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Sailing the solar wind. - JadeCriminal

Equestria: Pocket universe. Somewhat hastily made on the fly. The Mane 6: Interstellar Diplomats

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Chapter one. A rare Event

The turbulent chaos of the Primordium swayed ahead of of the Celestial Wind. The ship plodded on tirelessly as the chaotic sludge battered itself against the prow of the ship mercilessly testing the ship's protective enchantments. Sails secured, flaps retracted the ship was tossed about by the relentless flow of the Primordium.

Men, dwarves, gryphons and elves bled and died as the tidal forces and the probing tentacles of Darkness threatened to tear the ship apart. The Darkness was raced it's pseudopods into the air bubble that surrounded the ship whipping and slashing and the screams of dying men mingled with the groans of stressed wood.

"We'll never make it!" A sailor screamed clutching the glowing helm with a white knuckled grip as a twisting, tentacled shadow reached to tear him apart. A glory of light lanced against the darkness and he turned the wheel slightly to align the compass-beacon.

"Stay the course!" A strong, inspiring voice rang forth across the ship. A small white filly, horn blazing with holy light stood at the stern of the ship, hooves anchored and wings flared protectively over a small chrysalis. In the semi transparent crystal an outline of a purple foal could be seen.

"Stand firm and it will break against us like the mist in the morning sun!" The Unicorn yelled, her long pink mane flapping wildly in the wind and as she said it her horn started glowing once more.

As the sailors fighting against the probing tentacles and shadow stuff creatures froze as a lance of pure light flashed across the ship and deep into the Primordium arround them. The battle stopped as man and thing turned as one and watched the light pierce through the umbra of the screaming Primordial Darkness that was engulfing them. It wasn't enough. The light faded and the filly collapsed painfully, spent and exhausted, across the chrysalis that contained her unborn sister. For a moment her eyes rolled back and her head hung listlessy.

"Celestia!" A young man, barely into his growth with puppy fat of childhood still clinging to his face cried out in horror and rushed to her side. He fell to his knees at her side grasping at her head.

"It is finished." She murmured her lips moving listlessly and the young man paled.

"My light stands with yours until the end as my father stood before me. No regrets." He swore as the battle started oncemore. He drew his dagger and turned outwards his face a grim mask of determination as he stood between her and the Lashes of Darkness that were piercing through the protective shielding once more.

"No young Skyswirl." He felt a touch against his back and turned. The princess was standing shakily and pointing a hoof into the distance.

Skyswirl looked into the darkness, confused, and could see, barely a visible a mote of red light.

"What is..." he started to ask and then ignited plasma seared the darkness in an explosion of light and warmth. He was blinded but his goddess wasn't. Later she would tell him of the birth of a new sun and the circle of light and energy that carved out a stable circle into the Primordium. No he could only feel the wind and the sounds of battle fade away in the light of a new dawn.

"It is our new home." She whispered. "A new universe of safety an light for my sister and my loyal friends."

We will craft a world for us to inhabit, one of peace and harmony so that we may recover from the horrors of war and betreyal.

"We shall call it: Equestria."

Chapter 1, A Rare event.

It was almost time for Apple Buck season and Applejack carefully inspected all the trees she walked by on on her way towards the oldest apple producing tree in the orchard. It was time to perform one of granny smith's traditions: pick the apples from Old Nelly and feed them to those near and dear.

“How you doing Nellie?” Applejack asked the huge apple tree as she approached it and snorted in self reproach as the tree remained silent.

It seemed a silly thing to do, talking to trees but it was just that most folk didn't understand the Art of The Apple. Applejack knew that Old Nelly was just as alive as everything else.

Any pony could rear up on their hind-legs and buck at a tree trunk. The Art of Apple was something else entirely. Yes her work is essentially bucking trees but what most ponies failed to realize is just how much of herself Applejack poured into those trees or how much the trees gave back.

Sensing this flow of life energies, whether by instinct or practice is essential to a good, bountiful harvest and even Twilight admitted it was a part of earth pony magic. A pony with an apple tree will buck it and get a bunch of bruised apples on the ground. Applejack, and any other Apple family member for that matter will buck a carefully nurtured tree, shake the branches in an exact way and get ready to carry home baskets full of premium grade apples.

It is said that the Apple Family has the Green Hoof, which really means being good, honest and hard working. Tho a touch of Earth Pony magic and a family secret or two helped.

Applejack closed her eyes and inspected Old Nellie for varmints or sickness. Not finding even a speck of trouble she chuckled to herself.

“And I tease Twilight about mystical mambo jumbo.” she muttered to herself with a smile.

Art of the Apple was also quite useful for any pony tending a farm a stone throw away from the Ever-free forest.

