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Art of the dress - mareinthemoon

The Rarity story of my creepypasta mane six collection

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Pinkamina Diane Pie

This is a tale of death and despair about the most generous of all mares.

She works all day trying to do right

But nopony cares for her pitiable plight.


The royal guard had arrived on the scene, Once again there had been a rash of disappearances in Ponyville shortly following the Cupcake Killer incident that had taken place a few months back, Many of the towns inhabitants had fled for other surrounding towns in search of safety.

Pinkie had disappeared once the police had found the body of one of her many victims turned up, It was her first kill back before she became rather professional about body disposal and cleaning. The DNA confirmed that Pinkie had in fact murdered this small filly by the name of Cinnamon Swirl and after a thorough check of the hollowed out body they were able to confirm it had come from Sugar Cube Corner due to the flour and special type of sugar they found on the carcass.

But when they went to investigate, Pinkie was gone and the body of a cyan mare that had been freshly slaughtered remained upon the slab. From the room below the store they were able to determine that collectively there had been more than thirty victims in total, the bodies disposed of via the store above as treats.

Because of this many of the businesses in Ponyville had been forced to close down, First was Sugar Cube corner of course. After the cakes had discovered such atrocities had taken place in their home, The Cakes could no longer stay in business after unknowingly selling the flesh of those tortured Ponies to the victims loved ones.

After Sugar Cube Corner was the general store then the candy shop before finally The Boutique was all that was left in Ponyville, The mare inside on the brink of bankruptcy.

" Captain, Have a look at this.." One of the investigators called to the Stallion named Thunder Wing.

Thunder Wing turned to the other and followed him inside past the yellow tape that surrounded the Boutique, He was normally a very calm pony with an iron will but when he was met with the sight before him, Thunder himself began to feel very ill. The police ponies drug out a disturbing sight, It was the complete skin of a mare, One that went by the name Sapphire Shores. The eyes had been removed and a hole in the skin on the head made, The once proud idol starlet looking like a jumpsuit more than a mare.

Thunder shuddered looking upon the complete skin, his mind racing as to how or why this had transpired. " What of the mare who ran the Boutique, Was her body found?" The other ponies who scurried about the scene shook their heads. " We haven't found a trace of miss Rarity anywhere... do you think she may have done this?" Thunder thought on those words for a moment only to have them halted by an ear piercing screech.

Thunder ran to the cause of this noise to find one of the investigators shaking in horror. " What did you find?" The other pony raised a hoof to the door of Rarities walk in closet, it open but only a crack. Thunder took a deep breath and opened the door slowly, not ready at all for the sight he beheld.

Within the closet the hangers were full, each holding the complete skin of a different Mare, like a dress to be worn. Thunder stifled the urge to vomit as he began to count the bodies, the 'dresses' upon the hangars. " There has to be more than fifty total skins here, Get a DNA sample of these! I want to find the pony responsible!"


Rarity had been sewing all day, working on her latest dress. She would show that snooty Fleur that she was not some simple ' country trash' as she had called her earlier this week. It made her blood boil in rage. " Stupid Fleur, How dare she mock me?" She sewed like a pony possessed, Blissfully unaware of the intruder who had entered her house.

The pony made its way easily into the Boutique, silent like the night wind on a summer night she made her way up the stairs and to Rarities room. As Rarity packed up her supplies her room became suddenly dark as a storm rolled in, The rain coming down in sheets. 'Boy do those Pegesi sure know how to make a storm' Rarity whispered to herself. Lightning struck and behind her the image of a very disturbed and bloody Pinkamina was illuminated by the flash of light.

Rarity nearly jumped out of her skin upon seeing such a frightful sight. " Oh heavens Pinkie! Are you alright?!" Rarity asked with great concern as she approached her long time friend, not seeing the malicious look in the pink mares eyes. " Pinkie?"

" My name....is Pinkamina....not Pinkie. " The pink mare spoke with a hint of malice upon her tongue, her words dripping from her mouth like venom.

Rarity was in shock to say in the very least, the element of laughter was so very... Dark.
" Pinkamina,.... What happened to you? Please tell me.."

" I killed a filly....and you know what? It was easy, I haven't laughed so hard in ages Rarity."

