• Published 29th Mar 2012
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Borderline - Lucefudu

Dwelve into the mind of the famous Cupcakes killer, Pinkamena Diane Pie

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Bonus Chapter: So Sweet and Tasty

“Alright, what we’ve got?” Buckshot announced to all present as he stepped into the police station. “This better be good, I’m missing my beauty sleep,” he joked, earning some chuckles from a few co-workers. The commissioner merely frowned his eyebrows and approached the stallion.

“This isn’t the time for jokes, officer!” the commissioner, a large stallion with a brown moustache reprimanded him.

“Hey! Relax, Mully,” he said shrugging, prompting ‘Mully’ to groan in response and tilt his head, motioning for Buckshot to follow him. ‘Mully’ stood beside a door in the back of the police station and motioned for the grey stallion to enter the dimly lit room. The commissioner followed close after the jesting officer had crossed inside. He walked towards a cardboard box on the side of the room and rummaged through it as Buckshot sat onto a chair, placing both his hind legs crossed over the table.

“Sooo... what is this all about, again?” he said, uninterested in whatever ‘Mully’ had summoned him for.

“Just listen, you’ll understand...” the commissioner said after he proceeded to remove a cassette tape from the carboard box. He walked towards the large TV placed on the corner of the room and sighed wearily before inserting the cassette inside a quaint VCR device. He turned on the wide apparatus and took a seat on the table, looking at the screen which flashed in static. Buckshot noticed ‘Mully’s unusual behavior and removed his hooves from the tabletop, inching his body forward and resting his head on top of his hooves.

“Alright, ready?” a voice from behind the camera asked, to which, a chocolate-brown mare in a formal attire nodded. “Okay, in five... four... three...” He stopped counting and the mare adjusted herself one final time. As if on cue, she began to speak.

“We’re live, just near the outskirts of Canterlot. As you can see in the distance, the pris- Cathode! Stop shaking, you’re ruining the footage!”

“I can’t help it, it’s so cold in here... why do we have to be so far away from Canterlot, again?”

“I’ve told you before! This hill is the only one that grants us a clear shot of the prison grounds!” the mare said, gesturing around herself. Buckshot’s attention turned from the good looking mare towards what the footage had as a background. He saw the prison grounds with all its searchlights on, moving frantically to and fro through the large forest that partially surrounded it.

“Besides,” the mare on the TV screen said. “The footage wouldn’t be the same; there are too many curious ponies nearby the prison.”

“But Ivy, we could interview them...”

She frowned a bit, prompting Cathode to silence himself. “I don’t want to interrogate civilians, we already got the details from the Chief of Canterlot Security Patrol... those civilians would only occupy the camera’s space,” she said, visibly annoyed at the stallion.

Buckshot wondered why ‘Mully’ wanted him to watch this particular footage. Sure, there was probably some sort of lowlife that had managed to escape the prison, but couldn’t he just show him the police report and stop wasting his valuable time? He made a mental bet that he would probably be turning the criminal in by now if the commissioner hadn’t been slowing him down.

“Sorry, Ivy... Alright, let me just put the camera on the tripod,” Cathode said. Soon after, the image on the screen began to shift and a few metallic noises were heard. Soon enough, the image stood perfectly still, focusing perfectly on Ivy. “There we go... one more time, Ivy.”

She smiled at him, eager to get the job done. “Ready whenever you are.”

“Ok, five... four... three...”

“... We’re live, just near the-”

“Ugh, Ivy... we aren’t exactly live, you know...”

She smacked her forehoof on her face and grunted out loud. “Cathode, please... let me do the talking. Please?”

Buckshot couldn’t help but laugh at the camerapony. The commissioner turned around to face him with a stern look, prompting the stallion to shut up.

“Sorry, sorry... five... four... three...”

"... We're live, just near the outskirts of Canterlot. As you can see in the distance, the prison grounds are on full alert as a dangerous criminal named Pinkamena Diane Pie, known also as the Baker Pony of Mane Street, escaped earlier today."

When he heard those lines, Buckshot felt that instinctual clench down there. His eyes furrowed in anger a chill ran up his spine as he found himself pressing on the tabletop with his forehooves harder and harder.


"... but no further details are known. The chief of Canterlot Security Patrol only stated that there will be a press conference tomorrow, before he took off to join the others guards." The camera shifted a little bit, zooming in the prison facility behind Ivy. "You can now see some pegasi guards flying in and out of the prison grounds in their frantic attempt to find and arrest, once again, this vicious- hey! Hey you! We're filming here!"

Buckshot grinded his teeth, expecting what would happen next. Nevertheless, he found himself shaking like a child; primal fear taking over his rage. His jesting and impenetrable mask, something which he wore every day on work, was now completely shattered. He felt nude. "You are interrupting- Oh Celestia... Oh Celestia. Caths, run! It's her! RUN!"

The camera that was feeding the TV with images shifted momentarily before falling to the ground, the only thing appearing on screen was Ivy running away from the site and the prison grounds on full alert on the background. "Cathode... NO! What do you want from me!? LEAVE ME ALONE!! SOMEPONY, HELP M-"

As quick as the screams began, they stopped. Buckshot’s ears perked up at the unusual silence, only to have it shattered by gurgling sounds, as if one were desperate to breathe. He heard the sound of two stones being banged against each other three times, each time with a stronger force, prompting the gurgling sounds to cease before its final strike. No matter how much wishful thinking the stallion could manage, he knew it was no rock.

The camera lay on the ground, showing the prison on the distance with its glowing lights and the loud alarms that echoed from it. His ears perked up once more when he heard hoofsteps approaching the fallen camera. Buckshot froze on his chair when he saw the camera being brought upwards and her face taking almost the entire screen. Pinkamena was smiling that awful, strange grin that she was known for. Her mane was completely straight, tinted with crimson droplets. She passed a hoof over her blood-sprinkled face as to clean it up, but it only succeeded in staining her entire facial coat in red. Buckshot knew she was talking to a camera, but he couldn't help but think that the mare seemed to look deep into his eyes as she spoke.

"Dearest Ponivillians, open your hearts. I'm coming home."

Author's Note:

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