• Published 23rd Mar 2012
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The Cost of Utopia - Dr Freedom MLP

Is there such a thing as utopia? Or is there only dystopia? Government, war, and drama to follow.

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Chapter 9

"I prefer the challenges of life
To the guaranteed existence"
― Thomas Paine, Common Sense

Chapter 9

The weight of Luna’s words settled in. Without the sixth element holder the other five were only as useful as regular ponies, they functioned as a team on as a one pony army.

“We need to rescue her!” Cried Twilight, fearing for her friend’s safety.

“I agree Twilight Sparkle but first I must explain a few things.” Luna then went on to explain the Cutie Mark Creators as well as the Genetically Deficiently Clean-up Crew.

“So wait, yer’ tellin’ us ahr’ entire lives we’ve been used?” Apple Jack said trying to clarify the evil. Everypony was horrified by the idea of innocent ponies being butchered.

“Sadly, yes.” Luna stated flatly. “Now that we have gotten that out of the way I believe our first move should be to gain support for our cause. Most ponies do not know of what really goes on inside the castle like you do now that I’ve explained it. All the extra support will allow us to do things faster as well as show Celestia what power we hold. I don’t wish this to turn to war but I can’t see any way to avoid it. What my sister is doing is unjust!”

“Well what your sister is doing may be unjust but an unjust peace is better than a just war.” Rarity exclaimed, making it clear that she thought war was an abomination.

“I do not believe that my little pony. If war means killing now to save generations later I will partake in it now.”

“So let me just write this all down.” Said Twilight bringing a quill and parchment out. “We need to gather supporters, and rescue Rainbow.” She paused. “Shouldn’t we raise an army if we’re going to war?” There was silence for a moment as all in attendance thought over that was being said. War. How could something so big happened so fast?

“Well, I think that if they feel strongly enough they will join our cause, and I do believe they will feel strongly for our cause.”

“Well that makes sense.” Fluttershy added quietly. “Um, I have an idea.”

“What is it?” The princess said slightly more forcefully than she should have.

“Oh, um well...”

“It’s ok sugar cube, go on.”

The yellow pegasus began getting slightly more confident as she continued “Well we need somewhere to stay and while this old building works I thought we could make it a little better. Me and Rarity could stay behind and work on it while Luna puts down protections. Twilight, Apple Jack, and Spike could go get followers, and that gray pegasus could guard here while we’re gone.”

“Derpy.” The gold eyed pony corrected.

“Oh, sorry.” Replied the other pegasus looking down.

“That’s a good plan Fluttershy; let’s do that, although we can’t go to Ponyvile.” A pause “What’s the next closest town besides Canterlot?”

“Manehatten” Luna replied. “About a day's walk.”

“Maybe we should something consistent to tell everypony. Oh, I know! How about a pamphlet? We could use the name “Common Sense” since once you read it it's common sense Celestia’s wrong! I mean who can like a mass murdering, controlling pony, who uses everypony else?!” Pinkie rambled.


“What is it Twilight?”

“Start writing the pamphlet Pinkie came up with, and make sure it sounds official. We don’t want anypony to think we’re not telling the truth.”

“Ok hang on.” He wrote for a few minutes.

“Read it back to me.” The purple mare demanded.

“I have four sections. Power, Control, Life in Equestria, and The Solution.
Power: We have almost always been protected by our princesses. They can’t do this without some control over us, but how much power do they really have? How much power should they have? In truth they have more power than anypony can imagine. Luna recently tired of the tyranny and has now told us the inner workings of our government.

Control: Everything we do is controlled weather we know it or not. The government has altered how cutie marks are made created. Instead of handed out by nature these “life callings are now assigned in a basement in Canterlot castle. A list of Fillies is looked through and one by one they are manually assigned cutie marks. This allows major control over the work force. We should let nature and ourselves control what we do, not a dictator.

On another note involving control. The richest 1% of ponies control 40% of everything. This clearly is an uneven distribution of wealth that is not good for the economy or for the majority of the population.

Life in Equestria: Most of us live our lives happily and healthily in our great nation, but have you ever actually seen a truly unhealthy pony? That no is because if they are truly sick they are put to death so they don’t ‘hinder society’. The end does not justify the means here; hundreds are killed just to make society look a little better.

The Solution: Clearly we live under a corrupt government that uses its powers to benefit the rich minority. We are the 99% and the 1% should work to the benefit of all not just themselves. We hold these truths to be obvious, that all ponies are created equal, that they were given certain indispensable rights, including life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to make sure these rights stay in place governments are put in place, kept in power by the common ponies. Whenever a government breaks these rights it is the subject's duty to alter or destroy it, and put in its place a new government. It is just common sense that our current government needs abolished, and a new one instated.
That’s it.” There was a thoughtful moment before anypony spoke.

“That was, nice.” Fluttershy whispered.

“Right, Spike, let me see that so I can make some copies of it.” The dragon let go of the pamphlet as Twilight’s magic took hold. It rotated slowly as she concentrated, and then with a small pop fifty more came into existence. The unicorn quickly gave a bunch to Apple Jack, and her assistant.

“Let’s go.”

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