The Background Diaries

by inacti

First published

The diaries and journal entries of our favorite and least favorite minor or background ponies

Each chapter is a diary entry, letter, or note of a minor background pony and their experiences, some will take place during the events of certain episodes, others will be stand alone.

These are all really short, not meant to be huge, just a little something fun to do in spare time. Suggest ponies in comments.

Sea Swirl: Friendship Is Magic Part One

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Dear Diary,

I woke up late this morning, there was a invitation in my mailbox. Practically the second I stepped outside my house I was dragged to a Pinkie Pie party with my friends. Colgate has said that I shouldn't sleep in so much, but I was out late last night, working. I was going to head to the everfree forest this evening but I couldn't disappoint Pinkie.

It wasn't until I got to the party that I discovered what it was for, there was some unicorn coming in from Canterlot. Her name was Twilight Sprinkle or something like that. She works for the princess I think, at least thats what Colgate said. It was still a fun party, I danced plenty before that new pony freaked out. I think Berry spiked the punch or something, because I have never seen a pony jump so high in the air than when Twilight Sprinkle drank that juice.

After Daisy, Colgate, and I left the party, we headed to the Sun Celebration. You know how much I look up to the princess. I have such admiration for her, she is brilliant and it bothers me that somebody as snobbish as Twilight Sprinkle is her personal assistant or student or whoever she is. When we got to the Sun Celebration, I was so excited I could hardly speak, I had always wanted to see the princess in real life.

But she wasn't there. I don't understand what is going on anymore. I am scared. This dark purple pony was there, she calls herself Nightmare Moon. I think she may have killed the princess, at least that is my fear. My friends are all gardeners, without the sun, they could be hurt. We all could. I sure hope somepony out there can fix this.

- A fearful Sea Swirl

Apple Fritter: Friendship Is Magic Part Two

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My Dear Uncle Apple Strudel,

Howdy, I was just at Sweet Apple Acres. I figured I would let you know what was going on since you couldn't make it to the reunion yesterday. Applejack went off into the forest near the farm. We were all real worried about her. Apple Bloom especially, ever since the princess didn't show at the Sun Party.

I'm sure y'all have heard about The Mare in The Moon incident. You see, AJ and five other ponies ran away to try and stop her. Everypony in ponyville gathered around town square, nopony talked. It was kind of tough, I don't really like keeping quiet for so long. We were out there for hours, and even after Nightmare Moon was gone, nopony talked. I guess because she went into the forest after AJ and those other ponies. I guess they were all well known.

But, don't worry Uncle, Applejack is fine. Just imagine, one of our kin saved Ponyville. I s'pose I should explain, shes part of some sort of special group called "The Elements of Harmony" and shes "Honesty". We are all so proud. Well, I know I am.

Love, your favorite niece, Apple Fritter

Carrot Top: The Ticket Master

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Dear Diary,

Today I found myself enthralled and overtaken by greed. I was in a mob. Me and my garden club friends went over to Twilight Sparkle's library on the order of Pinkie Pie. (seems like we always are doing something because of Pinkie, you can ask Sea Swirl about that, shes always getting home late since she has to attend all of Pinkie's parties and still has to tend to her work in the Everfree)

Well, I never even thought it would go so far. All that Twilight Sparkle needed to do was give me, the most deserving pony, the tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala. I really wanted them. I could have finally seen Written Script again, its been ages. I miss him. But no, Twilight Sparkle didn't hear any of us out. She just ran off, and it shames me to admit, I felt as though I needed revenge, so I pointed Twilight out and sent the mob after her. I am ashamed, I will go tend to my carrots now, they don't look too good.

- CT

Berry Punch: Applebuck Season

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To: PC

Yeah, I'm not going to bother with formalities here. You are PC. You are no princess to me. You are a bad leader. There was a stampede today that completely destroyed the town, and you didn't do anything. I expect you to protect us from attacks! No, your little servant Applejack took care of it. And you are lucky she did because if any of us had died I would be up there with an army and we'd take over Canterlot until you took charge.

It is absolutely insane the terror you have inflicted on Ponyville! Ever since you sent Twilight Sparkle into town everything is falling to bits.

