The Epic of Equestria: My Little Heroes


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In Equestria with the only dangers being natural, there is little to worry about. That is until an old enemy returns with unknown intentions. "Is it all who feel this way or a few?" Meanwhile in Ponyville, little adventurers play and explor

There is love, peace and harmony throughout all of Equestria. With the only dangers being natural, there is little to worry about. That is until an old enemy returns with unknown intentions. "Is it all who feel this way or a few?" Meanwhile in Ponyville, little adventurers play and explore with every nook and cranny they can find. But sooner or latter, all good things must end, and our little heroes might have to grow up a bit, if they are to get back home alive!
-This is my first fan fiction, so please be gentle with any helpful commentary
-All Oc's belong to me
- blah blah blah, Ignore me and enjoy!

1 The Legendary Duel

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It was in the heat of battle when these two met. In the fields of Equestria’s finest hills, now a battleground for Her finest warriors as they battle it out, to finally see who is the better! The warriors of old and new gather to witness such a historical event!

As the world’s greatest hero’s take their final stand, as they march, then gallop toward their respective rivals to meet in a deadly duel of ferocious combat! A stallion of golden armor of equestrian’s finest and a stallion of Honor took up his great sword and swung his mighty blade to connect with his enemy! His rival, doned with his own armor of bleached bone, parried the attack with his own mighty sword drenched in crimson experience!

Thus the duel begins in earnest! With the winds howling from the whiplash of every strike the two greatest warriors made, with each manticoran blow the earth shook and the spectators flinched. With great war cries fit for a Dragon, these two warriors roar their hearts to one another, and meet again to exchange blows.

“...This battle will be mine! For I have been blessed by Discord himself!”

“Discord’s blessing is no match for the blessing of Royalty! I have the faith of every princesses to strengthen my will!”

Another exchange of blows.

“We Shall See!”

As heavy metal meets heavy metal, thunder, it roared from the connected blows as the storm of battle rages on till the sun begins to set. A champion has yet to emerge victorious, as they remain at a stalemate.

“... hey…”, The bone warrior relaxes his guard for the moment.

“...yeah?..”, The warrior clad in gold relaxes as well.

“Shouldn’t we be going home right now? it starting to get dark.”

“ What’s the matter? scared of the dark?” The gold warrior taunts.

“Nooo, I just don’t want to get in trouble, dad won’t let me out to play anymore if i’m not home before it gets dark.”

“Yeah, i guess you’re right”

“Bye Hero”

“Bye Cloud Streak!”

Both colts run back home to their respective homes. Cloud streak was a white pegasus with soft blue eyes and a blonde mane, and Hero was a unicorn with a golen coat, a black mane and socks with striking blue eyes.As Hero arrives on the doorstep to his home, the door opens to a very angry looking father.

“And where have you been, mister?” the unknown pony asks, “ I thought we agreed that you are to be home before it gets dark!”

“Sorry! I was having fun and I lost track of time.” Hero hastily replied.

“Oh? Well, okay then.”, says Hero’s father as he steps away from the door,”Dinner is ready, I’ve been waiting for you so it’s a little cold.” The father walk into the kitchen of their house. “Do you think you can fix that? I’d be very grateful.”

“Sure thing Dad.” Hero moves to the kitchen and uses a simple heating spell he learned through his studies. Mom left a lot of books for him to study concerning what he might need to know.

“So Dad, where’s mom?” Hero await a response from his dad as he also waits at the table for his food.

“She had to go to Canterlot, my boy, she said it was important that she’d be there. Also she left a letter for you on your bed.” Dad says this whilst bringing two bowls of vegetable soup to the table on top of his wings.

Dad is a pegasus with a blue mane and blue hardened eyes that spoke of experience. A sudden banging on the door accompanied by a “HEY! Anyone Home?!” This is Rainbow Dash, the mare hovering over the door rather impatiently, “Hey, Flash Sentry, I Know You’re-” the door suddenly opens, “What!”

“Woah, chill out. Where’s Twilight?” Rainbow Dash asks while peeking around Flash Sentry to see if Twilight was inside.