Being able to buck way above her size saved Applejack's neck a couple of times and it all started here at the farm, with her beloved apple trees and the timber wolves that wanted to pollinate them.

The farmer pony smiled and patted the venerable tree with affection.

“You just keep up the good work you hear?” She smiled at the old tree as she set down the four large apple baskets beneath the tree.

Anyshing for yoush Apple Jack dearie.” A dry ancient voice responded and farmer pony whirled towards Old Nelly eye wide as saucers.

“Nelly?” She whispered in reverence. She head heard stories of old trees coming to life but this was unbelievable.

She was promptly snapped from this reverence by the annoyingly familiar chortle and belly laughter of a certain rainbow Pegasus coming from the apple branches.

“Rainbow Dash!” Applejack yelled feeling somewhat foolish. “That was a mean trick to pull.”

Rainbow Dash was rolling in the branches of Old Nelly and clutching her belly like her life depended on it.

“Hwaaah! Your face.” she chortled and managed to form a few words and then promptly went back to laughing.

Applejack frowned and then hoofed Big Nelly firmly but gently, sending vibrations across the entire tree. The apples fell into the prepared baskets while Dash crashed to the ground in front of Applejack.

“Hey! What did you do that for?” Rainbow Dash complained dusting herself off and standing up.

Her friend just stared at her silently.

“Oh come on. It was funny!” Rainbow complained.

Applejack's eyes narrowed as she adjusted her hat. She did not blink.

“Well it was!” the prankster said mutinously, taking a firm stance and glaring at Applejack.

They stared at each other for a long moment and then burst into laughter.

“A'right. You got me good.” Applejack admitted.

“I did didn't I?” Rainbow Dash agreed readily.

“You are quite amazing at stunts like that.” Applejack said while expertly tying two Apple baskets together into makeshift saddlebags and lifting them up with her teeth onto her back.

“I am aren't I?” Rainbow preened happily as she buffed a hoof on her chest.

“Which means you can now help me take these apples back to the farm.” said the apple farmer as she snuck behind Rainbow.

“I can, can't I?” Rainbow Dash nodded along, her eyes closed and basking in the praise. And her eyes sprung wide open and she paused.

“Wait what?” She turned around just as Applejack dropped two apple baskets across her flanks.

“Hey!” she protested against the trick, sagging a little under the burden..

“Now now, take your punishment like a mare!” Applejack said lifting the remaining two apple baskets on her own flanks. “Or are you saying you can't run with the same amount of apples I can? Without spilling or bruising a single apple?”

Rainbow Dash stared at her rival's challenging smile for a moment and then smiled back.

“It is on! Last one to the farm is Pinkie Pies dance partner!”

“Agreed.” Applejack nodded and then stepped next to Rainbow Dash. “On your mark! Get set!'

“Go!" Rainbow Dash yelled and took off before the other mare could say a word of protest.

Back at the Apple Farm preparations were in progress for a Rarities congratulatory party. Every-pony knew she was coming back from World Fashion Contest in Prance with a first prize and priceless worldwide prestige for Carousel Boutique. The Apple Family barn was crawling with activity as Pony-ville ponies prepared a welcome for one of their own.

Twilight Sparkle was co-organizing a last minute grand party in the Apple Family barn along with Pinkie Pie and was currently staring at the large banner hanging in the center of the back wall.

Most Fashionable Congratulations Rari” the banner read.

Twilight Sparkle sighed. Just once she wished they would gauge the banner length correctly. Her horn shined and suddenly the banner stretched by a crucial few hoof-lengths.

“There. Now fix it!” She glared at the two older fillies, just out of school and on the cusp of adulthood that were usually in charge of the banners. They giggled and whispered to each other while taking down the banner. Twilight sighed as called up a scroll and floated it in front of her.

“Check the banner.” She muttered while making a check-mark on her list.

“Hee~eey Twilight! Whatc'ha doing?” A pink, cloth wrapped face popped up from above between her and the floating scroll. Twilight yelped in surprise and sprang away from the pink ninja.

Pinkie pie was hanging upside down from the rafters, a hind leg wrapped in one of the silk decorative ribbons. She was wearing a pink ninja outfit and looking at Twilight with happy eyes. Presumably she was smiling as well behind the mask.

“Pinkie.” Twilight sighed as her heartbeat slowed back down and smiled fondly at the pink hurricane of random. “Hi Pinkie! I was going to look for you next.”

“No duh! Silly filly, the set up is an important part of the plot to save the universe and pastry!” The Pink Shadow explained. Twilight's train of thought skipped a beat with a rude scratching sound.

