• Published 12th Nov 2013
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The Background Diaries - inacti

The diaries and journal entries of our favorite and least favorite minor or background ponies

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Lemon Hearts: Dragonshy

Dragon Lovers Anonymous,

My name is Lemon Hearts, and I'm a dragon lover. Today I went into Ponyville with my friend, Sea Swirl, and we heard Twilight -oh- I mean Twilight Sparkle as she seems to prefer. I remember her from Canterlot, now shes singing a different tune. She wants friends now. Oh, I am getting off track. Anyway, Twilight was informing us of smoke coming from a mountain top. I knew what was up long before anypony else knew anything. Twilight and her friends then went up the mountain, oh how I wanted to go with them, but nopony invited me. You see, I have always been one to love all creatures. My cutie mark is three hearts, its kind of clear to me. The first time I ever saw a dragon was when I was just a filly, I was exploring, and there he was nearby the castle. I could see him when I was walking home one day. He was poking his head through the roof of the unicorn school. And ever since I saw him, I have always wanted to find him and get to know him. But it never happened, and that dragon in that cave on the mountain top, he could've been one and the same.

I never saw him leave the cave, I was inside with Colgate at the time. But when the great dragon migration comes, maybe then ill finally see him. The closest I have seen to a dragon like him, is Twilight's baby dragon, but the dragon I saw was not a baby.

My name is Lemon Hearts, and I need help.