• Published 29th Feb 2012
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Sailing the solar wind. - JadeCriminal

Equestria: Pocket universe. Somewhat hastily made on the fly. The Mane 6: Interstellar Diplomats

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A Rare Event IV

Half and hour later the post pre-party party was in full swing, as evidenced by a number of exhausted but smiling mares and stallions lounging in the I-Danced-With-Pinkie-Pie recovery corner also known as the hay lounge closest to the dance floor.

The Pink storm was busy doing the twist with a wildly grinning Cherilee. They wore a matching outfits consisting of cheesy leg warmers, disco shoes and improbably angled hair.

"This party is bucking great Pinkie! I haven't had this much fun since last summer break! Thanks for dragging me kicking and screaming out of my house." Yelled the ecstatic teacher as Pinkie pulled her up and tossed her over her head with the help of a well timed jump. A gleeful shriek sounded even as Pinkie caught her again and dipped her with a grin as the song came to crashing halt.

"Oh you naughty school mare I love it when you talk dirty." The Pink Prankster intoned with a cheeky grin in the silent moment between the songs. The dancers around them spared them a knowing glance and Cherilee blushed as a more sedate piece started. She wrapped her hooves around the cheeky Pink menace, sighed and leaned tiredly against the Party-est Pony in Ponyville and stared at the three fillies that were jumping around nearby with boundless energy.

"You know Pinkie, if the children were not here I'd be seriously considering dragging you to a dark corner right now." Cherilee whispered and now it was time for Pinkie Pie to blush.

"Chery? I thought you and Big Mack?" the blushing mare trailed off, a slight worried frown marring her face.

"We do, I mean we had an agreement after Hearst and Hooves day and it's going well but... You know how stallions get during birthing season." Cerilee sighed.

"You mean?" Pinkie pie asked wide eyed even as she gestured with a limp hoof.

"He drops faster then Rainbow Dash practicing a sonic rain-boom." Cherilee complained.

"I'll lend you my copy of the Candy Sutra. Maybe if you spice things up a bit. I fondly remember number 33." The candy expert waggled her eyebrows and Cherilee was blushing as smiling again. Her work done Pinkie turned her thoughts to Big Mack. Maybe if she...

A tap on Cherilees shoulder brought the slow dance to a halt.

"Um, Mind if I cut in? If it's ok?" A gentle voice asked and Cherilee turned to a fidgeting Fluttershy.

"Sure! I'm getting kinda tired anyways. Pinkie I'll drop by in a day or two to pick up that book." Cherylee smiled and bereft of Pinkies support staggered towards the Post Pinkie Pie Recovery Lounge for a fruity drink and a soft spot to plop into.

"Hey Flutters, what's cooking?" Pinke asked as they settled into a steady waltz.

"Rainbow has that look in her eye again." Fluttershy smiled faintly and then giggled as Pinkie Pies outfit shifted into a nurses cap.

"Ooo Maregarita fueled Rainbow Dance Fever Syndrome. I'll keep you safe from the dreaded Serial Kisser, Dash the Lipper." Pinkie intoned solemnly and smiled when Fluttershy giggled cutely.

"I don't really mind getting kissed by any pony, it's not like I'm still a filly but Rainbow gets so flustered the the day after I have to yell at her to make her stop apologizing for 'taking advantage'. As if she could." Fluttershy snorted minutely and Pinkie Pie suppressed a squeal at the fierce way Flutter's nose wrinkled.

"Meh, what's a little kiss between friends." Pinkie waved a hoof vaguely and perked up as the beat picked up and merged into a into a lively rock and roll number.

"Oo they are playing our song!" She exclaimed, grabbed Fluttershy's hooves and spun her , nurse cap changing into a full fledged glittery acrobatic skating leotard.
The Pegasus eyes widened in understanding and she flapped her wings once, a surge of magic lightening her weight considerably. They've done this before and the rare wide smile on the Pegasus betrayed how free dancing with Pinkie made her feel.

Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy were a perfect mirror image of each as they eased into the song. A tush wriggle, a few bucks and a hop or two was all they needed to warm up to some serious dancing and up on their hind hooves they went, Pinkie Pie pulling her partner into a slide and shuffle, flanks wiggling and hooves stomping.

"Now if you let her drag you back to that cloud castle of hers for a night of thunder and lightning..." Pinkie started chatting as she lifted a light as a feather Fluttershy above her head and gave her a little spin.

"Oh no, I couldn't. She's my best friend. She'd be panicking for weeks after she sobered up. You know how fragile her heart is right now." The pegasus shook her head as she placed her front hooves on Pinkie's shoulders, back flipped and landed lightly on her hooves behind the pink pony. Back to back they circled a few times around the dance floor before the Pegasus stepped out and spun Pinkie back towards her.

"Yeah yeah, for all her protests of being a stallion's filly I thing she is en equal opportunity flier like most of us." Pinkie retorted as she came out of the spin and stepped closed to Fluttershy.

The mares were standing side by site on their rear legs with just a hoof-tip touching before Pinkie gave Fluttershy a little tug without letting go. The Pegasus responded with a fluid grace, hind hooves twirling expertly. She ended up with her back to Pinkie pie's front, one Pinkie's foreleg wrapped around her belly for stability even as the song faded into another slow dance.

"She's been hurt so many times Pinkie." Fluttershy mumbled, Pinkie instinctively drawing her close, giving comfort.

Pinkie pie glanced at the clock and then smiled at Vinil Scratch who was holding out a clipboard and tapping it. The Party planner spun her hoof at him and the Dj smiled.

"Yeah, after Gilda it will take some time for her to trust some pony again." Pinkie nodded and then brightened up. "Hey I've been meaning to ask what's that Everfree Patrol cloak doing on the hook by your door?"

"Oh that? Well, um. I keep it next to my emergency bag in case i have to leave in a hurry." the Pegasus stepped away from her dance partner and smiled mischievously still moving in perfect sync with Pinkie. The Pink mare was good at giving physical dance cues and Fluttershy knew them by heart.

"Alright smarty pants I'll ask better. Why do you have a cloak only meant for ponies willing to patrol the Everfree for rampaging animals?" Pinkie asked as she lead Fluttershy away from the dance floor.

"Well, you know how the Everfree makes me feel at home even tho it's scary at night?" Fluttershy began as they made their way to a quieter part of the barn.

"Well, for a long time I have been wandering the forest during the day, making many new cutesy, scaly or feathery friends and helping animals in distress." Fluttershy explained as Pinkie puled her away from a Cutie Mark Stampede as the group of fillies made a beeline from the middle of the dance floor straight for the pasty table.

"That doesn't explain the cloak! I know you would do anything to avoid killing anything smarter then a fish." Pinkie complained.

"Well yes but the Everfree Patrol does important work in keeping the more dangerous critters inside the forest where they are safe. As for how I got involved...”

Pinkie smiled at her friends unique perspective and grabbed a few pastries to tide her over. This sounded like it would be interesting.