After the stampede, that same pony who saved us got drunk as all get out. Well. I think she did. She looked it, and I know what it looks like. The ponies you put in charge of these "Elements Of Harmony"? Well, they are all drunk or insane, I won't be one to say I am much better off, but you didn't put me in charge of Equestria's safety.

I expect this to stop soon, or else. Think of the children, my little Berry Pinch isn't safe in this town.

Yours Truly, Miss Berryshine Punch

Lyra Heartstrings: Griffon The Brush-Off

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Dear Journal,

I still don't have opposable thumbs, in case you were wondering. Pinkie invited me to another party, this time it was for a griffon rather than a pony, I seem to be going to a whole lot of welcoming parties. Carrot Top and Berry Punch have been real grumpy lately, I don't know why. But, gee, that griffon is hilarious! Her and Pinkie are probably going to be the best of friends. I stopped paying attention to them half way through the party but I have a feeling this is the kind of gossip Bons wouldn't want me throwing around. But that's why I am writing it in a journal! Duh.

So Gilda, the griffon, was hanging with Rainbow Dash, the town celebrity, and then Pinkie showed up. I guess Gilda didn't want Pinkie stealing her mare, weird right? I talked to the griffon about her claws and stuff, she told me to get lost, its cool though. I now know the griffons have hands, sort of, this is news to me. That gives me an idea. Bye.

Trixie Lulamoon: Boast Busters

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Dear Diary,

Its time I dropped the act. I can't do this anymore. I have never been so embarrassed in my life. All I wanted to do was put on a show. I never meant it to end so horribly, I just put down a few hecklers. Why is that so wrong?

I hate Twilight Sparkle. I swear that I will get my revenge - er - The Great And Powerful Trixie will get her revenge!

. . . I hate this.

Lemon Hearts: Dragonshy

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Dragon Lovers Anonymous,

My name is Lemon Hearts, and I'm a dragon lover. Today I went into Ponyville with my friend, Sea Swirl, and we heard Twilight -oh- I mean Twilight Sparkle as she seems to prefer. I remember her from Canterlot, now shes singing a different tune. She wants friends now. Oh, I am getting off track. Anyway, Twilight was informing us of smoke coming from a mountain top. I knew what was up long before anypony else knew anything. Twilight and her friends then went up the mountain, oh how I wanted to go with them, but nopony invited me. You see, I have always been one to love all creatures. My cutie mark is three hearts, its kind of clear to me. The first time I ever saw a dragon was when I was just a filly, I was exploring, and there he was nearby the castle. I could see him when I was walking home one day. He was poking his head through the roof of the unicorn school. And ever since I saw him, I have always wanted to find him and get to know him. But it never happened, and that dragon in that cave on the mountain top, he could've been one and the same.

I never saw him leave the cave, I was inside with Colgate at the time. But when the great dragon migration comes, maybe then ill finally see him. The closest I have seen to a dragon like him, is Twilight's baby dragon, but the dragon I saw was not a baby.

My name is Lemon Hearts, and I need help.

Colgate: Look Before You Sleep

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Dear Moondancer,

We miss you! Well, I know Twinkle and Lemon sure do. I miss the proper perfection of Canterlot. But I left for a reason, we all did. We want to see some action, you know what I mean Moony, don't you? Nothing interesting seems to happen up in Canterlot, well nothing I am interested in.

I've taken up dentistry! And it was a smart move too. Because, guess what, a whole bunch of ponies chipped their teeth in the storm today. I know I shouldn't be happy, Lemon Hearts will call me uncaring. But hey, Its nothing a little magic can't fix. Thats what I'm here for. Oh, Twinkleswirl is visiting you later this week. I wish I could come but I am busy.

Love, your friend Colgate

Roseluck: Bridle Gossip

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Note To Self,

Living in Ponyville may have been a bad idea. There is a disease taking over the town. Protect the doormats and flowers! The flowers!

I am so terrified. This disease seems to take away your most well known traits. I imagine Derpy Hooves would like that, if it really works that way, it might fix her eyes.

Lilly and Daisy are just as scared as I am, its the zebra doing this to us. I want to move to Manehattan! What is wrong with this place, is nothing safe? Next we'll end up needing a masked vigilante to protect us from all the stuff thats out to get us in Ponyville. I really hope I didn't just set myself up for some cruel joke. That would be most unwelcome.