• Published 6th Mar 2014
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AAG - That's Some Service! - NachoTheBrony

The Ritz Charlton Hotel Company has considerable trouble when they finally discover why Canterlot officials keep refusing their construction permit.

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Subject: Board Meeting Conclusions about Equestriani Spa

Date: 2033/04/10 1607EST
From: Louise McKenzie, Corporate Director of Spa Services <l.mckenzie@ritz_charlton.com>
To: “Tiberius”
CC: “Group: Corporate Board of Directors” “Hideki”
Subject: Board Meeting conclusions about Equestriani Spa

After a much-pitched discussion, the Board of Directors has authorized you to bring the Canterlot property up to not only “world-class” standards, but up to Equestriani standards as well. We must excel at serving the standards of polite society, and if we could do it in Japan, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, we can do it in Equestria.
Only two corollaries have been added to your authorization:
1) For these ‘service rooms’ to be up to our standards of quality. You are thus commissioned to research the local standards and excel at or beyond them. If you cannot find volunteers for the market research, we will try to find some and send them as mystery clients.
2) For these ‘service rooms’ to be accessible for pony customers, yet as hidden as possible from human customers.

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