• Published 17th Oct 2013
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TerrariShy - Strawsy

While staying in the palace in Canterlot, Fluttershy's curiosity gets the better of her and she ends up in everyone's favorite game of mining, building and crafting.

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Violet Hill

Fluttershy walked through the forest, stepping lightly to avoid crunching the leaves under her fuzzy-ass boots. Dylan had been teaching her about the history of Terraria, about the Corruption and the Underworld, the Goblins, all the threats she would have to face. She was fearful, but at the same time intrigued- and that was why she was trying to be silent. She'd told Dylan she was going out to the forest, which was not really a lie, because she didn't want him to follow her. She was headed to the Corruption.

As she walked, she saw less and less animals. Rabbits, birds, and slimes became scarce. The light from the sun diminished, and she looked up. No, not night yet. It was as if a blanket of darkness lay over the land, suffocating, blocking out the light. It was at this moment Fluttershy became fearful- as if a voice was whispering in her ear. Turn back, it said. Go home. You do not belong here. She continued on. As she emerged from the treeline, she saw, not twelve feet away, that the grass was a light shade of violet. Rolling hills, forests of that same ominous color- purple, a sickly shade, like poison. That's what it was, she realized. A poison. Killing Terraria, sapping it of life.

As she walked along, she saw something overhead. A huge brown beetle with massive pinchers floated about seven feet off the ground. This must have been one of the monsters Dylan told her about, an Eater of- Worlds, was it? No, Souls. An Eater of Souls. As it flew by, it's single eye swung it's gaze towards her, and it spun around, gnashing it's horrible pinchers. It was headed right for her! She began to panic. Then she remembered her Hurtful Copper Bow, slung across her body. She pulled it over herself, and nocked an arrow. Suddenly everything was crystal clear. She saw the Eater, perceived herself in the endless fabric of the ether, felt the weight of the cool metal in her hands. She pulled the string back, her feet anchored to the ground, and shot. Suddenly the world was moving again. The arrow sailed through the air, as graceful as a bird, and hit the Eater square in the eye. She expected him to fall. He didn't.

The beast gave a guttural, inhuman roar, and continued to charge, only slightly hindered by his loss of vision. He could still smell her, the scent of flesh driving him forward. She did the only thing she could at that point- screamed and ran. She sprinted through the Corruption, fear coursing through her. Her run came to an abrupt halt when, suddenly, she felt a pain in her foot, at first piercing, then an acidic burning. She screamed in pain and fear, pure terror, the fear of death. She hit the ground hard and slid forward, into the purple grass. She had stepped on a Corrupt Thorn. And there she lay, helpless, covered in dirt and blood and sweat, as her pursuer closed in. She struggled to pull out the thorn, at this point too pumped full of adrenaline to notice the pain. He flew towards her, thirty feet, twenty- and it came out, accompanied by a sharp gasp. She struggled to her feet, and ran, pushing through the agony. Then, her feet met slick stone and she fell into darkness.

Fluttershy free-fell, attempting to grip the black walls as she did. But it was too smooth, and she could not get a grip. Then she hit the ground.