• Published 6th Mar 2014
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AAG - That's Some Service! - NachoTheBrony

The Ritz Charlton Hotel Company has considerable trouble when they finally discover why Canterlot officials keep refusing their construction permit.

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The Ritual Quarterly, June 2035 Issue

The Ritual Quarterly

Monitoring the Hotel, Spa and Resort industry across Equestria

Special Issue:

The Ritz Charlton Canterlot

June, 2035


Fellow professionals from all branches of the hotel, spa and resort industry,
Dear friends,

For the first time in my tenure as editor-in-chief of this journal, and for the fourth time in the 42 years of this magazine's history, a single property deserves enough space in our journal to consider that an issue is a special issue about them.

The Ritz Charton Hotel, Canterlot, is simply humbling.There is no other way to describe clockwork-perfect service that somehow manages to feel relaxed and homely.

Learn what you can from this issue. The Equestriani industry cannot afford to be so ridiculously outclassed.

Yours truly,

Silver Spoon

Editor-In-Chief, The Ritual Quarterly


Putting the "fresh" in fresco: the fine art of pushing the boundaries of interior design without crossing into the tacky

Page 4

The human that eats hay: Chef Shandul Sangma does what has never been tried before and 'translates' the HE equivalent of Loxonian cuisine to Equestriani palates.

Page 13

The New Taste Of Animal Flesh: Carnivorous food critic Chef Gustav Le'Grand reviews "El Cambalache", the first carnivorous restaurant to try for high-star rating in Equestria. Warning: Graphic content can be disturbing.

Page 27

Eating in: The Room Service Head Waiter, Kasumi Tendo, talks to us about how can her department deliver up to 200 meals per hour in a hotel with 250 rooms.

Page 34

In good spirits: Tequilier Rodrigo Ascarraga and Sommelier Berry Shine talk to us about stoking a total variety of 331 drinks and spirits from both Earths, including 89 varieties of Tequila for "Agave Azul", the first tequila bar in Equestria.

Page 39

Fresh mornings and cozy evenings: The maid in chief, Magda McAlester, talks to us about the impressive results attained by maid service that cleans the rooms in the morning, then makes them cozy in the evening.

Page 43

Walls on tracks: How the Convention Centre can be transformed to accommodate from 20 pax cocktails to 1,500 pax conferences without ever feeling either too roomy or too crowded.

Page 48

Papaya rubs and hot boulder massages: Spa Manager Aristoteles Pelopidas talks to us about the Spa menu and how have they adapted many human spa service techniques to pony customers.

Page 55

"So clean that you can lick the floor." Our reviewers evaluate the service rooms and agree that they score beyond our current scoring system.

Page 68

"The Ritz Charlton spared absolutely no expenses, so we did our best to deliver" Interview with Kasumi Miyamoto, Chief Designer for Sexy Time Movables, the design firm that designed these superb service rooms.

Page 76

"They make perfect service look so easy." Our team of mystery clients goes into the property and gives their opinions on the service.

Page 81

Letters and Feedback from the previous issue

Page 86

Last Page

Page 91

Author's Note:

'Loxonian' is meant to be the AE equivalent to India and Bangladesh, with some colonies in the equivalent of Africa: Loxodon, the empire of the elephant people.

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