• Published 2nd Jan 2014
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Cutie Mark Abandonment - Luna1337

After Twist got her cutie mark, her life was perfect! She didn't need Apple Bloom! Right?

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Chapter 4

"I hope Scootaloo is okay," Sweetie Belle said as she staggered out of the classroom, weighed down by several hours' worth of homework in her saddlebags. Miss Cheerilee didn't think their part in the incident was significant enough to merit a suspension, but she could punish them in other ways. "She seemed pretty upset."

"It wasn' even her fault! Silver Spoon started it!" Applebloom muttered, thinking of how sore her mouth and mind would be later. Applejack wasn't much help. Her knowledge of school topics extended to simple arithmetic, a smattering of Equestrian history, and a basic knowledge of plant biology.

"What are they doing?" Sweetie Belle pointed at a tree. Underneath it, Snips and Snails conversed with a hooded foal.

"Let's find out." Applebloom broke into a run. Snails quickly dived into a bush, and Snips galloped up the tree. The hooded foal pawed the ground and then literally disappeared. Applebloom skidded to a halt, narrowly missing the tree. The momentum from her saddle bags pulled her into the bush.

"Do you mind?" Snails whispered loudly. "We're hiding from App--AHHH! SNIPS! CODE APPLE! I REPEAT! CODE APPLE!" He ran out of the bush screaming, followed by Snips.


A few yards away, Diamond Tiara spat something on the ground and pulled off her cloak. "You sure we're not going to like get in a lot of trouble? Zecora might know it was us who took her cloak and invisibility leaves."

"I've been thwiping treatth for yearth from my mother'th thop. I know what I'm doing." Twist rubbed a bit of sap off of her hoof. "I jutht hope that they take the bait and Thnips and Thnails don't meth up. We were going to vithit Thilver Thpoon, right?"

"Yeah. And of course they'll take it! It's a 'quick and easy way to get a cutie mark'!"


Silver Spoon lay on her one-hundred percent real manticore fur bedspread, doodling spoon designs in a sketchbook. She hadn't had a lot of time for the forge lately, but she had a vague idea for a spoon designed especially for non-unicorns. So far it was a normal spoon with a round lump of silver at the end that enabled it to be attached to a hoof. The clock chimed thrice and the door opened. The family butler, Shea Butter, entered with a tray of mini cucumber sandwiches and fruit punch.

"I thought I was grounded?" Silver Spoon asked, dropping her pencil. Usually when she was grounded, it meant peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She despised peanut butter and jelly.

"The master said the usual," Shea Butter replied with a shrug. She put the tray next to Silver Spoon, which had a note she had not seen before.

Dear Silver Spoon, the letter read.

I have received word from your teacher, Miss Cheerilee, that you had a public outburst at a fellow student. Need I remind you that a proper lady controls her temper? If you must seek to mentally harm another pony, at least do it in the traditional manners such as gossip and rumors. That said, I have assigned you a governess. She will arrive this afternoon from Canterlot.


Hoity Toity

P.S: Would you mind terribly modeling for your mother's next fashion show? She hasn't been the same since Fluttershy quit...we would both appreciate it greatly.

P.S.S: I have also received word that Scootaloo is your victim. If my boutique is to be hosted in her parents' department store, you two must tolerate or hopefully befriend each other.

Silver Spoon put her hoof to her face. She hated her mother's fashion shows. Photo Finish always insisted on Silver Spoon copying her fake Germane accent and wearing ridiculous get-ups. Besides, she had been forced to sit through one hundred and twenty-five shows in a row when Diamond Tiara had been sick over the Hearth's Warming Day break. If she heard one more word about 'de magicks', Silver Spoon thought she would puke. Far down below on the first level, the doorbell rang. She glanced out the window, expecting some fashion designer or something who'd come to see her mother, but instead caught sight of a familiar red curly mane.


"Come ON, Fluttershy! Why do you have to pick now to be a responsible foalsitter?" Scootaloo made a snatch at the bag of frosted oatcakes, but Fluttershy held it even higher out of her reach.

"I may not be good with foals, but I do know that frosted oatcakes aren't healthy! Why, just look at all the delicious spinach I got you at the market! Who wouldn't want such a crunchy, juicy treat?"

Scootaloo darted into the open pantry where she knew there was an almost full bag of hay fries, but ran into something soft, furry, and yellow. Fluttershy could be faster than Rainbow Dash when she wanted to.

"Now, I didn't to have to do this, but you've left me no choice!" Fluttershy' eyes narrowed and the sides of her mouth turned down in a Stare. Against her will, Scootaloo felt herself slinking back to the table and filling her mouth with the disgusting plants. Her eyes bulged. She quietly exited the house and vomited the sticky green mass onto Fluttershy's favorite butterfly's favorite flower.

"Is this a bad time?" Applebloom trotted up to her yard and critically surveyed the flower. "Ah think it'll live. Ain't ever gonna be the same, though."

"Sorry," Scootaloo answered, grinning at the splattered flower. "Fluttershy forced that stuff down me with the Stare, and I had to get it out. You want to go crusading? I have a really good idea for how to get our cutie marks! One that is really actually going to work!" She motioned for them to huddle together.

"So while Silver Spoon was being a stupid little brat, she said something that got me thinking: What if our special talents are those we're already good at?"

"That sounds like a great idea!" Sweetie Belle whispered. "Except...what are we good at? You're good at riding your scooter, but what am I good at?"

"Singing," Applebloom and Scootaloo said in unison. Sweetie Belle blushed.

"I'm not that good at singing, you guys..."

Scootaloo kicked a flower. "At this rate, we'll never discover our special talents...unless....WAIT! You guys! Let's ask our big sisters/surrogate big sisters about what we're good at!"

The three fillies knocked hooves. "CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS TALENT DISCOVERERS YAY!"