• Published 6th Mar 2014
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AAG - That's Some Service! - NachoTheBrony

The Ritz Charlton Hotel Company has considerable trouble when they finally discover why Canterlot officials keep refusing their construction permit.

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Subject: About 'sexytime' provider

Date: 2033/04/13 0911JST
From: Hideki Fukumitsu, Spa Manager for Tokyo, Spa Services Coordinator for Japan <h.fukumitsu@ritz_charlton.co.jp>
To: “Uma-shi-sensei”
CC: “Louise-senpai”
Subject: About ‘sexytime’ provider

I wish to clarify that Mrs. Miyamoto has some very poor English language skills, but is renown for her skills in designing ergonomic furniture. I in fact recommended her due to her designs for fibreglass pony furniture being currently popular in Equestria.

To prevent future embarrassment, I have asked her to communicate to us through me.

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