• Published 23rd Mar 2012
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The Cost of Utopia - Dr Freedom MLP

Is there such a thing as utopia? Or is there only dystopia? Government, war, and drama to follow.

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Chapter 10

"Certainly we expect to maintain both a career and a family, but we expect excellence in one role will come at some cost to the other."
― Melinda M. Marshall

Chapter 10

Freedom, Rainbow Dash, and Celestia boarded the sky carriage to Ponyville, so as to be closer to the current events, the princess wanted to have direct say in what was going on. Once they were on board the alicorn turned to the cyan pegasus.

“So what do you know about what’s going on right now?” The prior asked as the carriage took off.

“Right now?” She asked rhetorically “I know Luna did something very bad and sent Twilight to gather us six up. I’m still not all that clear of what she did or why she’s in hiding now. What exactly went down?”

“My sister took matters into her own hooves when they weren't for her to decide. She has cost this nation stability, and she may have started a revolution the likes of which Equestria has never seen.”

"Oh is that all?” Rainbow replied sarcastically. Celestia did not seem to appreciate the mare's humor.

“Miss. Dash I advise you to remember the seriousness of this situation. We are probably on the brink of war and we might be able to prevent it with your help.” Freedom interjected.

“How so?” The pegasus inquired.

“Well if you can talk your friends out of their current position Luna will lose a lot of power and be much easier to deal with.” The unicorn responded.

“I see.”

“So are you up for it my little pony?” Celestia asked.

“Sure, but how should I start, you know, approaching it?”

“Well we need more information to determine where they are hiding, and you will need some major pull over them since they have probably been lied to so as to keep them on Luna’s side.” Freedom stated.

“Well our friendship is strong, so that should help.”

“Rainbow you must remember you will be outnumbered at least five to one so you have an uphill battle ahead of you.” Celestia warned.

“Yah, yah. I can do this.” Dash said as they landed in Ponyville, greeted by a half dozen guards.

“Your majesty we have something to report.”

“Go ahead captain.”

“It seems the element holders did run for the forest as expected although it is hard to track them through the forest we are trying. We were only just now able to get into the library because of all the spells placed on it but it seems Luna and the convict flew away. We have rounded up some suspects including a zebra that seemed to have been living in the forest. She is being interrogated now.” The guard finished.

“Take us to her.” The princess demanded.

“As you wish.”


“Zecora.” Rainbow said upon setting eyes on the foreigner being questioned.

“You know this mare?” Freedom asked.

“Well, yes. We, that is me and my friends, have run into her in the forest before. She lives in a hut deep in the forest and makes potions. That’s all I really know.”

“Dom.” The alicorn looked over at the pony in question. “Get me the guard in the room.” He did as he was told and poked his head in the door motioning for the armored pegasus to come out of the room. He exited looking rather annoyed.

“All she does it talk in bucking circles! Riddle after riddle!”

“We might have a lead. Ask her about her hut in the forest. Maybe that’ll scare her into saying something.” Freedom told his subordinate.

“Worth a shot I guess.” he mumbled back re-entering the room. Celestia quickly bugged the room before the guard got started again. “We have just gotten some news of your hut in the forest.” Zecora wasn’t very good at hiding her fear.

“Don’t touch my possessions, or I shall have to teach you a lesson!”

“Cool it stripes we haven’t hurt anything of yours, yet.” Anger was visibly starting to show on the zebra’s face. “We just need to know what you know then we’ll let you go.” He face hoofed realizing he had just rhymed.

“I have told you before but I will tell you once more.
The holders came to me deep within the Everfree
and Twilight asked if I might
take a look here so should she might write a book.
When I arrived I was then dived
Into the chaos outside.” She answered looking rather annoyed.

“One moment please.” The white pegasus walked out once again, although he swore he heard “Stay outta my shed” whispered behind him as he left. “So what do you think is she telling the truth?”

“Yah, we did go to see her and she was supposed to come move into Twi’s today so she could start the book.” The captain, who had been in the room the whole time, flinched at the name of the purple unicorn.

“Shining Armor I want you to go investigate that mares hut, then start a recon team to search for the convicts.”

“Yes, your majesty.” He responded, almost sullenly before leaving the room. Freedom looked around before following. It was night out, and the moon was bigger than the latter had ever remembered seeing it. He wondered how the time of day had changed when the princesses were at odds but shook off the thought upon seeing the white unicorn walking away.

“Hey wait up!” He said while cantered to catch up to the blue maned unicorn. “What’s stressing you man?” He looked up almost stunned.

“I never told you?”

“Told me what?”

“Twilight Sparkle is my sister.” the captain said before turning down an alleyway.

“Oh, boy. That could cause some problems.”

“You think?” He grumbled before sliding down one of the walls. “What am I going to do? I can’t fight my own sister!” Freedom sat down seeing a tear glistened as it ran down the white pony’s muzzle. He had never seen him cry before so he decided to pretend not to notice.

“You can do this. I don’t think this will turn into a war.” He lied through his teeth trying to comfort one of his few close friends. Shining looked up tears now streaming down his face.

“I took an oath to serve the princess until the end of my days, but what comes first family or the good of the empire?”

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