Rarities eyes widened in horror, Did she just hear that? No, It possibly could not be true.. This was Pinkie Pie, the super hyper active Pony who loved everypony with her entire heart! But as the pink mare approached she somehow began to realize that this was not the case. " W...Why? Why did you..."

" Its just like Discord said.. What is the sense, In making sense? No pony cared enough to apologize when they broke my spirit...But I realized a cruel lesson. In the end we are alone."

Rarity approached her, giving the bloody mare a warm hug. She loved her friend dearly and did not want her to think that way. " No Pinki-- Pinkamina....Its not like that, you are never alone....we are your friends, come lets go to the police. We can say it was an accident and put this whole matter behind us." She smiled and began to drag Pinkie with her only to be met with that glare.

" No Rarity, Shes already gone. I ripped her insides out, dismantled her and....made her into the treats you bought earlier today, The ones you loved so much." Pinkamina had begun to giggle menacingly, She had been the element of laughter that brought joy but now that laugh inspired more fear than any beast possible could.

Rarity felt sick to her stomach, She had unknowingly eaten a poor innocent filly, her eyes beginning to water in despair at the thought. " Oh...God....."

" Now, Now... Don't cry....smile." The twisted mare spoke with a smirk upon her face, enjoying the sight of crushing her friends spirit. But this was too easy, she wanted to be more...Creative.
" You are an accomplice Rarity, A cannibal and an accessory to murder... Aren't you glad? You love accessories."

Rarity had begun to panic, tears streaming down her face and in that moment Pinkamina knew she had Rarity right where she wanted her. The unicorn was now weak and frail, Easy prey for the harvest but. Something in Pinkamina wanted this fun to last, This feeling of complete control over the seemingly perfect 'Little Miss Rarity' There was something positively delightful forming in the back of Pinkamina's deranged mind. A wonderfully awful idea.

" Look at me... I let go of my fears, I giggled at the ghastly..I am truly free..You are a prisoner of the heart, your jails your skin." As Pinkamina spoke it made little to no sense at all to poor Rarity. She feared if she were to call the authorities she would be considered an accomplice and even now she was covered in some poor souls blood, the red beginning to stain her beautiful white fur. THIS WAS THE ABSOLUTE WORST THING EVER!

" I will give you three days to think on it, become my associate by then or I will turn myself in and name you as the mastermind. Who would they believe? The dramatic and 'unstable' Miss Rarity or the sweet crying Pinkie Pie? Once I turn on the waterworks I can be very convincing..." The chuckle that followed was indeed the stuff of nightmares and now Rarity would either be tried as a monster or become one herself.


Rarity was pacing in her room, frightened of what would happen if she refused Pinkies offer and horrified of what she would become if she accepted. She looked outside her window upon the setting sun, her time was running out fast and she needed to have an answer fast lest she be the next target of Pinkies killing spree.

Rarity put on her favorite purple cape as she left the boutique, Sweetie Belle was spending the night over at Apple Bloom's house, another cutie mark crusader sleepover. She was relieved knowing that if something were to go wrong and she could not persuade Pinkie against killing the innocent that her darling sister would be taken care of by Apple Jack and her family. She made her way to Sugar Cube Corner looking much like she was heading a death march instead of visiting a dear friend, Her head was hung low in sorrow as she entered the sweet store.

Rarity looked around for any signs of Mr and Mrs Cake, It was odd to say in the least that they weren't there. Her thoughts were interrupted by the presence of that depraved pink mare coming down the stairs that led to her room. " They aren't home, They all went to the regional bake off as they normally do this time of year. So its just lil ol' me in charge of the shop." Pinkamina walked down the stairs making her way over to Rarity, whether or not Rarity agreed did not matter, either way she was going to make use of her dear friend.

" Have you decided your fate Rarity? Live in fear or laugh in its face?"

Rarity took a shaky breath, this one decision would alter the course of her life forever. This was the point of no return.

" I can show you how to get vengeance on those who wronged you."

" Who has ever wronged me!? I don't want vengeance on anyone!" Rarity cried out as her legs began to shake in fear.

Pinkamina's lips curled in a most horrific smile. " Not even Miss Fleur De Lis ? What about Fancy Pants? or even Sapphire Shores? They each took what you gave them and spit in your face for all your generosity, There is NO pony who would ever return such kindness to you. Face it Rarity they see you as a pony to be used."