• Published 2nd Jan 2014
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Cutie Mark Abandonment - Luna1337

After Twist got her cutie mark, her life was perfect! She didn't need Apple Bloom! Right?

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Chapter 1

Twist waited for Cheerilee to turn her back, and then scribbled a note quickly. She nudged it under the table just as her teacher turned around, and passed it to Diamond Tiara the instant she could. Diamond Tiara scanned it and flashed a hooves-up at Twist. Twist had spent all night making treats for their slumber party after school. She couldn't help thinking of back when she was friends with Apple Bloom.

Stop it. She only wanted to be friends with you because you were the only other blank-flank she knew.

"And that's how the brilliant military strategist Commander Hurricane won the Trans-Marefrica war and brought peace to Equestria! Any questions, or is it time for recess?" Cheerilee trilled, wiping the chalkboard clean.

"Recess!" the entire class yelled, scrambling for the door. Twist walked out slowly, her head held high, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon on either side.

"So, like, what should we do until the slumber party?" Diamond Tiara asked. "How does the spa sound? Daddy bought me a three-month membership for Hearth's Warming Day!"

"The thpa thoundth great! And then we can pick up those cupcaketh from Thugarcube Corner!"'

"It's a plan!" the threesome shouted in unison.

"By the way, Daddy said he knows, like, a totally great speech therapist who can fix your lisp? You dig?"

"Really? You would do that for me?" Twist said, her mouth slightly agape.

Well, since we've never actually had a real best friend before, like, OF COURSE!" Silver Spoon lifted her flank for their little rhyme.

"Bump, bump, sugar lump, RUMP!" Twist tripped on her hooves and knocked down her two friends. They lay there in the dewy grass, giggling. Just then, the three fillies that Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon despised most walked by. Silver Spoon stiffened, and Diamond Tiara's lips curled back in a sneer.

"Well, if it isn't the Cutie Mark Crybabies." Scootaloo's eyes narrowed and her wings opened aggressively.

"You don't bother us anymore, Diamond Tiara. We're going to go get cutie marks that'll make yours cry for mercy."

"We'd stay to point out how utterly, like, stupid your little club is, but we're going to the spa, and lame-mane might be contagious."

Scootaloo was about to retort something when Apple Bloom cut her off.

"Well, we'll just be goin' now. See ya later." The three fillies trotted away.


Twist relaxed in the gentle heat of the hot tub, listening to Diamond Tiara gossip about which celebrities were the most trendy and which songs she liked. A thought crossed her mind.

"I have a quethton. Why do you hate Thcootaloo, Thweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom so much? Athide from them being bla--"

Diamond Tiara shoved a hoof in her mouth. "Shush! Not in public!"


"It's like, a total secret. Not in public. I'll tell you at the slumber party."

Aloe motioned for them to move on to the next stage of the treatment. She and her sister placed cucumbers over the fillies' eyes, and spread rejuvenating green gook over their faces.

"I've alwayth wanted to eat the cucumberth when they do thith," Twist remarked, resisting the urge.

"OH MY CELESTIA!" Diamond Tiara shrieked. "Like, me too! Silver Spoon thinks they would taste like the green stuff."

"Well, they're touching it," Silver Spoon protested. "They probably would!" Lotus Blossom tied strands of kelp around them, and they jumped in the mud pool.

After the spa treatment, they walked over to Sugarcube Corner, almost evading Pinkie Pie completely.

"DID SOMEONE SAY CUPCAKES?" a shrill voice screamed from upstairs as Silver Spoon handed over the bits for the cupcakes.

Silver Spoon rolled her eyes and mouthed Pinkie Pie. A pink blur shot down the stairs.

"Omigosh! You're having a party? Why didn't you tell me? I could have had time to plan!"

"It'th kind of a private party, Pinkie," Twist said. Pinkie nodded knowingly.

"I know all about private parties. Don't worry, I won't say a word. Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!" She picked up a cupcake and smashed it into her face, giggling.

"Thee you later, Pinkie!" Twist picked up the box of cupcakes, now missing one, and stuffed it in her saddlebag. She pointed at her house across the street, and followed Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, her mouth drooling as she imagined the delicious treats that waited for her there.

Her mother seemed mildly surprised to see her. "Why are you so late? The other fillies got here a long time ago."

"What other fillieth?"

"Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom. I assumed they were here for the slumber party. They quite enjoyed your sweets."

Twist dashed into her room, where she found all the sweets she had spent hours making gone, the only remnants of the delicious treats sticky mouths and hooves on the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

"Oh, hi, Twist. Your mom said that you invited us to your slumber party. I didn't remember you saying anything, but you probably did," Sweetie Belle said, licking her hooves.

"I did NOT invite you to my thlumber party!" Twist shouted, her pale complexion filling with a warm red. "It wath a private party! And you ruined it!"

"This means war!" Diamond Tiara growled, standing beside Twist.

"Well, we're awful sorry," Apple Bloom said, hiding a smile behind hooves stained with pink. "If it's any consolation, the sweets were purdy good."

"It wasn't very nice to not invite us, anyways," Scootaloo grumbled, glaring at Silver Spoon.

"That'th not the ithue! The ithue ith that you crathhed a private party!"

"We're going already!" Sweetie Belle said, trudging out the door with some effort, as her hooves stuck to the ground whenever she stepped.

When the party crashers were gone, Twist pulled the box of cupcakes out of her bag. "At leatht we have thethe thtill."

"They are soo like, inconsiderate," Diamond Tiara sighed, stuffing a cupcake in her mouth.

Author's Note:

I'm going to kill your love of Scootaloo. Just warning ya. :P