• Published 12th Nov 2013
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The Background Diaries - inacti

The diaries and journal entries of our favorite and least favorite minor or background ponies

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Apple Fritter: Friendship Is Magic Part Two

My Dear Uncle Apple Strudel,

Howdy, I was just at Sweet Apple Acres. I figured I would let you know what was going on since you couldn't make it to the reunion yesterday. Applejack went off into the forest near the farm. We were all real worried about her. Apple Bloom especially, ever since the princess didn't show at the Sun Party.

I'm sure y'all have heard about The Mare in The Moon incident. You see, AJ and five other ponies ran away to try and stop her. Everypony in ponyville gathered around town square, nopony talked. It was kind of tough, I don't really like keeping quiet for so long. We were out there for hours, and even after Nightmare Moon was gone, nopony talked. I guess because she went into the forest after AJ and those other ponies. I guess they were all well known.

But, don't worry Uncle, Applejack is fine. Just imagine, one of our kin saved Ponyville. I s'pose I should explain, shes part of some sort of special group called "The Elements of Harmony" and shes "Honesty". We are all so proud. Well, I know I am.

Love, your favorite niece, Apple Fritter