• Published 17th Oct 2013
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TerrariShy - Strawsy

While staying in the palace in Canterlot, Fluttershy's curiosity gets the better of her and she ends up in everyone's favorite game of mining, building and crafting.

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My Name Is (Fluttershy)

She saw it. A single eye. Eyes. She hated eyes. Watching her every move. Circling, waiting. It turned to look at her. It's pupil opened to reveal a gaping maw, and then it flew at her at such a speed she had no time to react.

Another nightmare. But this time, she did not wake up in a lavish chamber in a palace. She woke up in a bed. The covers were made of soft blue silk. The mattress was firm, but not hard enough to be uncomfortable. She surveyed the room. The room was lit by a torch on the wall above her head. On the far wall there was another, and their light illuminated the dirt floor, giving the whole room a sort of reddish brown glow. Two windows on the wall in between her and the other torch let her know that it was twilight, the last rays of light fading over the forest outside. On the fourth wall lay the door, very plain and simple craft. But there was beauty in that simplicity.

Next to the door lay tools. A woodcutting axe, and one she'd never seen before. A curved metal head, attached to a long wooden handle. It looked very heavy. Then she turned her gaze closer, to a table next to the bed. The table itself was simple, wooden. But it was what lay on the table that caught her eye. A blade, too long to be a kitchen implement, but not long enough to be a sword. Fluttershy had never enjoyed the sight of weapons. They made her cringe, because she knew what they were for. Killing. She hated that word. It just sounded...evil.

But this particular dagger was something to behold. A wooden handle, leather wrapped, with a small yellow gem in the center, where the handle met the blade. The blade, like the door, was beautiful in it's simplicity. It was copper-colored, about two hooves long, and ended in a sharp point. It captured her attention, and she reached out a hoof to pick it up. No, not a hoof. Something else. A...hand. She suddenly perceived herself in this new environment. She felt larger. Her front hooves felt longer, and were segmented in the middle. Her actual hooves were now five- What had Twilight called them? Fingers? This must be what she had been talking about after she came back out of the mirror. Being a human. She fluttered her fingers, getting used to the feel of these new appendages. She wrapped her fingers around the handle of the knife, and looked at her reflection in the blade. She gasped. Her mane was the same, long and pink and curled at the tips, but her face was different. Her snout was gone, replaced by a small, round nose. Her face was round and her skin was a pinkish tan color, not furry but smooth. She pushed back her hair to reveal two small ears, rounded, not pointed like her pony form's. Her eyes were the same though- big and blue and full of unspoken emotion.

She stood up and fell. She grabbed the edge of the table and pulled herself up to stand. She tried to balance on her new legs, and succeeding, took a tentative step forward. It was easy, she thought, just like walking on your hind hooves. She realized she was wearing clothes. She hardly ever wore clothes- only on special occasions. She started to take them off, a yellow sweater with a butterfly pattern at the waist, just like her cutie mark, a pair of jeans, and some fuzzy-ass boots, then remembered Twilight saying that humans always wore clothes. She didn't want to start off socially unacceptable, so she decided to keep them on. She waltzed toward the door, wrapped her fingers around the knob, and pushed forward. She was greeted by a blast of cool air from outside.

The outdoors were generally unremarkable, a plain forest just like the ones outside Ponyville, excluding the Everfree. But what caught her eye was the creature, bent over picking mushrooms, a few metres away. The human stood, placing the mushrooms in a knapsack, and turned. His mane was brown, and unkempt, strands of hair everywhere. His face was spattered with freckles, and his eyes were a startling green. He wore a brown shirt with green pants, his bag and a dagger sheath (for the knife she's seen inside, she s'posed) at his waist. He walked over to her and held out his hand, a smile on his face.
"Hi. I'm Dylan."