• Published 20th Apr 2014
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On The Wings of Wind - Chazonic

When an adopted pegasus stallion with no memories of his early colthood travels to ponyville in search of his place, will he find the friendship he never knew existed? or will his secret be the ruin to his new life?

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Chapter 7 - Of Nightmares, Apples, and Crusaders ( A Dog and Pony Show) [Edited]

Author's Note:

I'm now wandering into the canon episodes of the show. As such, I would like to bring attention as to the age of the ponies that I feel is appropriate, just so we can avoid any confusion that may occur in later chapters, as I will be referencing certain ages for... Things to happen.

Zephyr and Applejack - 20 years

Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity - 19 years

Pinkie Pie, and Twilight Sparkle - 18 years

Cutie Mark Crusaders - 8 years

The typical drinking age around Equestria will be 21. Ponyville will be set at 18

If you want more ponies listed for reference, PM me.

Harpsong sighed as she looked out over the city of Manehatten under the light of the moon. She had just finished reading the letter her son had sent that day. While one part of the letter made her amused, what he said afterwards brought back one of her more depressed moods.

"Zephyr... The ponies there only want to be friends... Why can't you let go of what happened here? How many more ponies are you going to hurt, pushing them away like that?"

Looking up at the moon, she silently prayed to the Princesses for her son's well being before turning in for the night. Harmonecence was going to practice for a new song, and she already knew what to sing for it. For now, she needed rest.

Ponyville, Zephyr's house, the next day.

All around me was nothing but darkness.

The feeling of isolation lingered in the air.


I heard something; whispers. I could barely hear them, but as they got louder, I began wishing I couldn't hear them at all.

"Freak, freak, you're a freak!"

I flattened my ears against my head, hoping it would muffle the sound. It proved in vain as the voices continued to get louder.

"Freak, freak, you're a freak!"

"No... I'm not... I'm not..."

An eye suddenly opened in front of me. It's iris was red and was staring at me, with the chanting at normal volume coming from in front of me.

"Freak, freak, you're a freak!"

"No... NO..."

I started running from the eye, but more started opening as I ran past, the voices coming from them as well, mocking me... Judging me...

I saw some dark shapes materialize in front of me, all grinning.

"Hehe, to get paid so much to capture this freak of a pegasus."

"Come with us kid. Nopony else wants you around anyways."

I tried stopping, but to no avail. As one of them brought a hoof to my face, a scream pierced the darkness.


I awoke in a cold sweat, looking around wildly. I was still in the house I was living in for the year I'm staying in Ponyville. It was plain, but effective.

A dream... Nothing more than a nightmare.

I bashed the back of my head into the bed's backboard a few times before checking the clock. It was almost time to go out and work with Rainbow Dash to set the weather for today. Hopefully, she will agree to get it over and done with, so we don't have to deal with each other.

As I washed my face and did my business, I decided to omit breakfast for today, as I needed to stock the house with food, and I wanted to be a bit more sparing with my apples.

Alright, plan of action is set. I'll do the morning weather routine, stock the house, explore a bit more, and possibly secure another job opportunity. The last thing I need is the bits from my primary work being barely enough to cover my costs.

I left the house and flew towards the plaza. I notice Rainbow Dash standing on one of the clouds, tapping her front hoof in impatience. When I landed, she turned to face me and we entered another glaring contest.

After a while, I sighed and said, "let's get this over and done with."

"Hope you can keep up with me this time," she sneered. I bit my tongue, not wanting to delay the job on account of her being flank hurt over everything I say.

The job went rather smoothly, considering who I was working with.

Rainbow Dash dusted herself off before turning to me. "Now that's done, I challenge you to another race!"


"I do believe you made your point last time we raced."

She scoffed. "That measly little distance? that was more of a sprint than an actual race. This time, it will be a proper one!"

Urrgh, I don't need this. And the chances are high she won't take no for an answer. Best I can do is stall out long enough to get my business done.

"Ugh, FINE. But not right now, I have other plans, so perhaps later?"

"Yeah sure. I'll hold you up on that, so call me when your business is done, or whenever you feel like getting your flank kicked. See-ya!" She blasted off from her spot, most likely not hearing the feral growl I sent her way.

