• Published 14th Apr 2014
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The Epic of Equestria: My Little Heroes - OBSIDI4N_DR4G0N

In Equestria with the only dangers being natural, there is little to worry about. That is until an old enemy returns with unknown intentions. "Is it all who feel this way or a few?" Meanwhile in Ponyville, little adventurers play and explor

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My Little Farmer

Monday… A lot of ponies hate Mondays… But that will not stop most ponies from doing what they do best. This Monday, however, is especially hated by a certain colt who decided to stay up all night to study his new book! This did not stop a certain father from sneaking in with a sly grin, and creeping up to a bed belonging to a sleeping colt..Rubbing his hooves together like an evil mad pony, the stallion gave the colt a really loud wake up call.

“WAKE UP!!! ITS TIME FOR SCHOOL!!” Flash Sentry could be heard from Canterlot, if not the ponies outside definitely could, because they all cringed from the unexpected roar, and were rather shocked from the return roar.




“MY BAD!!”

The ponies outside all smiled as the small roaring contest ended, ponies giggled or chuckled their way past the giant tree and went back to their own routines.

Meanwhile in another part of Ponyville, where the BEST apples are grown and farmed, Welcome to Sweet Apple Acres, where the residing ponies were already starting their chores. Big Macintosh was marching through the tree line with his buckets, getting ready to buck the south fields as Applejack did the same for the east. Applebloom was already at the south buckin’ away.

“Nana, ah wanna help! le' me go carry ‘em buckets and buck ’em apple trees!” announced a rambunctious little colt. As Granny Smith responded in kind to the youngest apple.

“now, that’s a’nuff of that there youngin’. Your mother told you to do the house chores, cause you done and broke your bed.” Granny Smith was in the kitchen making Breakfast.

“aww, but Nana!-”

“That’s enough, ya rascal. Go do your chores like your mama said!”

“aww fine”

“Thank you youngin’”

And so began the boring Monday for our youngest apple, he spent hours cleaning his room, the bathrooms, the kitchen with Nana, washing dishes, recyclin’ the trash, sweeping the barn.

Sometime later Applejack came back to a sparkling house that screamed Brand Spankin’ New, with a dirty/exhausted sleeping colt.

“Granny, did you help Junior again?” asked Applejack as she looked around the house

“snort- you kidding sugar? I was gonna but then he up and assumed control of everything. He even finished cooking breakfast for me, bless’em.” Granny Smith said this with a beaming smile

“well ah’ll be, Junior” Applejack said with a proud smile.

‘Wow” Stated Big Mac as he walked in with Applebloom in tow.

“wow’s right, Junior did all this himself?” Applebloom asked with disbelief tinged with admiration. “Ah woulda at least needed a day to do all of this!”

Applejack walked up to the napping colt, “should I wake him up?”

“Well he did say he wanted to help us out-”

“Then its settled-” cutoff Applejack as she faced our youngest apple, “ Wake Up!”

“Huh-Aah!” Junior woke with a start and practically threw himself over the couch. As everybody in the room giggles at his upstart, Junior’s head pops up out from behind the couch with a rather hurt and irritated expression on his face. “Mooom, Why did you do that? You nearly gave me a heart attack!”

At this point every pony is heading towards the dining room, “For one that should teach you not to sleep in the middle of the day. You’re an Apple for pony’s sakes-” Junior’s face twisted into an unhappy frown. “Now don’t look at me like that, You are of the Apple family. You work hard, and live an honest life...-”

“Applejack quit lecturin’ the poor thing and let him come and eat his breakfast.” Said Grandma Smith as she and Apple Bloom set up the table and Big Mac removes his yoke and sets it near the door.

Breakfast was amazing! sweet feed and oats, and Junior’s personal favorite Hay Fries! and the apples… In junior’s train of thought, he’s tired of apples but then again he ain't ever tired of apples. not only is it his namesake, but its his responsibility and eatin’ an apple almost every day, then yeah it occasionally loses it spunk.. but the work that is put into these apple’s all those hours plowing and planting then tender loving care and then bucking and harvesting. it makes the apples taste amazing!
What s better than that? other than a loving family and awesome friends! and I can’t wait till we meet again!

It was mom who broke the calm and content silence, and as always it was to the newest apple. “So junior!” she took a moment to swallow her food. “what do you plan on doing this summer?” All eyes move to junior as he took a moment to swallow his rather large mouthful.

“I don’t really know, I was thinkin’ about askin’ you if I could help out on the farm but...” the table stops in their chewing and stares at him waiting for an answer. after a moment Applejack speaks up. “But what?”Junior squirms a bit in his seat, suddenly getting real shy----


The table leans back a bit “...what?”

“I want to spend my summer with my friends..”

Applejack took on a curious and slightly baffled look. she had to ask why and she knew it. “why? don’t you see them all the time at school?”

