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Art of the dress - mareinthemoon

The Rarity story of my creepypasta mane six collection

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The laughing game


Rarity had been waiting inside the empty sweet shop for well over an hour for Pinkamina to return, she said she would let her have a taste of revenge before she would make Rarity decide. The thought made Rarity shudder in despair, had she already damned her soul for allowing such depravity to go unpunished for so long? Was their truly no salvation left for this unicorn?

She sound had her thoughts interrupted by an approaching Pinkamina Pie. The pink mare strode in with a large burlap suck over her back, the sight piqued Rarities sense of fear and to her disgust.. Her curiosity.

Pinkamina approached Rarity and smiled that devious menacing grin, looking upon her confused friend. She would have her beside her as a partner or beneath her as a victim, either way Pinkamina always got what she wanted.
" This is a gift from me, to you. A taste of revenge and true freedom." She undid the tie to the bag, allowing its contents to fall upon the tiled floor with a loud thud.

Rarity gasped in despair looking over Pinkaminas catch, It was that snob of a pony herself, Fleur De Lis, out cold on the floor.
" Y..You brought Fleur here!? W..Why would you do such a thing!?" To this Pinkamina let out an irritated snort, and here she thought Rarity was a clever pony.

Pinkamina rolled her eyes in agitation before looking to Rarity, beginning to explain. " I brought her for you..She always made you cry and frown but now its time to turn that frown upside down!" The pink mare giggled for her friend, an element of laughter? More like the element of insanity. Part of Rarity knew this was wrong and she should go alert the authorities but as she went to leave Fleur began to stir awake.

The white pony looked over to Rarity as she evaluated the scene. " Where am I? and why is it so unclean?" She complained and looked over to the unicorn, her face contorting in contempt." Iv'e been pony napped by that hack designer!!!" The words upon that mares lips cut deep into Rarities already confused psyche.

" Did you hear that? She called you a hack designer..how droll." The pink mare taunted Rarity, knowing this would bring her closer to the edge of despair.

Fleur continued to gawk at Rarity as if she were wearing an argyle sweater. " Gah! what is that deplorably tacky thing you are wearing!, Honestly I pray nopony saw me anywhere near you!" Her words cut deep into Rarities heart, this was her favorite cape. Sweetie Belle had made it just for her after the sister hooves social.

" Stop saying such crude things you horrible pony!! This happened to be made by my amazing younger sister, She put all of her heart into it and it looks fabulous you snob." Rarity felt that anger welling up inside her again, you could mock her all you wanted but when you dared to speak so horribly about one of the precious gifts from her sweet sister you had better be prepared for the aftershock.

Fleur upturned her nose and scoffed at her words." It does not make it any less ugly! It burns my eyes just looking at the thing!" With that a hidden box in the back of Rarities mind unlocked, and from it a voice called to the purple haired unicorn.

'Kill her....Kill her now...shut the bitch up for good, make her suffer.'

Rarity felt her eyes dilate as her last threads of sanity began to snap and without hesitation she began stomping into the chest of the downed mare, earning her cries and shrieks of pain as she crushed her ribs.
Fleur was sobbing in pain and fear as Rarity continued her assault to Pinkaminas great pleasure.
" S...Stop...Please." Fleur pleaded only to receive another swift kick to the face, The once beautiful unicorn now a raging beast. Her mane became unkempt and wild as she stomped into Fleurs oh so pretty face, Delighting in the screams she made.

Pinkamina watched with a smug look on her face, Rarity had no where to turn now she was past the point of no return.
" Rarity, I am pretty sure she's dead now....you did her in good." She walked to Rarity, placing a comforting hoof upon her friends shoulder.

" See.... It is so easy..."

Rarity looked down at what she had done, panting at the red blood upon her lily white hooves. She had taken a life and there was no way out of it, She did it and it felt...good. " Your right.." she began to stammer as a demented smile crept its way across her face, It felt amazing! For the first time in her entire life she was in complete control. But then reality began to settle in as panic swept across the unicorns face, She was a murderer!!

" Don't worry about it, Its so easy to cover it up Rarity. Lets make some cupcakes."


Pinkie bounced her way to Rarities store giggling happily as she opened the door, it felt so very good to have another pony to join in the party, Rarity did make the most amazing decorations after all.

She galloped inside with a fresh batch of treats for her secret partner in crime, It was time to throw another party. Time again to play what they affectionately called; The laughing game.

" Rarity its time to play!!!! I cant wait to see who's next to party with!!" Pinkie chuckled as she set down the box of treats, ever sense she teamed up with Rarity it was completely fair. It was all at random, once a week her and Rarity decided they should draw lots to see who the special guests would be.

She approached the unicorn with unbridled glee to find Rarity sewing away at what could only be fine fur. " What ya doing Rarity?" The pink mare asked with her manic smile.

" I wanted to make a new party dress, Is it not grand?" Rarity laughed with Fluers skin in her hooves.

Pinkie chuckled and looked it over with a smile. " But silly filly, There are too many stains maybe this one should be a pretty scarf." Then Pinkie gasped in delight. " OHMIGAWSH!!! I just thought of a brilliant plan!!! I should keep a token from each party we throw!!!!"

Rarity smiled deviously, her mind far gone. " Such a splendid Idea like a dress or a necklace even...a grand party dress!"

