• Published 20th Apr 2014
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On The Wings of Wind - Chazonic

When an adopted pegasus stallion with no memories of his early colthood travels to ponyville in search of his place, will he find the friendship he never knew existed? or will his secret be the ruin to his new life?

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Chapter 6 - Household Suspision

After getting back to my room, I slept somewhat decently. I never dreamed anything, like I was simply floating in limbo, with both good and bad dreams avoiding me like the plague. I didn't mind; I would rather take no dream than a bad dream, Luna forbid I have the same dream from this morning.

Waking up, I looked at the clock, which read four-thirty. After packing up my writing materials and my wind harp, I returned my room key to the receptionist and headed towards the plaza.

I saw Cloud Conduct, who was wearing a slightly irritated face.

Might be because of the deal she had to strike with me. Not my fault I need a place to stay.

When she saw me approaching, she smiled and greeted me. "Anything in particular you were looking for?"

I put a hoof on my chin. "Only something simple with proper furnishings. I'd rather not attempt to get my own furniture."

"Then you're in luck. I spotted a house up for sale that looks like it will suit your needs. Want to check it out?"

I simply nodded. If it truly is what I'm looking for, this won't be as painful as it could've been.

Golden Oaks Library

"Where in tarnation is Rainbow dash?"

Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Fluttershy were all waiting for their last friend to show up.

"My goodness. All the speed in Equestria, and she doesn't bother showing up on time?" Rarity huffed.

"Patience girls, maybe she got caught up with the damage done to her house." Twilight Looked out the window...

... Only to get a face full of pegasus.

Pinkie giggled. "The door is over there, silly Dashie."

Rainbow quickly flew off her unintentional victim and said, "Sorry girls, Head Manager of the Weather Factory wanted me to grab Zephyr before I could do any real repairs."

Fluttershy winced a bit, but it went unnoticed as Rarity asked, "how long ago was that?"

Rainbow put her hooves behind her head. "A while ago. Not before proving to Zephyr that my speed isn't useless by beating him in a race." She had a victorious grin on her face after saying that.

Applejack, on the other hoof, didn't look none too pleased.

"You really shouldn't rile him up like that."

"YEAH, I mean what if he decides to live here? All the parties we could throw!"

Rarity looked unsure. "Pinkie Pie, I don't believe we should be assuming that so soon."

"Yeah, but look at Twilight! She came here from Canterlot, and she decided to live here."

Twilight managed to get her mane re straightened. "Pinkie Pie, I originally came here to oversee the Summer Sun Celebration. The only reason why I didn't leave right after was because I didn't want to leave behind all my new friends."

"uhm, g-girls?"

"Who's saying that won't happen to him? I'm pretty sure he is already friends with all of us!"


"Sugahcube, you are assuming that ponies instantly befriend you when they attend one of yer' parties?"

"Most of the time it happens!"


Fluttershy got a bunch of bewildered looks, causing the mare to hide behind her mane in embarrassment. Pinkie Pie suddenly went from bewildered to disappointed.

"Geez Author, just because other writers did the same gag doesn't mean you can do it as well." This time she got confused looks. "What? It's true!"

Twilight gave a nervous cough. "Yes, well on the account of Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie, what was it that you wanted to see us for, Fluttershy?"

Rainbow Dash crossed her fore-legs. "Yeah Fluttershy, what is it about Zephyr?"

The shy mare winced. "I-I don't want to get him into too much t-trouble, but whenever I hear his name, I get a buzzing at the back of my head." All she got were questionable looks from four of her friends.

Twilight had a thoughtful expression. "A buzzing at the back of your head... intriguing."

"A-And whenever I look at him directly, I get a headache..."

This got a worried look out of Rarity. "Are you sure, darling?"

When Fluttershy nodded, Rainbow Dash exclaimed in anger, "ah HAH, I knew he was up to no good!"

Applejack glared at the tom-coltish pegasus. "Par'ner, I don't think we should be pointing hooves jus' yet. Besides, if you 'knew' that he was up to no good, why didn' you say something?"

"I had my suspicions when he was at the party last night, and they only grew worse when he insulted me --"

"He did not insult you, Rainbow." Twilight piped in irritably.

"-- but I wasn't going to say anything until we had more concrete proof."

"U-Uhm, when I asked if I knew him last night, he didn't seem too familiar with me. F-For some reason, it made me a little sad..."

"I know right? It always makes me sad whenever somepony doesn't know me. That's why i always throw a party for everypony I meet!" Pinkie Pie started bouncing on the spot again.

"Wait just a moment Rainbow Dash, why did you have suspicions of him at the party?" Rarity looked puzzled.

"Think about it; he was acting high-strung when he got to the party, and when we finally got him introduced to Fluttershy, he was acting all twitchy, like he wanted to go as soon as he could. I passed it off as irrelevant until now."

Applejack thought for a moment, then sighed. "Ah'm afraid ah have to agree there. 'Course it could've been that he was still rattled up by Pinkie Pie" -- The mare stopped bouncing and gave an embarrassed squee. -- "but ah could tell he wasn't telling the full truth about his bandages. He was tryin' to cover something, but ah doubt it's because his sides are sensitive."

"I can't imagine what outlandish things the son of Harpsong is hiding from us..." Rarity shuddered at the thought.