“She’s not here, she went to canterlot on royal business.” Flash said rather snappy.

“Ugh! fine, i’ll just wait for her here then-”

“No! You’re not. Twilight won’t be here till the weekend, and besides don’t you have to be at the Wonderbolt Academy to train the new cadets?” Flash sentry threw that inquiry at her like a weapon.

“pfft, please. the cadets and the instructors are on vacation.” Said Rainbow dash.

“What? By whom?” Flash sentry had his eye brows raised upon hearing that,

“By me, of course.” Rainbow dash answered nonchalantly. Flash Sentry lowered his eyebrows and his face morphed into a look that said “Are you kidding me?”

“What? I thought they deserved it after training with me for about three months.” Rainbow said that defensively.

“Rainbow, are you serious? I- You- ugh, nevermind,” Flash Sentry backed up and started closing the door, “Good night Rainbow Dash.”

“Goodnight dude!” Rainbow Dash replied in kinds as she flew back to her own personal cloud mansion. If it wasn’t noticeable before, it is now.

Flash Sentry walked back to the diner table to rejoin his son and finish his supper. When he noticed two things.. His son wasn’t there and his soup was tolerably hot. “hehe, sweet kid. Thank you Son!”

A few seconds past, “No Problem Dad!” Flash Sentry chuckled again and sat down to finish his meal, while pondering what to do tomorrow. Meanwhile upstairs Hero sat on his bed with a letter in his golden magical grasp.

He slowly peels away his mother’s seal, and pull out the letter from the envelope. As he opens the letter, he begins to read using the light from his magic aura and the setting sun. The letter read:

“ My Dear Son, If you are reading this past your bedtime you’re grounded! Haha, now let me begin with how much I love you and how much i’m going to miss you for the week. Also I want you to start reading “The Magi: Schools of Old and New”. It is a great way for you to start learning the basics for which school you will want to focus on. I recommend starting with the Arcane, its a great way to start learning magic and builds a steady framework for your magic. I left other books as well, but they are a little advance. You can go ahead and take a look at them if you want, but be warned, Do NOT attempt any of the spells in any tomes until I am there to supervise you. I MEAN IT! These spell, the tomes, are very complicated and will require my instruction, but you can take a peek if you want. Sorry if this letter seems a bit short to you but I have to go. I love you, be good and take care, and watch your father for me. Love, Mom

He closed the letter back up and opened his nightstand drawer and slid the letter inside for safe keeping. Closing the drawer and lookings towards a small stack of four rather large tomes and spell books that were sitting on top of his desk.

After a few moments looking for the book his mother wanted him to start with he paused and thought aloud, “Where is that book mom was talking about?” Hero took another moment to look through the stack, then just gave up on hefting a rather hefty sigh of defeat. Then his ears suddenly perked up and his eyes shot wide open as he looked at the stack of books.

There were four of them, four! The possibilities of what could be inside of them were endless!! They could be about anything! Maybe something inside will make him become a real hero!!! With that thought in mind, Hero jumped up and took the first book off the stack. Hero read the title of the book aloud to himself “Kemosiri’s Elemental Guide.”

After reading that he kept repeating the name so as to pronounce it properly. After he gave a shrug, Hero opened the book, and jumped straight into the first page that had a picture on it. On the picture was a colorful display of a ten pointed star and three circles with little runes scribbled onto them. Then there were several symbols on there, ten to be exact, painted with ten different colors. And underneath the picture a caption read, “Elements clockwise from top: Light, Ice, Water, Wood, Air, Darkness, Earth, Metal, Fire, Thunder”

“hmm, elements huh? Cool, where do i start?” Hero sat there pondering which element he wanted to lead off with. “Light would be useful at night, Ice would be great for hot summer days, water… what would you be able to do with water? swim better? breath underwater? .... Talk with fish? ….hmm lame, lets see wood. I didn’t realise wood had its own element… so what I’d grow trees?huh, thats great..” Hero said that last bit with heavy sarcasm, “ Air… would that let me fly? or do i get to hold my breath longer? maybe light as a feather” He started to chuckle at his own rather lame joke.

