• Published 17th Oct 2013
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TerrariShy - Strawsy

While staying in the palace in Canterlot, Fluttershy's curiosity gets the better of her and she ends up in everyone's favorite game of mining, building and crafting.

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Still Alive

Fluttershy stood in Dylan's house again.
"Am I...dead?" She shuddered. But she wasn't dead- she was perfectly intact, all her clothes back as they were, the tears gone, no longer covered in dirt. She lifted her leg, looking at the sole of her left fuzzy-ass boot- the hole from the thorn was gone. Her bow was slung over her back again, as it had been. All her arrows were in the quiver, untouched.

She opened the door and walked outside. She didn't see Dylan, so she figured it was safe. He'd just assume she came back from her walk, or-
"Fluttershy!" An excited British accent called out from the door of the tavern.
"Oh no!"
"What's wrong, Flutters?"
"Umm..." She couldn't take the interrogation. She spilled the beans.
"Wait, you went to the Corruption, got chased by a monster, fell into a chasm and died?"
"Umm...yes...I think..."
"That is so cool!" He wrapped her in a hug again, but this time she didn't mind. In fact, she was filled with a warm feeling she couldn't place. They held the embrace a little longer, then Dylan awkwardly stepped away to continue putting up wood walls. She stumbled off, her legs made of jelly. What had that feeling been? Was it...love? No, she thought. It couldn't be. She'd never loved anybody like that before. She pushed those thoughts away. She had a job to do, not get all starry eyed over some boy who wasn't even a pony.

The work went by quickly the rest of the afternoon, as they put up Tiki Torches in between the houses, to give off some light at night. They finished the tavern, all four buildings in a neat row. Dylan slept on the floor, letting Flutters take the bed. But she couldn't sleep. She was plagued by nightmares about the Corruption. She kept reliving that moment, the impact, the fall. But this time, there had been no one to help, nothing to break her fall. She had died! Died. But finally, she was able to drift off to a deeper, more restful sleep, and dream.

Fluttershy stood in a field, stars and planets floating above her. She laid back, watching the stars. Then she heard a voice, beside her. Dylan's. She turned, and saw him. He looked so amazing, standing there beside her, clothes and hair rippling in the wind, looking so...heroic.
"Oh..." They stood there for a second, looking at each other. Then he kissed her. It was so sudden, it took her off guard. But she enjoyed it, closing her eyes and just savoring the moment. His hands moved down, caressing her body...


Dylan was awoken by a sharp blow. The bed against which he was resting his head was shaking back and forth, and he could hear little squeaks coming from under the covers. He adjusted his pillow on the floor, and pulled the covers back over himself, but could not help but wonder what Fluttershy was dreaming about under there. He rolled over and drifted off to dreams of his own.