"I-I think he's ok..."

"Fluttershy! This could be your life in danger!" Rainbow Dash gave her long-time friend a worried glance.

Twilight sighed. "Rainbow, while I don't think Zephyr is that bad -- Spike liked him a lot from earlier -- he will need an eye kept on him, but we also need to avoid alienating him like we did with Zecora. If he is ok after a while, then it won't be necessary after that. Feel free to interact with him during that time period, though, as we may learn more about him personally."

Rainbow Dash didn't like the idea of interacting with him, but eventually they all agreed to the plan. Pinkie Pie was also told not to throw anymore parties for him, but he can still be invited to other parties. Applejack also agreed to hire him should he be looking for work at Sweet Apple Acres.

"Oh! Floppy ears and twitchy hooves." Pinkie Pie suddenly called out as everypony was leaving the library.

Twilight looked around nervously. She had a bad run with the Pinkie Sense before, and she never heard that combo before.

"That means somepony is moving into a new house in Ponyville!"

Zephyr Earthwing, One block away from Sugar Cube Corner.


I got a worried look out of Cloud Conduct. We had just finished looking through the house and I decided to run with it.

"Are you ok?"

I sniffed a few times. "I should be. I got a check-up before I left Manehatten and I was fine then." She shrugged. "Anyways, when do I start?"

"Tomorrow, when you get the schedule for the wind patterns. Ponyville doesn't need wind adjusting aside from a check on all the wind currents and the rare chance we need anything stronger than a breeze."

"Alright, I might pick up a side job if I feel bored, or if I need more bits, the latter of which I doubt will happen."

She giggled. "Don't work yourself too hard. I should warn you now, Ponyville's currents tend to get funky because of proximity to the dreaded Everfree Forest." She shuttered at the name.

That must of been the forest I saw that had the black-outlined wind currents. Such an UN-threatening name...

"Ah yes and the the one you need to work with is--"

"The Weather Manager? Song and dance from back in Manehatten. Rainbow Dash, though? I am NOT looking forward to working with."

"Why not? She's the best Weather Manager we had for a long time."

I snorted. "Could've fooled me. When i got here yesterday, the sky was supposed to be cloudless, yet she was asleep."

"Ah, right she tends to... Be like that."

Waving a hoof, I added, "plus, she is rather rambunctious from my point of view."

"Give her time to warm up to you. I'm sure you will be the best team in history when you do."

Not within a span of a year...

"Anyways, I'll tell Rainbow Dash you're the new Wind Manager and she should be good to go."

"Break it to her gently, she might be hurt over it." I snickered

Cloud simply rolled her eyes. "Well, rest up till then. I'm sure she will give you a run for your bits."

"She kind-of already has..." I muttered.

"What was that?"

"Nothing. Have a good day."

A while after she left, I started walking to Sugar Cube Corner to grab something sweet to--


Oh sweet mother of Discord's insanity, not her...

Luckily, she was waving from afar as she passed by, heading in the direction I was going. I simply gave her a bored wave back.

Speaking of insanity, I'll be lucky if i don't lose MY sanity because of her. I don't have anything against the mare, just that her... Antics kinda drive me up a cloud.

Deciding against the sweets, I turned to head 'home,' only to see a disgruntled Rainbow Dash in front of me.

"Why do I have to work together with YOU?"

I gave a huff of laughter. "Better get used to it, I'm the only one they could find to prevent Ponyville from blowing over."

We started glaring at each other for a while. From the corner of my eye, I could tell ponies were looking at us, wondering what we were doing.

"I guess we will be doing this every time we meet. For now though, I must bid you adieu." I walked past her while she we still glaring at me.

"I'll be watching you!" She half-shouted at me after I passed. I simply lifted my left wing and waved it like I was saying good-bye.

Hmm... If she doesn't trust me, then she won't be friends with me! Huzzah!

... Why am I celebrating? I guess I hate friendships just THAT much. Plus she's just one pony out of how many living here? I'm not explicitly trying to make enemies with everypony. But somepony's feelings are going to get hurt at one point, and that may be the turning point...

Urrrgh, why am I thinking like this?!

Getting home, i decided to have a dinner of 6 apples, making a note to get groceries tomorrow after the wind adjustments. Apples may be healthy for you, but they don't supply all the nutrients you need.

Looking at the barren fridge, a sudden thought makes me sigh.

I need to clean this place up. What a drag...


"Sir, are you sure Ponyville is a good place to isolate him in?"

"It had to be. It's simple, not as populated, and one of our auxiliary bases happens to be near it."

"What about the Elements of Harmony? Aren't they--"

"I'm well aware of the risks those six happen to be. That is why we need to move as fast as we possibly can. If he somehow becomes 'friends' with them, then the plan is in jeopardy."

"It could also be used to our advantage..."


*Murmur* *Whisper*

"Ah an excellent idea. I'll keep it in mind should it come to that."

Author's Note:

I'm realizing why Pinkie Pie is so hard to write. I wanted a few 4th wall breaks by her, but I don't want it to be over endearing.

Anyways, as per usual; comments on how I can improve my story (outside of an editor, because I'm kinda lonely like that) would be greatly appreciated.

Chazonic ou--

"Oh look, another overused Author thing."

Go home, Hades!

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