He then looked over to the next element, “ Darkness, must make me invisible or something… or would give me the ability to disguise myself? ...Nah. Earth, wouldn’t that get rid of my horn? Like what powers would earth give me? Super equine strength? throw rocks, make spikes, move mountains, shake the ground, and why am I rapping now? Hero said that last tidbit with a bit of rhythm.

“Moving on, Metal… hmm, I use that and i’m going to make ponies start calling me Colt Iron, or Iron Colt… Fire… It is going to be winter soon, and fire is awesome. Thunder, ohh snap crackle and pop, for shizzle my nizzle, thunder and fire… eenie meenie miney mo, catch a tiger by the toe, eenie meenie miney mo.” Hero pointed at the red symbol on the picture, “Well, Fire it is then.”

Hero began to flip to the pages that would describe how he would come to wield and spawn fire with his magic. In an excited tone he began to read aloud the secrets of Fire Magic. “ Fire, A phenomenon the comes from substance that combine chemically with oxygen from the air providing light, heat and/our smoke. warning, fire burns and in some cases will combust or explode.” Hero rolled his eyes at that last sentence that made him think, “duh”.

Hero spent the rest of his evening reading about the fire magic and studying it’s various applications. At some point he had grabbed another book to jot down his notes and interpretation of the Kemosiri’s Tome. After he that he started to read some more until he hear a knock on his bedroom door. “Come in!” Flash Sentry open the door and walked towards his son.

“Whacha doin’ son? I haven’t seen you in like 3 hours! What’s this?” He queried and after seeing what it was his son was reading.

“Just some homework mom left me.” Hero answered his father

Flash Sentry looked at the tomes with wide eyes and a raised eyebrow, “This is homework?”


“Wow, you’re definitely your Twilight’s son” Said Flash Sentry as looked over Hero’s notes "Flamma, Ignis, Incendia, Incendium, These are the four different levels of Fire Magic. Flamma being the lowest, therefore the easiest, and Incendium being the highest and the hardest. The average unicorn can gain mastery of Flamma and Ignis, but a skilled Fire Mage can master Incendia spells. However, it takes a true Pyromancer to master the Incendium. The last known Pyromancer that has mastered the Incendium was last seen leaving Fillydelphia, never to be heard or seen from again.” Flash Sentry looked up from Hero’s notes to ask “Fire?”

“Yup, That’s the element i choose as my affinity!” Hero said this with so much excitement, he failed to notice his father’s slight frown.

“umm, son,”

“Yeah?” Hero looked up with a smile

“You do realize we live in a tree right?” having that ‘ I can’t believe you didn’t think this one threw’ look

Hero looked around his room taking note of all the wood, “oh yeah… so? I’ll just practice outside?”

Flash Sentry flashed him a smile, “Please and be careful when you do. I may not be a unicorn but i’ve been with your mother long enough to realize that this is some really advanced stuff, more so for a colt your age.

“It’ll be fine dad, I’m not even going to practice till mom gets back anyways.”

Flash Sentry knelt down to give his son a hug and a kiss on the forehead. “Alright, its time for bed, I’m going to get some sleep, so good night son.

“Good night dad, love you” Hero said, while moving towards his own bed

“Love you too”

Flash Sentry turned off the light and closed the door behind him as he left for his own room. As he enters his room, there was a flash of light and a package appeared on his bedside. On this was a sealed letter from Twilight. Opening the package quickly he unraveled a book titled, “The Magi: Schools of Old and New”

Flash Sentry had a look of confusion on his face before remembering that there was letter that came with the package. opening the letter he began to read, “Dear Flash Sentry, I accidently took this book with me where I had meant to leave it with my son for his studies. Please make sure he gets it, thank you. i’m sorry love but i need to make this quick. Forever yours, Twilight Sparkle. P.s. I love you and miss you already, these nobles are driving me Crazy!!”

