• Published 12th Nov 2013
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The Background Diaries - inacti

The diaries and journal entries of our favorite and least favorite minor or background ponies

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Sea Swirl: Friendship Is Magic Part One

Dear Diary,

I woke up late this morning, there was a invitation in my mailbox. Practically the second I stepped outside my house I was dragged to a Pinkie Pie party with my friends. Colgate has said that I shouldn't sleep in so much, but I was out late last night, working. I was going to head to the everfree forest this evening but I couldn't disappoint Pinkie.

It wasn't until I got to the party that I discovered what it was for, there was some unicorn coming in from Canterlot. Her name was Twilight Sprinkle or something like that. She works for the princess I think, at least thats what Colgate said. It was still a fun party, I danced plenty before that new pony freaked out. I think Berry spiked the punch or something, because I have never seen a pony jump so high in the air than when Twilight Sprinkle drank that juice.

After Daisy, Colgate, and I left the party, we headed to the Sun Celebration. You know how much I look up to the princess. I have such admiration for her, she is brilliant and it bothers me that somebody as snobbish as Twilight Sprinkle is her personal assistant or student or whoever she is. When we got to the Sun Celebration, I was so excited I could hardly speak, I had always wanted to see the princess in real life.

But she wasn't there. I don't understand what is going on anymore. I am scared. This dark purple pony was there, she calls herself Nightmare Moon. I think she may have killed the princess, at least that is my fear. My friends are all gardeners, without the sun, they could be hurt. We all could. I sure hope somepony out there can fix this.

- A fearful Sea Swirl