• Published 6th Mar 2014
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AAG - That's Some Service! - NachoTheBrony

The Ritz Charlton Hotel Company has considerable trouble when they finally discover why Canterlot officials keep refusing their construction permit.

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Subject: Equestriani Spa

Date: 2033/04/09 1425JST
From: Hideki Fukumitsu, Spa Manager for Tokyo, Spa Services Coordinator for Japan <h.fukumitsu@ritz_charlton.co.jp>
To: “Louise-senpai”, “Uma-shi-sensei”
CC: “Group: Spa Managers Japan”
Subject: Equestriani Spa

I hope this letter finds you well, esteemed colleagues.

Japanese spas face similar challenges, due to the standards of Japanese massage differ from Western massage as being all inclusive of the body, not skipping the areas that Westerners consider improper to touch. For a Ritz Charlton to have a spa in Japan, and to serve both by “world class” and Nihon standards, we need to carefully separate non-compatible services, and to discreetly instruct gaijin customers who inquire about the difference.

As it seems, the problem in Pony-Land isn’t about actions of service, but about places of service. Furthermore, you have the advantage that pony are not human, so you can separate their services without it being impolite. I would put it as you having four sexes of customers, rather than just male and female.

This service room could then be put behind as many layers as you can find of services useless to humans. Have the building designed like sausage links, and have the sex service rooms on the far end.

So far, our few pony customers have asked for services like horn filing and preening of wings. Even some that sound normal are of very different standards: pony-pedicure is work for a carpenter. Separating human services from pony services should be easy.

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