Flash Sentry read that last line and chuckled, “oh Twilight, I wish i could be there with you.” Leaving the letter and book on the desk, he moved to over to his bed, got under the covers closed and closed his eyes to sleep, “... *sigh*, I have to pee”

To be Continued

My Little Farmer

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Monday… A lot of ponies hate Mondays… But that will not stop most ponies from doing what they do best. This Monday, however, is especially hated by a certain colt who decided to stay up all night to study his new book! This did not stop a certain father from sneaking in with a sly grin, and creeping up to a bed belonging to a sleeping colt..Rubbing his hooves together like an evil mad pony, the stallion gave the colt a really loud wake up call.

“WAKE UP!!! ITS TIME FOR SCHOOL!!” Flash Sentry could be heard from Canterlot, if not the ponies outside definitely could, because they all cringed from the unexpected roar, and were rather shocked from the return roar.




“MY BAD!!”

The ponies outside all smiled as the small roaring contest ended, ponies giggled or chuckled their way past the giant tree and went back to their own routines.

Meanwhile in another part of Ponyville, where the BEST apples are grown and farmed, Welcome to Sweet Apple Acres, where the residing ponies were already starting their chores. Big Macintosh was marching through the tree line with his buckets, getting ready to buck the south fields as Applejack did the same for the east. Applebloom was already at the south buckin’ away.

“Nana, ah wanna help! le' me go carry ‘em buckets and buck ’em apple trees!” announced a rambunctious little colt. As Granny Smith responded in kind to the youngest apple.

“now, that’s a’nuff of that there youngin’. Your mother told you to do the house chores, cause you done and broke your bed.” Granny Smith was in the kitchen making Breakfast.

“aww, but Nana!-”

“That’s enough, ya rascal. Go do your chores like your mama said!”

“aww fine”

“Thank you youngin’”

And so began the boring Monday for our youngest apple, he spent hours cleaning his room, the bathrooms, the kitchen with Nana, washing dishes, recyclin’ the trash, sweeping the barn.

Sometime later Applejack came back to a sparkling house that screamed Brand Spankin’ New, with a dirty/exhausted sleeping colt.

“Granny, did you help Junior again?” asked Applejack as she looked around the house

“snort- you kidding sugar? I was gonna but then he up and assumed control of everything. He even finished cooking breakfast for me, bless’em.” Granny Smith said this with a beaming smile

“well ah’ll be, Junior” Applejack said with a proud smile.

‘Wow” Stated Big Mac as he walked in with Applebloom in tow.

“wow’s right, Junior did all this himself?” Applebloom asked with disbelief tinged with admiration. “Ah woulda at least needed a day to do all of this!”

Applejack walked up to the napping colt, “should I wake him up?”

“Well he did say he wanted to help us out-”

“Then its settled-” cutoff Applejack as she faced our youngest apple, “ Wake Up!”

“Huh-Aah!” Junior woke with a start and practically threw himself over the couch. As everybody in the room giggles at his upstart, Junior’s head pops up out from behind the couch with a rather hurt and irritated expression on his face. “Mooom, Why did you do that? You nearly gave me a heart attack!”

At this point every pony is heading towards the dining room, “For one that should teach you not to sleep in the middle of the day. You’re an Apple for pony’s sakes-” Junior’s face twisted into an unhappy frown. “Now don’t look at me like that, You are of the Apple family. You work hard, and live an honest life...-”

“Applejack quit lecturin’ the poor thing and let him come and eat his breakfast.” Said Grandma Smith as she and Apple Bloom set up the table and Big Mac removes his yoke and sets it near the door.

Breakfast was amazing! sweet feed and oats, and Junior’s personal favorite Hay Fries! and the apples… In junior’s train of thought, he’s tired of apples but then again he ain't ever tired of apples. not only is it his namesake, but its his responsibility and eatin’ an apple almost every day, then yeah it occasionally loses it spunk.. but the work that is put into these apple’s all those hours plowing and planting then tender loving care and then bucking and harvesting. it makes the apples taste amazing!
What s better than that? other than a loving family and awesome friends! and I can’t wait till we meet again!

It was mom who broke the calm and content silence, and as always it was to the newest apple. “So junior!” she took a moment to swallow her food. “what do you plan on doing this summer?” All eyes move to junior as he took a moment to swallow his rather large mouthful.

