• Published 23rd Mar 2012
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The Cost of Utopia - Dr Freedom MLP

Is there such a thing as utopia? Or is there only dystopia? Government, war, and drama to follow.

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Chapter 6

The great masses of the people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one.
― Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

Chapter 6

Silence filled the room as the truth in Apple Jack’s words seeped into everypony. Twilight was the first to respond.

“Apple Jack, that’s... so true. I never thought of that.” She paused. “Oh Zecora I almost forgot! Would you like to come stay in Ponyvile? I want to write a book about you and where you come from but it would be such a hassle to come out here so often. I understand if you don't want to but," Zecora cut Twilight off.

"Miss. Sparkle I would love to be, the center of your book you see
But I am not used to company, as I live out here just I myself and me.
I would be honored to come, but I feel I may ruin your fun." The unicorn just waved off the warning.

"Nonsense you'll be fine, I'll help you meet everypony else if you really want, to break the ice and all." The zebra sighed but nodded anyways.

"Fine then it has been settled, I will come stay with you and your pony fellow.
I will come over tomorrow evening, for I need to get things before leaving." Twilight beamed at the news and seemed barely able to speak.

"I... Awesome! I'll see you tomorrow around sundown then?" Zecora just nodded already getting things packed for her move.
"So can we go?" Asked Rainbow dash tired of having to sit for so long. Twilight seemed somewhat annoyed but agreed. After saying their goodbyes the six headed back to Ponyvile and went out to dinner to discuss the day’s events and Twilight's soon to be book.

"Table for six Miss. Rarity?" The host asked as they entered thought the doorway.

"Yes that will be fine sir. Thank you." After grabbing six menus with his magic he led the posse to a table and sat them down. After a little bit a waiter came over and got their drink orders. It was autumn so all of them got apple cider, which of course came from Sweet Apple Acres. Rarity was the first to talk.

"So dear why do you want to include her in your book?" Twilight readied herself for a rather lengthy response.
"Well I really want to write about what she thinks of us, normal ponies that is. A view from an outsider would be interesting. I can only imagine what she would say." She paused for a few seconds.

"Her home will be really interesting too; I mean how does everything work without a ruler like Celestia or Luna?" Rainbow Dash gagged making everypony look at her with some concern.

"Can we stop being all egg-heady and move onto a different subject?"

"Rainbow!" Apple Jack yelled. "Be nice!"
The waiter moseyed over to their table

“Are you ready to order?” They all were so they ordered and ate without too much more conversation. After they were done eating they all said their goodbyes, but Fluttershy pulled Twilight to the side before she could leave.

“What is it Fluttershy?” Twilight asked, somewhat antsy to leave since Spike had been home all day without supervision.

“Well, um, I’m just kind of nervous about the whole Zecora staying with you thing. I mean, not that she’s bad or anything but I think she’ll be a fish out of water to an extreme extent. She’s used to living alone so transferring to somewhere like here may put her in a shock.”

“Thanks Fluttershy I’m glad you're concerned but I think it’ll be ok.”

“Oh, ok. Well goodnight.”

“Goodnight Fluttershy.” They both started to walk away.

“Oh Twilight!” Fluttershy shouted softly. The unicorn stopped, turned, and looked at her friend.

“I think you should be careful talking about politics, and stuff. I think you could get in some serious trouble.”

“Mmk, night”


The next day Twilight searched her library over for any books relating to politics but could only find one. “My Struggle” by Celestia so the young mare decided to go looking for others. "I'll be back in an hour Spike! Make sure to organize the library today!" She looked around at the piles of books she had made while searching earlier and giggled. Spike always hated it when she did things like this, making messes and having him pick them up. Spike came down the stairs and growled at the sight.

"Ugh, Twilight! I just organized them yesterday!!

"Sorry, but I needed to find some really important books. I'll be back in about an hour. Bye!" With that the lavender mare left her home and headed for the only bookstore in Ponyvile. As she walked through the door the bell rang and the brown earth pony with a book for a cutie mark behind the counter looked up.

"Oh hello there Miss. Sparkle, and to what do we owe this pleasure?"

"I’m looking for any books about politics. Do you think you have any in stock?” The worker twitched at the word “politics” but retained his composure for the most part.

“We only carry one but I can go it for you.”

“Yes, that would be great. Anything helps.” After nodding he walked into the back of the store for a few seconds before returning with a familiar looking book in his mouth. As he set “My Struggle” down the unicorn sighed.

“I’m sorry but I already have this book. Are you sure you don’t have any others?” the unicorn said slightly annoyed.

“I’m sorry but we ca... don’t carry any others.” There was an awkward break in his speech almost like he had said something he wasn’t supposed to.

“Well... Thanks anyways. Goodbye.”

“Good day!” As Twilight left she wondered why they might not carry any other political books. I don’t know why they don’t carry any books on that topic besides Celestia’s. I mean should Luna at least have a book? Then again she was banished for a thousand years... Off topic. He tripped over his words while he was speaking. What did he almost say? Ca... Can’t? They can’t carry those books? What does he mean? They’re not allowed? That would be awful strange. Once she got home she sat down and decided to read the only book she had on the topic so she sat down and started to read Celestia’s book. After a little bit of reading she heard magic being used in close proximity to her. She looked up in confusion to see Princess Luna standing in the middle of the room, looking around frantically.

“Hello princess.”

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