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I am an aspiring writer who enjoys music (there's a lot of it in my stories) and writing pony/game crossovers. A Skyrim one and a Call of Duty one are in the works, so...yeah. That's all. Bye bye.


We all know that every thirty moons the magic mirror in Princess Celestia's castle takes you to an alternate reality. But where else can it take our protagonists? When the world's shyest pony takes a trip to Canterlot to visit Princess Twilight Sparkle, she finds out.

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Interesting concept. I'm guessing you got the game for the 1.2 patch. The guide already has lines of dialogue, lets see if he'll stray from them.
Any thoughts on the over-active violent element of terraria where everything can die? Or the explosive nature of slain creatures? Also nice that she starts with a building already, I was never one for the whole dirt floor thing whether it was minecraft or terraria it usually turns out to be a grand fortress in the end.


I have to say, I didn't expect Minecraft, given the name of the story is TerrariShy.

3358511 Where did you see Minecraft?

3358020 No 1.2 for me yet, I'm afraid. (I'm a dirty console peasant) But the Guide is gonna have to stray from his dialogue, or he'll be a completely "flat" character (see what I did there?). And the violence? I've got some creative ideas to try and get around it. Man I hate that loud PSQUICK sound whenever you die.


"While staying in the palace in Canterlot, Fluttershy's curiosity gets the better of her and she ends up in everyone's favorite game of mining, building and crafting...You thought I meant Minecraft, didn't you?"

3359048 The point there was that this is not Minecraft, it's Terraria. When people hear "mining, building and crafting," they'd assume it's Minecraft. But it isn't.

Friends with everything! cept for the EoC the guy is never polite I mean he just stares at you. This calls for a staring contest! Time to befriend all the animals and have them help with the work! Mole or Meer Cats as digging buddies or something. The plants in the jungle are lonely and just want hugs, and so do the jellyfish. The goblins are nomadic travelers and you just happen to be in their way. So what about the corruption? hollow? Non-sentient(hopefully) unicorns that try to spear you?
Flutters would never do that and you're a horrible person for thinking so. If anything she tries to pet it and it explodes in her face. Or a zombie touches it. Birds flee from her. AND OMG WHAT IS THAT THING! IT LOOKS LIKE MOVING WATER OH NO ITS COMING THIS WAY AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

3359987 Nah, we can't completely eliminate the violence, or there would be no Terraria. But she won't be out of character, I assure you. It's an obstacle for her- killing is a necessity in Terraria, and that will definitely be addressed. And killing an innocent bunny is much more difficult than killing, say, the Eye of Ctuhulu or a demon, because those things are just naturally evil. Fluttershy and evil don't go together, you know? As the Hero of Terraria, she has a chance not to just save animals, but an entire world, and eradicate that evil and injustice.


I know; my point was just that the question was "You thought I meant Minecraft, didn't you?" The answer to that question is no, because the name indicated that it was Terraria.

I like this so far plz try to finish it fast great start btw :pinkiesmile:

3361234 It is Terraria, bro! :facehoof:

I like this so far but I have one question, Will all the chapters be this short?

3361726 Yeah I probably got a couple of screws up in my head loose get inspiration in little bursts, you know? And you know what they say, you can't rush perfection :derpytongue2:

3380823 There's a story behind that actually- at the beginning of the story, I was thinking about my technique. The way I write, it's like I just let my thoughts spill out. At the same time, I knew that an audience loves running gags- because if they enjoy it, and the author continues to include it, they know the author is aware of the audience and is actively trying to please them. With these two thoughts in mind, I got to the part where I describe what Flutters is wearing. I've always found girls who are all bundled up to be hotter (as I write this I realize it's Freudian- I was raised in a strictly Mormon household for thirteen years) and so I decide on jeans, a cutie mark sweater with a yellow undershirt, and Uggs. That's when the problem started. See, as a dude, I've never worn Uggs- and so I struggled to describe them. So, I used the first description that came to my mind. And so Fluttershy's fuzzy-ass boots were born.

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Sweet Celestia, just when I thought the video game crossovers couldn't get any more absurd. This'll be a fun read.

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Love the good start but maybe you should make them a little bit longer.

I think something about a cursed island should appear i mean you are surrounded by water on both sides and anyone who enters doesn't leave unless they die...

Nice tease there. The way the actions go it almost seems like Dylan is the hero and Fluttershy just happens to be player 2 stumbling around because they don't know the game.

Not disproving my player two theory, but lets see her stumble her way into glowing mushrooms or something.

What is this a crossover of?

3498379 Terraria and MLP:FiM. If you've never played Terraria, do so now: it is a beautiful game. It's like the bastard child of Skyrim, Minecraft, The Legend of Zelda, and the old Super Mario games. In other words, it is literally the third best game ever invented. Look it up. You won't be sorry :twilightsmile:

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