One of these days, I'm going to take that ego, and DROWN IT!

"Oh, Zephyr! I never expected to see that you're the one working with Rainbow Dash." I turn around to see Rarity walking up behind me.

"Hi Rarity. And yeah, It's a fun time." I said it sarcastically, but I don't think she picked up on it. I look beside her and I see Spike dragging a cart behind him. "Hey Spike!"

He waves at me, though his attention appears divided, with the mare he's following looking at me with a worried face.

"Dear, what happened to your mane? And what happened to your feathers? They look horrible!" I couldn't look at my mane, for obvious reasons, but I looked at my wings. Indeed, they look like I haven't preened in forever and were starting to look more like a rats nest.

"Well, that explains why I haven't been flying as well lately. Still, it'll have to be done later, as I have things to take care of today."

"Keeping yourself busy? I would love to help you myself, but I need to collect more gems for my dresses." This surprised me, as her cutie mark didn't really have anything to do with fashion in the most direct sense.

She must of integrated her special talent with making dresses. Classy...

"Right, well I'll let you two get to it."

"Be sure to come to my boutique later, dear. I'll be sure to make something nice for you after I'm done. For now, I'll be seeing you." With that, the both of them walk off to a more rugged area around Ponyville.

Sadly, fashion and I do not get along very well. Still, I can't refuse without ticking her off. Fashionista's tend to be rumor spreaders, and if you get off on the wrong hoof with them, the rumors about you will not be pretty. I wish to keep at least SOME face around here.

Shaking my head, I headed off to the market.

Luckily it was easy to find what I needed. Of course I had to detour back to my house to get my bit bag, but hey.

One thing that did catch my interest was the group of mares standing idly by the town hall. I identified Rainbow Dash and the other four mares from the party. They went running off after Spike came back without Rarity, looking panicked. I didn't hear what was going on, but I didn't care very much either.

After putting away all of my food-stuff, I went to the apple farm that I saw when I corrected the wind currents yesterday. It was pretty large, so I figured they would need help.

When I arrived, I saw a huge red stallion hauling a cart of apples to the barn. He gave a small smile when I approached.

I smiled. "Good afternoon. I'm Zephyr Earthwing."

"Big Macintosh Apple."

I thought for a moment. "Are you Applejack's older brother?"


"That's cool." He simply nodded. when I looked at the orchard, I noticed something. "Are you and Applejack the only ones working here?"


"You don't hire anypony else to help?"


Guy doesn't talk much does he? I can respect that, heck I prefer that.

"Did you guys need a helping hoof?" He looked like he was mulling over it. After a while, I started fidgeting nervously on the spot.

"Can ya' apple-buck?"

That threw me for a bit of a loop, but I answered, "I never tried before..."

He looked at me for a second before motioning his head towards the line of trees. "Wait there for ah' minute."

When I got to the trees, I found him coming to me after he unhitched the cart. I followed him a bit deeper before stopping in front of a tree full of apples.

"Try it."

I like this stallion already. Simple, to the point, but relaxed about it as well. Still...

Remembering what a farmer told me when I was younger, I started tapping around the trunk. I could tell Bic Macintosh was looking at me curiously.

"Hope you don't mind me cheating slightly."

What I was doing is finding a more hollow spot on the tree for more optimal harvesting. Unicorns, pegasi, and weaker earth ponies can use this to make their bucks more effective.


Sharply turning around, I bucked the spot as hard as I could.


It wasn't bad, but needed getting used to. On the plus side, It looked like I got slightly more than half the apples out of the tree.

The bigger stallion had a slightly surprised look. "Not bad."

"Heh, well... It could be better."

"Don' shoot yerself. When do you wan' to start?"

"Tomorrow maybe? I got wind management duties first, then I'll swing by after." He simply nodded and shook my hoof. This stallion could crush me so easily...

"Ah have to thank you." I gave him a puzzled look. "Fer saving our barn."

"Oh, It was nothing. I'm glad I came when I did."

He nodded before asking, "have you seen my younger sister?"

Younger than Applejack maybe? "No I haven't. Want me to look for her?"

