound Cake was in the middle, lying on his stomach with his head on his hooves and his wings spread wide. Under one was Pumpkin, sprawled out on her back with bits of drool running down the edge of her mouth and over her cheek. Under the other was Twilight, curled up on her side with her tail on top of Pound's and the nose of her snout buried in against the fur of his muzzle.

It was so adorable seeing the three of them sleeping together like that. So much so it gave her an idea. She just had to hope that she could do it without waking any of them.

Grabbing a photo camera she came back and checked. Satisfied that they were pretty much in the same position that she had left them in. After a quick check to make sure the flash was on, Mrs. Cake shifted to try and get what looked like the best angle to show all three of them together. Satisfied, she took a picture.

The flash filled the room with light, turning everything bright for a split second. Mrs. Cake stopped watching them for a few seconds.

None of them moved.

Satisfied, Mrs. Cake put the camera way before coming back. Moving closer, she shut off the flashlight and shut the book. Grabbing a blanket, she tossed it over the trio, adjusting it so none were completely hidden. Mrs. Cake reached down to push Twilight Sparkle's mane aside. She then proceeded to give her son a kiss on the forehead, and her daughter one on the chin.

"Good night," she whispered as she headed for the door again. "Sweet dreams."