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Equestria: Pocket universe. Somewhat hastily made on the fly. The Mane 6: Interstellar Diplomats

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A Rare Event III

It was unusual for the fillies to be invited to one of Pinkie Pies big parties and Sweetie Belle smiled at the excited chatter of her two best friends and let the noise just flow over her as she scanned for any key phrases she would need to respond to as she fretted about her sister.

She remembered reading Rarity's last letter and getting a gnawing feeling in her stomach that something was wrong.

My dear Sweetie Belle.

I hope the weather in Ponyville is as grand as the glorious sunrise i am watching from the The Hoofton Arc de Triomph royal suite in Prairies.

It is the morning on the final day of the fashion circuit and I am most pleased with how things are turning out, the connections i have been making will be most useful to my work and fame.

It is time now to prepare myself for my lunch with Lariat Coeur the world famous artist.

I shall be returning to our quaint little town in the next few days and I hope you are well.

Lady Rarity Belle
Fashionista Extraordinaire

The letter had been... Weird. Like some pony other then her sister had written it. No, it was like on of those thank you notes she had heard Rarity write to some of the Canterlot ponies. Eloquent, charming... Distant. And that signature...

"Sweetie? Is something wrong? You promised to tell me when I gab to much!" Apple Bloom asked and the unicorn filly realized that she had completely drifted off into her thoughts.

"I'm sorry Bloom, it's not your studies. I like hearing about Zecora. It's... Rarity."

"Oh come on! She'll be here soon enough, you can't miss her that much!" Scotaloo growled and bit into an apple tart angrily.

"Scotaloo! She has as much a right to miss her family as anypony!" Interjected Apple Bloom.

"It's only been three weeks. What's the big deal." the pegasus filly wondered, confusion and apple sauce evident on her face.

"Well imagine not seeing us for three weeks." the earth filly said quietly.

Scotaloo blinked for a long moment and then slid across the seat towards Sweetie and gave her a hug.

"She'll be here soon." She whispered.

"Thank you Scoots but... It's not that. I miss her but that's not..." Sweetie Belle shook her.

"What's wrong sugar?" Asked the worried earth filly.

"Her last letter," Sweetie sniffled. "she signed it with Lady Rarity Belle, Fashionista. She always signs it with: 'Your favorite sister, Rarity'."

"She sent YOU one of her generic letters?!" Exclaimed Apple Bloom. "She can write letters in her sleep! In fact we all saw her do it during that sleepover where we learned why raw spider-silk and flames don't mix."

"Oh no, you think she's gone workaholic again?" Asked Scotaloo.

"And without any pony to stop her..." Sweetie Belle closed her eyes. "Poor sis. I guess now we know why Twilight was the one behind this."

"I like machines as much as any pony but your sister scares me when she goes all clockwork Rarity." Shuddered Apple bloom.

"You know sis. Perfection all the way." Sighed Sweetie Belle reaching listlessly for a cupcake.. "Even if she has to light the candle on both ends."

"Well she is coming home now and we will help her recover from her ordeal even if it takes all week and a dozen experimental potions." Apple Bloom suddenly exclaimed slamming her hoof on the table.

"What? Like nurses?" Scotaloo asked scratching her chin thoughtfully.

The girls looked at each other and smiles slowly spread across their faces..

"CUTIE MARK CRUSADER NURSES! YAY!" They exclaimed over the din of the pre-party.

The fillies grinned at each other and Sweetie Belle grabbed a slice of cake from their table.

"So, Bloom, why DID Zecora think it was important for you to learn Protection from Fire." The unicorn filly asked.

"Well, remember how we learned that tree sap would catch fire if exposed to cutie mark crusaders experimental tree sap cleaner number six??" Apple Bloom started to explain and the fillies settled down to listen knowing this would get amusing.


Rarity stood with perfect poise in the chariot that was taking her home. her mind going over the past three weeks and the whirlwind of events and faces she had ridden like Pegasus rides the air currents. Three weeks of living, of fashion, high society and staying on top of her game had taken their toll on her mind and now she was numb. She vaguely remembered thinking Prance was amazing and that spending so much time in the capitol of fashion competing with the best fashion ponies in the world was the best thing ever. It seemed quite an empty thing now that she had done it.

Her morning arrival in Canterlot and attended the few events she had agreed to attend. Outwardly she had been a graceful, social machine and for every minute of it she had been looking forward to just imitating Rainbow Dash and being lazy for a few days when she finally got home.

Her head was numb and heavy as she got the first glimpse of Ponywille from the flying carriage and her heart skipped a beat. A small speech for the mayor, give the plaque to the city and she was free.

Feeling a little more alert she checked her appearance in her compact in an elegant, practiced move as her mind went over her social obligations for the next few days. Spa with Fluttershy tomorrow morning, Tea with Twilight in the afternoon, probably some sort of gathering with Pinkie Pie in the evening... Everyone would one a piece of her time and she would benevolently grant it.

"Decorum, Presentation and Presence." She reminded herself and willed a sparkle of life into her eyes. It wouldn't do to see Mayor Mare and not be perfectly lovely.

The chariot lurched slightly and pointed downwards towards the town.

Rarity frowned as they passed the town hall and headed outwards.

"Um, Excuse me? You missed the address!" She called out as they flew across the Apple farm.

"Nope Miss I have the address right here." The lead Pegasus called out as they set down in front of the apple family barn.