He shook his head. "That's fine. Be seeing you tomorrow."

"Nice meeting you Mr. Macintosh."

"Jus' call me Big Mac."

I nodded before heading back to town. I needed to preen for my race with Rainbow Dash--


I jumped high in the air without thinking. When my mind caught up, I looked down to see a trio of fillies, two of them being pulled by the one on a... Scooter?

The yellow one called up, "sorry 'bout that, mister. Scootaloo wasn't paying attention to where she was going."

The orange filly, Scootaloo, Looked at the yellow one with irritation. "That's because we were discussing what we were going to do for our next crusade!"

The white one piped up, "I told you, we should wait until we get to the clubhouse before discussing anything."

I sigh as I land. "Now, now, nopony got hurt so everything is good. Just be sure it doesn't happen again."

Scootaloo looked at me with an embarrassed grin. "Sorry about that. We promise we won't-- HEY you're the stallion who sang at his welcoming party the other night. That was awesome!"

Oh no... That's the last thing I want to be recognized for.

"We never heard what yer name is, though." The yellow filly piped up.

Ah, so it's like that? I'll see if I can't play with this song and dance. Adopting a hurt look, I ask, "you never bothered to learn my name? I feel so hurt! Oh, what a world!" I put my hoof up to my forehead in mock drama.

Two of the fillies looked guilty, but the white one giggled. "You're just faking it aren't you?"

I smirk while the other two looked at her with surprise. "Ouch, caught red-hoofed. How did you know?"

"My sister is a drama queen. I've gotten used to it to the point of telling actual drama from mock."

Only one pony I recently met would fit the bill. "Is your sister Rarity?"

She giggled again. "That easy to tell, huh? Yes I am. I'm Sweetie Belle."

"I'm Scootaloo!"

"And Ah'm Applebloom. We are..."


Ow my ears...

Shaking my head, I say, "Zephyr Earthwing. And Applebloom, perchance you're the younger sister of Applejack and Big Mac?"

She looked up in surprise. "How could you tell?"

"Take a wild guess, pard'ner." Dear Celestia, my impression sucks

"Oh, right, the accent."

For a brief moment, I thought I saw a sad look appear on Scootaloo's face. It was gone almost as fast as it appeared.

"Girls, we need to get to the clubhouse before the day ends!"

The other two jumped, but nodded. They got loaded up in the cart while Scootaloo got on the scooter.

"Bye mister Zephyr." Sweetie Belle called to me. The other two repeated the same thing.

"Just Zephyr will do, and have fun." With that, they were gone.

Those fillies are cute. I'm sometimes jealous of their innocence. Innocence, just waiting to be corrupted...

Shaking the thoughts out of my head, I flew back home to prepare myself for the race I will have to do with Rainbow Dash.

My feathers aren't completely in order, but it will suffice. I need to bring my A-game if I want to drive a point home with that prismatic pegasus.

When I reached the town square, I observed six ponies, each towing a cart full of gems.

Holy motherload, I have never seen so many gems at once.

All six of the mares I met at my welcoming party were present, plus one dragon. All of them look pretty worn out, like they went through some kind of ordeal that involved lots of running.

No, They were walking and they got tired. No crap, brain.

After they went to the carousel building I saw yesterday, they all separated without Rarity. Rainbow Dash flew towards me with a nervous grin.

"Yeah, I think I'm going to reschedule the race for tomorrow."

I give her a flat look. "After all that talk about me coming to you when I 'felt like getting my flank kicked?' Sounds to me you're the one worried about getting kicked."

She growled at me. "I would like to, but I'm not in top notch condition to do so. It wouldn't be fair if I raced tired and you don't!"

"Excuses. Fine, we'll have it your way, like this is Veggie King, and race tomorrow. You better be ready by then!"

She threw another glare at me before flying off. Deciding on supper, I flew home as well.

Why am I starting to act like her? I haven't been around her very much! What is wrong with me in general? My personality feels like it shifted somehow.

I sighed as I made a simple supper.

This town really will be the end of me. In more ways than one.

I decided to write a letter to my mother tomorrow before work. I needed sleep.

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