• Published 17th Oct 2013
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TerrariShy - Strawsy

While staying in the palace in Canterlot, Fluttershy's curiosity gets the better of her and she ends up in everyone's favorite game of mining, building and crafting.

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How To Save A Life

And so it began. Dylan showed her everything her knew about swordplay, archery, and survival in the wilderness. They started to work on the homestead, too- in those three short weeks they erected a general store, a small tavern, and a medical center, which Fluttershy used to take care of sick or injured animals. Dylan brought back a rabbit or two for dinner at night, but Flutters refused to use her newfound archery skills to hunt. She didn't understand how Dylan could kill an animal that had never even threatened him, but her human body wasn't complaining. After trying to eat grass and making herself sick, she learned the hard way that humans dietary habits are much different than a pony's, full of meat and bread along with vegetables.

Nevertheless, she was excited to see the town growing so fast, but was concerned about attracting new inhabitants- how would they even know the town was here? Dylan assured her they would find her, as long as the right conditions were met. And this was why they ended up in out in the woods at midnight.
"What d'ya mean ya can' do't? You're a right good shot with that bow. We need to find fifty silver coins if we want a merchant to move in!"
"I...I just can't."
"Listen, Flutters. Zombies ain't human no more. All the life's gone out of 'em! They carry a silver coin apiece, most of the time, and I can only get so many on my own with this dagger." He gestured to his knife belt. "We could do this in half the time if you'd just help!" He was persistent, she gave him that, but she just couldn't. Killing? That was a lot different than shooting a tree in practice. She looked at him, those cyan orbs pleading. He sighed and started to walk further out into the forest.

And then her hand was forced. A zombie leapt upon Dylan, knocking him to the ground. He was ten yards away, too far to reach. She saw it all- the dagger knocked from his grip, the monster's remorseless eyes. He cried out, and it leaned in, preparing to finish him, the stink of blood on his breath. Then he went limp, rolling off of Dylan like water off a stone, an arrow buried in his skull.
"YOU DO NOT HURT MY FRIENDS! You got that?" Dylan had never heard Fluttershy raise her voice. Her rage was tangible, fearsome in it's intensity. He made a mental note not to ever put her friends into any danger. "I...I'm sorry. I just don't know what came over me. I hope I didn't frighten you..."
"Sorry? Don't apologize! You saved my life!" He wrapped her in a bear hug and she cringed, unready for the sudden display of emotion. He reluctantly let go, and they shared a smile before Dylan walked away again to continue his hunt, stooping over to check the body for coins.

That night she and Dylan collected twenty seven silver coins, and added to their previous stock, this equaled forty three coins, almost enough to attract a merchant to the homestead. The next day, tired from the hunt, they took a break. Dylan napped, and Fluttershy went out to the forest again to practice shooting. But her aim was off. She was plagued by a single thought- what if she hadn't been able to kill it? What if she hadn't saved him, if she'd let that zombie tear him apart because she was too weak? She sat down on a stump, shoving her fears to the back of her mind, and realized then, that to be rid of this evil, she would have to kill. To make sure that the people she loved were never put in harm's way. Only now did she see the full truth- that the road ahead was long and shrouded in darkness, and was a road that would not always take her where she wished to go, and she doubted she would live to see it’s end, but she would travel down it nonetheless. For at her side walked hope. In the face of all that insisted she turn back, she would carry on. For this, this was her adventure!

Author's Note:

For the people at Copyright Faggotry, Inc.- Yes, the quote was from Assassin's Creed III, albeit modified. Now **** off!