“I don’t really know, I was thinkin’ about askin’ you if I could help out on the farm but...” the table stops in their chewing and stares at him waiting for an answer. after a moment Applejack speaks up. “But what?”Junior squirms a bit in his seat, suddenly getting real shy----


The table leans back a bit “...what?”

“I want to spend my summer with my friends..”

Applejack took on a curious and slightly baffled look. she had to ask why and she knew it. “why? don’t you see them all the time at school?”

Junior squirmed a bit more as a tapped his hooves together. “Well, we see each other at school yeah, and spend recess together, but almost never after school.”

Appleboom suddenly spoke up out of honest confusion, because after all, she spend as much time as she could with her friends, whenever she wasn't busy with school or the farm she was with her friends, “Why not?”

“Cause when we are not at school, Hero is at home studying, whenever Sky gets out of the flight academy its only to train more,its only when its the holidays he comes to Ponyville. Then Charming is either with his mom learning how to be a noble, or with his dad learning how to be cool.” Junior puts his head down in a mopey fashion just at the edge, “ Angel is either at home with her mom or out training with her father and if not that, she spends her time with Hero, and i don’t want to be the guy that’s just there while they have fun being sappy with each other. Then the twins, ha-ha, I have no idea what they do, but they do it with a vengeance.”

The family all look at each other with a little worry, mock helplessness.

“Marty is always with his mom training, and Red is like me, except he doesn't care cause he has a girlfriend. then Cloud streak is… well I don’t know what Cloud Streak does but its not with friends unless its Hero.”

A comforting hoof was placed on junior’s shoulder. Across the end of the table Applejack was at a loss for words. Does she say something comforting or does she tell him to suck it up? Luckily she didn't have to say anything, because her little sister came to the rescue.

Appleboom, with a not so hidden excitement asked, “I have an idea, two actually.”

Junior looked up with hope in his eyes “what’s that?”

“We find you a special some pony!” Applebloom said happily, as granny smith starts cackling and Applejack gives a spit-take and Junior’s eyes widened as his pupils shrank to pinpricks.

“What?!” Applejack and junior shouted in unison.

“We find you a special some pony!” Applebloom restated, completely ignoring the shocked looks coming from both mother and son. “ I say we go to Mrs. Berry Punch’s house, and ask her daughter if she will be your special some pony!”

two jaws on the floor and a granny crying from laughing so hard and an oblivious Applebloom as she continues. “Yes, I can see it now! two little lovebirds spending their summer together, living happily ever after!” Applebloom gave a little squee.

“Oh and you would have such i cute little wedding and--”

“APPLEBLOOM!” Both mother and son yelled. Both indignant to Applebloom’s little mind breaking habit. who hastily went to her long awaited contingency plan.

“---Or,” she dragged out, as she visibly pulled back from the force of the yell. “You could go invite all of your friends to a friendly competition, for a whole month of summer!” She said with a huge smile.

“Hey that actually sounds like fun!” Said Junior who was quite ready to change the subject from a special some pony too… anything else.

“Now wait a minute, hold on a second and hold your horses.” Applejack said, as she placed her hooves on the table hard enough to shake the plates.

Applebloom looked at her with an incredulous look “what?”

Applejack returned her look and began the interrogation. “Who is in charge?”

“overall, that would be me.”

“What is this ‘Summer camp’?”

“We designed this based on finding your special talent or fine tuning your said talent, while sharing all the joys of said talent. Games, activities, the works. Great for kids who are athletic, for kids who are smart, and kids who are creative. Most importantly kids will either learn and appreciate the value of hard work or they already do and will most certainly have fun!”

Applejack took on a stern but curious look “Why?”

Applebloom took a moment to look confused “Why are we doing this?”


“Because its what we do…” Applebloom looked into Applejack’s eyes and spoke with conviction “It's our mission as cutie mark crusaders.”

Applejack and Applebloom continue to stare at each other neither willing to back down.


“A recreational campsite located not to far from the Crusaders Head Quarters. If help is ever needed, one signal flare in the sky and help would be almost immediate for unicorns with teleporting capabilities, or fast with fliers. minutes by ground, just moments by air travel, and seconds by magic. Oh! We also have different signal flares for different situations and scenarios.”