Rarity maintained a polite smile even as she was feeling puzzled inside, as she exited the chariot and tried to muster up some anger but couldn't find the drive within her. Then the doors opened and a smiling Twilight Sparke walked out followed by Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Rainbow Dash. Fluttershy trailed off behind them and offered a timid hesitant smile to Rarity.

She opened her mouth to scold them for dragging her away from her much needed refuge in the Carousel Boutique but what came out was an undignified squeak as her heart skipped a beat. Of course that wanted to see her. She shook her head and then realized her eyes were stinging and when she rubbed them with her hooves she found they came away wet.

"I?" She tried speaking again and choked as her friends approached and just gathered around her in a silent hug. Some pressure in the back of her mind began to ease and she realized what it was.

"I missed you girls." She finally whispered and inhaled the scent of her friends, her adopted family even. She marveled as the press of warmth and affection lifted the fog from her mind she had been lost in for the past couple of days. The Lady Rarity cracked and let Rarity out from behind the mask. She buried her face in a mane and she didn't care which. "I didn't realize how much until now."

"Ehem." A quiet cough from the lead stallion broke the silent moment after a minute or so. "I hate to be a bother but we have a schedule to keep."

A pouch of gold flew out of the small herd of mares and he expertly snatched it from the air.

"You fillies have a good day now." He called out and stomped the the chariot was gone.

The mares stood there in silence, hugging and just reaffirming their bonds before finally the silence broke.

"Ok Rare we missed you now enough of this mushy stuff Pinkie and Twilight put a little something together for ya as a way to say we missed ye too!" Rainbow Dash bumped her flank at Twilight and tried to hide the wetness in her eyes.

"Yeah, We did, come around the back and we'll show it to you." Said twilight as they lead her away from the main entrance tot he barn and towards the back.

Rarity smiled her first genuine smile in many days and shook her head. Who were they kidding?

"Oh?" Intoned Rarity in a mock surprised tone, cheer evident in the very tone of her voice. "What could it be? Does it begin with a letter P?"

"What? Where do you think we would find peaches sundaes this time of the year?" Pinkie Pie giggled and shook her head.

The back entrance had a few steps on it and as the girls lead her up Rarity knew it was a party. Even a surprise party of sorts and still, as she was walked onto the stage she was stunned by the sheer magnitude and speed with which this had been organized.

The large barn had been transformed from a dusty place where you kept your hay into a beautiful dance hall filled with ponies, decorations and large and exotic Everfree flowers. The tables were filled with tasty looking food. There was even an ice sculpture of her being used to chill the drinks behind and improvised bar. It was magnificent.

“Congratulations!” A significant chunk of Pony-ville called out at Rarity while she was still staring around in a daze. And then they started to sing:

“For she is a a be~estest pony,
For she is a be~estest pony,
For she is be~estest po~ony!

Which nobody can deny!”

Rarity watched from the stage as practically every pony in Pony-ville stomped their approval of her success Rarity was completely stunned, her jaw hanging open for a very long couple of seconds.

“I... Thank you every pony.” Rarity finally managed to regain her composure and come to the microphone. “Truly from the bottom of my heart.” She sniffed tossed the microphone behind her and launched herself recklessly at the five of her friends responsible for organizing the event. “I love you guys!”

“Speech, speech.!” A certain young dragon called out and the crowd took up the call. Releasing the group hug Rarity dabbed at the corners of her eyes with a handkerchief, took a deep breath and then levitated the microphone.

“When the whole world was deciding who among ponies, griffins, dragons and everyone else had the best designer I hoped for the best.” Rarity started, trying to convey her feelings.

“When the mulch-species judges panel decided I was to be the designer of the year I was a very happy pony.” She continued, eyes shining with pride. “I will be the first to admit that this morning, when I was being congratulated by Hoity Toity and every other major Equestrian fashioner at the society brunch in Canterlot I was proud of my accomplishments.”

Then she paused and looked over the crowd of Pony-ville ponies and then beamed at them with a patented hundred carat Rarity smile.

“And yet here, now. Standing here and looking at all of you. I can honestly say I am the happiest mare in the world. Thank you every-pony. Pony-ville is the best. I am proud to be a Pony-ville mare.” She sniffed and her voice softened and trailed off as she finished. The crown enthusiastically stomped their approval and then Pinkie took the microphone.

“Yay for Rarity, And now to commemorate her success DJ Pon3 has prepared a special mix for her from the famous Elements of Harmony compilation: 'Simply Rarity and 20% cooler!'” She weaved her hoof and DJ Pon3 took this as her cue to start the music.

And as the music started Rarity could see Sweetie Belle and her friends waving at her from their little corner and she realized that next year she was either taking every pony with her or staying right here in Poniville. Where she belonged.

Author note

I had to go back and re do this part and it still feels a little flat, emotionally.

I would appreciate if anyone can tell me why. (I am not quite willing to write the epic of Rarity and the fashion world and yet it became important.)

The story is growing into a monster and I haven't finished the first chapter yet. I have Pinkie Pie giving romance advice, Dash partying a little too much, Fluttershy with her own set of rather unique problems and more and it all wants to be expanded. It NEEDS to be expanded and elaborated and little interludes written to establish the ponies as real people.

So much for posting a 10k chapter in a few parts and then diving into adventure. I am having a blast tho. If this keeps up i'll be popping out a couple thousand words each day or so for those people who think 2 thousand words was enough of a premise to watch the story. XD