• Published 20th Apr 2014
  • 1,893 Views, 135 Comments

On The Wings of Wind - Chazonic

When an adopted pegasus stallion with no memories of his early colthood travels to ponyville in search of his place, will he find the friendship he never knew existed? or will his secret be the ruin to his new life?

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Prologue - A Memory, Fragmented

Surrounded by stallions that I cannot see, for they are shrouded in the darkness of my fragmented memories.

"Hey kid! surrender quietly now... Our boss wants you for who you are."

"Hehe to get paid so much to capture this freak of a pegasus"

"Wait, he's too close to the edge-"

Falling off... One tried to grab me, only to hit me sharply in the head

Vision fading to black... Last thing i can remember... A scream...



"Hnnng... Who... Where am I...?"

"Oh thank goodness you're alright!"

A mare... pegasus... red coat, dark orange mane, magenta eyes, and a harp for a cutie mark.

"I found you unconscious on the edge of the forest with a big welt on the side of your head and massive grip marks. I can assure you you will be just fine. Now, where's your family, little one?"

"I... I don't remember..."

"Wait, surely you remember who they are, or what they look like?!"

"I don't... who's my mommy...? I'm... scared"

"Can you remember your name name at all? Perhaps..."

"Zephyr... I can't remember my last name... I want my mommy..."

"Shhh... it's ok, everything's going to be alright... I'm right here with you."

A loving hug, followed by a beautiful singing voice.

Sleep, my child, go to sleep, my child...

"I...love you... mommy..."

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