The two sisters stared at each other for another moment, a moment broken by Junior. “I think this is a great idea!” Both sisters turned to look at him. Applejack snorts “ And why is that?”

“ Because if all my friends go, then we could go have an adventure together! Plus we could finally hangout like normal friends!”

that last statement made the family wince in sympathy. As well as made Applejack’s mind. She looked around and said, “Well, then it looks like we've some ponies to invite to dinner tomorrow.”

Junior looked up, eyes wide, with a big smile on his face. “ALRIGHT!” Running up to Applejack and hugging the life from her. “Thank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank you!!”

This was a great moment.

“I Can’t WAIT To Tell My Friends!”

This was going to be, as Sky put it, Awesome!

My little Wonderbolt

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-xXx-----------The Epic of Equestrian-----------xXx-
-xXx---------------My Little Wonderbolt---------------xXx-
3 days later

“C’mon Sky! we’re going to miss it!”

Two young colts were flying as fast as they could to the Battle Dome

Sky Windsong, also known as Sky Blitz, was a young flyer. He had a light blue coat, and dark blue mane, much like his father, but he took after his mother a lot when it came to the details. Magenta eyes, speed and grace, fierce loyalty, total awesomeness with a nice
twist of modesty.

“Chill, Afterburner, it won’t start for another ten minutes!” Sky said

Afterburner was another young flyer with a darker blue coat and a fiery mane. His red eyes shone with excitement and fire. He was eager to reach his destination and will the show to start faster.

The show was an hour long. and didn’t start for another ten minutes. Sky’s Parents and Afterburner’s Parents both were Wonderbolts, and their part of the show wasn’t until the end… He could probably catch them at the Wonderbolt Headquarters if he was quick. Knowing them they would probably still be in the “Secret” room.

Sky with some thought decided to change his plans. “Hey Afterburner, there’s something I gotta go do before I go.”

“What’s that?”

“I want to see my mom and dad before the show, I’ll catch up later unless you want to come with me!” Sky yelled over the wind.

“Nah! I’m good I wanna see the whole show, not just our parents!” Afterburner waved his farewell as Sky broke off heading towards Wonderbolt HQ. “ Save me a seat will ya?!”

“No Problem!” Afterburner said “Just don’t take to long!”

“No Promises!” They both laughed as the flew in different directions. They both knew Sky wouldn’t be there anytime soon. He loved the wonderbolt shows and all, but he’d rather fly with them than watch them.

As Afterburner flew to the Cloudesieum, Sky flew to another building that was even bigger than Cloudesieum. What made this area stand out from Cloudsdale was both the Wonderbolt color scheme and the really tall skyscraper in the middle of the largest air force base in Equestria.

Welcome to Wonderbolt Headquarters… The Hopes and Dreams of every pegasi.. This is where the Wonderbolts are directed from by the the Elite Tier Wonderbolts, The Lead Performance Squad, The Lead Command Squad, and The Veteran Squad. This is the command center, This was the true capital of pegasi…

The Wonderbolt HQ was a really big building. The Main hub is a skyscraper with multiple command decks used for a variety of planning, accounting, and strategizing. The skyscraper wasn’t the only building.

Another building was to the east, it is the Flight Research and Development Center (FRDC). It had two main buildings, a big rectangular structure where research is somewhat conducted, and a bigger squarer structure resembling a factory next door where the development is mostly done.

To the Main Hub’s west was the Recruit Enlistment and Training Sector (RET). All that was, is a basic airfield and boot camp training field, with your standard and not so standard Obstacle courses on cloud and sky. It also had a large barracks nearby to, with more being built close by. Wonderbolt enlistment rate has never been so high before!
To the north of the Main hub, is the Wonderbolt Training center and Gym. All with state of the art training equipment and, what is called by popular demand, The Gladiator’s Dome. This is the area where the Wonderbolts go to stay in shape and improve their current and future abilities.
Then You have the south, The Tourist Sector. Complete with the Wonderbolt Hall of Fame, Museum, Gift shop, Wonderbolt themed restaurant, with food that is way better than what the Wonderbolts actually eat. They even have a park and playground for the kids!