The two mares smiled and took their places as Rarity took down a simple box from her shelf. She shook it three times, just to be fair. " Now Pick out the name of that special somepony." Pinkamina wasted no time and dove right in, It was like hearth warming morning!!
" The lucky pony is.." She said with delight as she unfolded the piece of paper.

" Its gonna be Fire Bolt!!! oohhh a stallion!!!"

Rarity sighed and wrapped Fleurs pelt around her like an over sized scarf. " Whatever will I do with a stallions pelt...hmm perhaps some nice shoes and a hat." Pinkamina only giggled to this and began to eat her special treats.

" But I bet he will taste super yummy!"

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Reminds me of Rarity's New Dress for some reason :pinkiegasp:

:pinkiecrazy: Oh yes....Oh yes thats where Fluer went :3>>387710

I tip my hat to you, bravo:moustache:


I thank you and for stories I just want to have fun with I just write like mad and then look at my horrifying grammar later and then..:facehoof: ensues. might I ask what a troll fic is?:moustache:


Ahhhh, I see. i have a somewhat similar process, though a lot gets handled by the use of a word processor. I don't know about free ones; I used Microsoft Works. It handles my spell checking and better versions than I have do grammar as well.

Troll fics are non-serious stories written to elicit a strong reaction, typically outrage, disgust or horror, simply for the joy of the author who enjoys making people feel that kind of distress.


Oh yes then I write nothing but troll fics.. I only have 2 non troll fics XD

Thankyou for saying it was clever and elaborate <3 I try and give some story elements but this was meant as part of my creepy pasta collection, I wanna see psycho Rarity fan art soon >;3

this reminds me of my first attempt at a story on this, it was called dress time, it was about rarity going insane after her cat was killed by something and pinkie was going crazy for cupcakes, i had only posted 2 chapters, spike was murdered and his insides were givin to pinkamina, sweetie belle had gotten away, i was so proud of it but when all the comments but one said you monster and stuff like that i couldnt help but sulk and delete the story,:pinkiesad2::pinkiecrazy:


DO IT!!!

Do my method, When I posted another story on fanfic depicting a tyrant from hell celestia I was harrased by someone who thought a fancy vocabulary was intimidating... anywho the flames instead of making me upset made me determined.. I recall thinking. 'Oh so THATS HOW ITS GONNA BE?,She hates it now?! well then I should give her a reason to really hate it.' If anything flames make me more malicious, the teen rating turns to mature and instead of simple exile like was planned....Celestia lets the guards do 'things' to Luna and slaughters her like a pig...It makes me 200% more evil.:pinkiecrazy:


Ahhh, creepypasta! One of my friends loves that. He likes to hit me with it and I am always endlessly amused.

Psycho-Rarity is well handled by Jay in his Little Miss Rarity Tumblr. I watch his regular art but he mentions it now and then.

I'm really, really bad at doing creepy/gory stuff. I recognize that and stay out of the way of people with actual talent, like you. I stick to what I know: romantic comedies, interpersonal drama and sociopolitical commentary.

i guess i could give it another try but ill tweak it a bit :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiesad2::pinkiecrazy:

btw i didnt find any errors in your story =)


<3 read my other stories...Im a horror fiend...:scootangel:

I released a fluttershy one too as well as rainbow crash which has a bit of the twilight one in it:twilightangry2:

I actually read little miss rarity, I love the art work its where I got the cover art pic for this. it fit it nicely..

'well if it isent captian who wont give me a fucking brush'


Thats the ticket!!! be bold, be crazy!!!:pinkiecrazy: remember even if its flames they still see it and its burned into their memory FOREVER especially if you write on a cupcakes level <3 or better still sweet apple acres masacre...that causes nightmares :heart:

and thankyou for the nice comment

i skimmed through S.A.M. and it was horrifingly wierd
i shall start right away :pinkiecrazy:

Eh... I don't get why you're posting this when it's already been done to death (LOL pun! :pinkiecrazy:) by so many other authors. There's dozens of interpolations of Cupcakes out there. Why is this one supposed to be special?

Not to mention that it seems so choppy. It's not just the grammar, but the total fact that it violates the "show, don't tell" rule everywhere. I'm mild on dark stuff to begin with, but this story just seems boring. Why read this story when you can just look up the images of scary Rarity elsewhere?

I know it had, I did it meerly for my own entertainment. also a scarry rarity image is not too simple to find shes not Pinkie silly lil fox...:trollestia:

Plus I am making a mane six creepypasta collection for my own amusement..:moustache:

it is complete, justneed to wait for submission to approve :pinkiecrazy:

Ooooh, Rarity teaming up with Pinkie. The joy shall never end now:pinkiecrazy: Also, Rarity is officially a badass for stomping out Fluer

The picture... of... LMR... and you said 'miss Rarity'... lol.

I love it! Rarity and Pinkamina, partners in crime! I am excited for the next chapter. :pinkiecrazy: :raritywink:


This trollfic seems to have ben loved XDD I wrote this on a whim so now...Its time to take it from its current state to pure brutality.

prepare for trouble and make it double!
this will now be officially in the end is nigh durring its grand and depraved rewrite.

it has to hit much more scary before it can qualify for that story series, a little magic and a Dash of madness:pinkiecrazy:

for thoose who do not get the above joke please read nightdreams and daymares (complete)and stir of echoes( ch2 in works)

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