Junior squirmed a bit more as a tapped his hooves together. “Well, we see each other at school yeah, and spend recess together, but almost never after school.”

Appleboom suddenly spoke up out of honest confusion, because after all, she spend as much time as she could with her friends, whenever she wasn't busy with school or the farm she was with her friends, “Why not?”

“Cause when we are not at school, Hero is at home studying, whenever Sky gets out of the flight academy its only to train more,its only when its the holidays he comes to Ponyville. Then Charming is either with his mom learning how to be a noble, or with his dad learning how to be cool.” Junior puts his head down in a mopey fashion just at the edge, “ Angel is either at home with her mom or out training with her father and if not that, she spends her time with Hero, and i don’t want to be the guy that’s just there while they have fun being sappy with each other. Then the twins, ha-ha, I have no idea what they do, but they do it with a vengeance.”

The family all look at each other with a little worry, mock helplessness.

“Marty is always with his mom training, and Red is like me, except he doesn't care cause he has a girlfriend. then Cloud streak is… well I don’t know what Cloud Streak does but its not with friends unless its Hero.”

A comforting hoof was placed on junior’s shoulder. Across the end of the table Applejack was at a loss for words. Does she say something comforting or does she tell him to suck it up? Luckily she didn't have to say anything, because her little sister came to the rescue.

Appleboom, with a not so hidden excitement asked, “I have an idea, two actually.”

Junior looked up with hope in his eyes “what’s that?”

“We find you a special some pony!” Applebloom said happily, as granny smith starts cackling and Applejack gives a spit-take and Junior’s eyes widened as his pupils shrank to pinpricks.

“What?!” Applejack and junior shouted in unison.

“We find you a special some pony!” Applebloom restated, completely ignoring the shocked looks coming from both mother and son. “ I say we go to Mrs. Berry Punch’s house, and ask her daughter if she will be your special some pony!”

two jaws on the floor and a granny crying from laughing so hard and an oblivious Applebloom as she continues. “Yes, I can see it now! two little lovebirds spending their summer together, living happily ever after!” Applebloom gave a little squee.

“Oh and you would have such i cute little wedding and--”

“APPLEBLOOM!” Both mother and son yelled. Both indignant to Applebloom’s little mind breaking habit. who hastily went to her long awaited contingency plan.

“---Or,” she dragged out, as she visibly pulled back from the force of the yell. “You could go invite all of your friends to a friendly competition, for a whole month of summer!” She said with a huge smile.

“Hey that actually sounds like fun!” Said Junior who was quite ready to change the subject from a special some pony too… anything else.

“Now wait a minute, hold on a second and hold your horses.” Applejack said, as she placed her hooves on the table hard enough to shake the plates.

Applebloom looked at her with an incredulous look “what?”

Applejack returned her look and began the interrogation. “Who is in charge?”

“overall, that would be me.”

“What is this ‘Summer camp’?”

“We designed this based on finding your special talent or fine tuning your said talent, while sharing all the joys of said talent. Games, activities, the works. Great for kids who are athletic, for kids who are smart, and kids who are creative. Most importantly kids will either learn and appreciate the value of hard work or they already do and will most certainly have fun!”

Applejack took on a stern but curious look “Why?”

Applebloom took a moment to look confused “Why are we doing this?”


“Because its what we do…” Applebloom looked into Applejack’s eyes and spoke with conviction “It's our mission as cutie mark crusaders.”

Applejack and Applebloom continue to stare at each other neither willing to back down.


“A recreational campsite located not to far from the Crusaders Head Quarters. If help is ever needed, one signal flare in the sky and help would be almost immediate for unicorns with teleporting capabilities, or fast with fliers. minutes by ground, just moments by air travel, and seconds by magic. Oh! We also have different signal flares for different situations and scenarios.”

The two sisters stared at each other for another moment, a moment broken by Junior. “I think this is a great idea!” Both sisters turned to look at him. Applejack snorts “ And why is that?”

“ Because if all my friends go, then we could go have an adventure together! Plus we could finally hangout like normal friends!”

that last statement made the family wince in sympathy. As well as made Applejack’s mind. She looked around and said, “Well, then it looks like we've some ponies to invite to dinner tomorrow.”

Junior looked up, eyes wide, with a big smile on his face. “ALRIGHT!” Running up to Applejack and hugging the life from her. “Thank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank you!!”

This was a great moment.

“I Can’t WAIT To Tell My Friends!”

This was going to be, as Sky put it, Awesome!

Author's Note:

Sorry for the HUGE Hiatus. Been a bit troubled and distracted with life, and its still not over yet... but on the bright side, this will be a trilogy with at least half a dozen prequels.. yes that's right, it's Star Wars all over again. I also have TWO SEPARATE STORIES COMPLETELY UNRELATED TO THE EPIC OF EQUSTRIA!!!
I Spent some time developing a umm, plot line?, for those two stories, and one of them already has a Prequel... yay me! :')