As Blitz flew down to land on the front deck, a couple of other Wonderbolts would either wave or nod to the young colt. Blitz would wave or nod back in return and even give the occasional hoof-bump or wing slap. Now why would such a young colt receive so much acknowledgement from the Wonderbolts?
Blitz entered the building and without hesitation marched through the great halls, with the occasional flyer above here and there. He waltzed up three flights of stairs turned into 4 different hallways then up another flight of stairs. He continued to walk down the hall to a set of doors. The doors lead into the Wonderbolts “special” room for private eyes only.

Sky took a brave frontal assault into his lungs and knocked.
*knock knock* pause *knock knock*
he waited a few seconds for a response
“Whats the password?” said a deep voice
“.... My mom is in the lead squad, so let me in butthole.”
“wow, sheesh,” the door clicked and opened. “You could have at least say please somewhere in there.”

the door fully opened to reveal a blue stallion in a wonderbolt uniform with his signature dark windswept mane.
“uhhh,” Sky stood there sheepishly for a moment before shaking himself “sorry dad, just didn’t think you were here.” he stepped inside as his father moved back.
he kept walking as he heard the door close, down a little hallway into the “secret” room.

“Hey Soarin! who was it?” said a cerulean mare with Alabaster mane

“umm. what?” Soarin asked, confused as the knocker was right there beside him.

“Who was knocking, you numbskull!” She exasperatedly said.

“It was Sky…” okay now this is too much..

“WHAT! and you didn’t let him in?!” She dramatically spread her wings in mock shock and horror. “What kind of cruel father are you?”
Soarin’s face just dead-panned and Sky who was silent up to this point spoke up.

“umm Fleetfoot… I’m right here..”

Fleetfoot then looked down, “O.O”

Awkward silence for a few moments
Soarin just sighed and walked forward to sit down and wrap his wing around the mare beside him.

“Ooohhhh! my bad, you’re just so short i must have looked right over you!”

Sky just rolled his eyes and pulled out his ace in the hole. “Auntie Fleet! that hurt my feelings!” he then proceeded to give her the kicked puppy face
Fleetfoot looked at him and her eyes just super dilated O.O! truth be told Sky had her at auntie Fleet, but he decided to get a bit of vengeance! too bad his plan backfired.
“Oh!!!” Fleetfoot zipped up and pulled him into the most bone-crushing Surprise hug she could! the hug was so tight Sky’s eyes just bulged from his head threatening to pop out.

“I’m soo sorry!!” she squeezed even tighter.

Sky did his best to escape, “Argh- !Auntt-- chkk! Fleee!--- Can’t--! ARG-- BREath-!

Alas all cute things must come to an end at some point. The mare sitting beside Soarin spoke up, “Alright Fleetfoot, I think he accepts your apology.”
Fleetfoot released her bear grip on sky, who went as limp as a ragdoll in her arms, with a tongue rolling out his mouth (XpX)
Fleetfoot “O.O” “Sky?”

At the sound of his name he thrusted his wings out, escaping the grasp of his dear Aunt Fleet and flew to the safety his father and the cerulean mare beside him, provided between them.

“Awww” Fleetfoot groaned out of defeat..

“ Hey kiddo, wassup?” The mare asked

Sky walked up to her and gave her a welcoming hug and nuzzle. “Oh you know, clouds and the sky and stuff.” everybody gave a chuckled at that “ wassup with you mom?”

“oh you know, just my usual awesomeness and stuff.” She gave sky one of her signature I’m awesome smiles. Sky sat down between her and Soarin which made a certain somepony squee at the adorableness of the happy trio.

“You guys are just the cutest family ever!!!!” Fleetfoot exclaimed. “especially when you get all shy like that, Dash! its just too- much, I’m gonna die!” hooves to her head in heart, she feigned her death with the classic X’s for eyes.

