• Published 12th Nov 2013
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The Background Diaries - inacti

The diaries and journal entries of our favorite and least favorite minor or background ponies

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Colgate: Look Before You Sleep

Dear Moondancer,

We miss you! Well, I know Twinkle and Lemon sure do. I miss the proper perfection of Canterlot. But I left for a reason, we all did. We want to see some action, you know what I mean Moony, don't you? Nothing interesting seems to happen up in Canterlot, well nothing I am interested in.

I've taken up dentistry! And it was a smart move too. Because, guess what, a whole bunch of ponies chipped their teeth in the storm today. I know I shouldn't be happy, Lemon Hearts will call me uncaring. But hey, Its nothing a little magic can't fix. Thats what I'm here for. Oh, Twinkleswirl is visiting you later this week. I wish I could come but I am busy.

Love, your friend Colgate