“Shut up!” Dash exclaimed as she whipped her awesome rainbow mane from her deep magenta eyes. She then turned to Soarin, and with a pout she said “I’m not shy!”
Soarin was just sitting there with a smile, “But you are cute!” drawing out the cute. Dash immediately frowned and punched him in the shoulder. “You shut up too” Then they nuzzled each other ignoring the awes from the others.

And just when there was enough cute commotion going on, there was the sound of a door closing. The little pony, or filly, that let herself in was shorter than Sky. She was short, skinny, hey coat was as yellow as her mother’s, and her mane and tail were Blue with golden streaks and was windswept.

“Hiya squirt!”

“Hey, shorty!”

“Hi Cutie!”

Every pony said except Rainbow Dash and Soarin, who greeted the filly with a simple “Sup.” and a nod of the head. Sky Blitz on the other hoof, just smiled and waved. He just smiled and waved and she waved back.

“Hi Sky!” She greeted him enthusiastically while walking towards Fleetfoot and taking a seat beside her. “ How’s it going?”
Sky looked at her and gave her another smile. “It’s going good, I just came by to say hi to the great wonderbolts before they took off.”
Soarin leaned over, “Which he already did.”

Sky batted him out of the way with his wing. To which the filly giggled at.
“Cool, me too!” Her smile fell a little bit. “But I can’t find my mom or dad anywhere.”
“I bet I could find them.” Sky said with a confident smile.
“Really?” Sky nodded. “That’s awesome! Let’s Go!” She jumped off the her seat and grabbed Sky by the hoof and took off like a rocket right out the window!

Rainbow Dash and Fleetfoot both zipped to the window and looked out to see two little ponies getting smaller and smaller.
“Wow, Stormfire sure can fly when she’s motivated.” Fleetfoot said.

Rainbow Dash nodded, then realization and memory struck her face. “Oh Shoot!” She turned to face Soarin. “I forgot to give Sky his letter!”
Soarin stood up and walked over to Rainbow Dash and gave her a nuzzle. “It’ll be fine, just give it to him after the show.” he pulled away and gave her a smirk. “Besides, I don’t think he’ll mind right now.” the three of them giggled as they lost sight of the two young flyers.


“Stormfire!” i can't find them if i can't lead…. or fly!

she slowed down enough to let him use his own wings to fly. Sky had let out a breath he hadn’t realised he had been holding. As he flapped his wings a bit harder to get slightly past Stormfire.

“Now..” he looked at her “Where have you looked already?”

As she thought about it, they landed on a random cloud above the city. On the cloud, Sky couldn’t help but blush as he looked at Stormfire. The way she pinned one ear down and had the other up, and had one as closed and the other looked up and away as she thought, with a cute hum.
“EVERYWHERE!” She exclaimed out loud spreading her wings and hooves for emphasis, her eyes closed with a big smile on her face.. When Sky didn’t respond she opened her eyes… “Sky?” she looked around confused as to where he disappeared to..

“D-down here…” Sky said a bit shakily. Stormfire looked down to see a pair of eyes poking out of the clouds, shrunken to pinpricks out of alarm. When Stormfire practically exploded from excitement, She startled Sky out of his daze which caused him to hide under something fluffy…

“Oh Hey! What are you doing down there silly?” Stormfire said as she reached through the cloud and pulled him up and through it and placed him beside her..

“Oh, you know.. just hangin’.” Sky said as a poor attempt to save himself. An effort which clearly failed as Stormfire giggled at him… She looked so cute too.

“So! What’s the plan squad leader?” She said with a knowing smirk..
With those words spoken, Sky Blitz’s eyes lit up in a flame of motivation. His ears perked up, his wings flared out, and his tail whipped out, and he swept his hoof like a rhino before it charges.

“It’s simple! We fly until we see them!” He declared. Stormfire’s ears stood up and her eyes glowed with a big smile on her face. “We’ll head towards the Cloudesiem, and be so Awesome that they will find us!

Stormfire squealed in glee “I can’t Wait!!!!!”

Sky Blitz smirked,” So what are we waiting for then? Let’s FLY!”

“Yeah!” The cloud was blown away as two rough and tumble flyers made their headway to the largest arena in Cloudsdale.