“What do?” Twilight started to ask and then waved it off. This was not the time to study the world of Pinkius Piekus and it's amusing la la fantasies. Maybe tomorrow.

“Never mind I don't want to know right now. You are in charge of the guest list and the food. Status report?”

“All hunky dory!” Pinkie pie saluted which caused her to drop from the ribbon she had been hanging from. When she stood up her ninja outfit has changed into a pink hued camouflage uniform. She had a pink beret on her head, an arm band marked with sergeant’s stripes and stood at some odd two hoofed version of parade rest. Twilight envied her slightly on the exceptional balance and stamina needed to pull off all those antics successfully.

“Sir! All accounted for except Rainbow Dash and Applejack who are racing here as we speak and Rarity who's Estimated Time of Arrival from her Air ship crossover in Canterlot is in two hours via Pegasus Taxi Service chariot number nine eight alpha Sir!.”

Pinkie suddenly looked across the barn and waved. “Heartstrings! The Cupcakes go on the other table! For maximum fun! On the double before I make you eat a Fudge Sundae recruit!” She called out shaking a threatening hoof and then turned back to Twilight and winked.

“Also, Apple Bloom and Zecora are a bit late, might want to check that. Now excuse me Sparkle-Dono I must coordinate the Art of Maximum Fun Factor Pinky Shui for the Apple family barn." Somewhere along the line her clothes blurred into an oriental outfit before Twilight's eyes, complete with a pink serpent wrapping a cupcake.

The Pink Serpent of the East dodged the two ponies that were carrying the ice sculpture with a modest, graceful hop and bopped a pony with sideburns with a folded fan as she passed him.

“Szukov! The Appletinni need more apple schnapps and less vodka you silly Stalliongrady pants!” She called out as she navigated the room.

Twilight wondered for the hundredth time that month if it had been a good idea to make that hat of disguise for pinkie. As she pondered this difficult existential question she noticed Pinkie's ear flop and her knees twitch. She couldn't see her eyes but she hopped away from the barn doors just in case.

While Twilight was still in the middle of the hop Applejack and Rainbow Dash burst through the barn doors at top speed sending Twilight spinning into a bale of hay.

“Ha! I win by half a nose. “ the blue mare pranced pridefully, her load of apples seemingly not slowing her down a bit.

“Oh no you don't! My hat was clearly in front of your nose.” Applejack retorted.

“Clothes don't count.” the stubborn pegasus denied as she deposited the apples in one corner.

“Of course they do.” the equaly stubborn earth pony stayed firm while depositing her own load.

“Do not!” Rainbow exclaimed as she got in Apple Jacks face and Twilight twitched from the up side down heap she had landed in. She knew where this one was going. She had to put a stop to their competition and she would. As soon as the room stopped spinning.

“Girls?” she tried to cut in dizzily and then shook her head.

“Do too!” Applejack retorted glaring and pressing her forehead against Rainbow's.

“Do n...” The rainbow maned mare started to retort eloquently but she was abruptly cut off.

“Girls!” Twilight yelled and stopped the impending re-enaction of the Iron Pony contest in it's tracks with a weaker version of Traditional Royal Canterlot Voice. All action stopped for a moment as every-pony looked at Twilight, Applejack and Rainbow Dash for a long moment and then every pony went about their business.

Twilight concentrated on her walking as she approached the two quarreling mares.

“As fun watching you two flirt is, I need your help.” She smiled at the quarrelsome duo and watched them splutter, the two mares promptly forgetting their rivalry. Distract and Conquer, her diplomacy books are always right.

“Apple Bloom and Zecora were supposed to be here by now to help with the preparation and I'm a little worried. Rainbow Dash? You are the best of us at stealth and speed. Could you go into the Ever-free Forest and check on them for me, just in case? Applejack? We really need those delicious Apple Pies ready before the deadline! Please girls? I honestly just want this party to go without a hitch for Rarity.” She added with the sweetest pleading smile she could muster.

For a moment it hung in the balance, the two fillies torn between friendly rivalry, embarrassment and affection for Twilight and Rarity and then Twilight's big sad eyes won them over.

“I'll find them in ten seconds flat!” The fastest mare in Equestria boasted and took off like a miniature bolt of lightning, leaving a small white cloud in her place.

As the cloud cleared Applejack dug at the floor of the barn with her hoof, feeling slightly embarrassed at getting caught up in one of her silly tiffs with Dash.

“Aw shucks Twilight, don't worry, I won't let you down.” the farm pony smiled and heaved all four of the apple baskets onto her back and headed for the house.

“Out of my way! I have some bakin' to do!” She cautioned as she galloped out of the barn.

When Applejack left, Twilight's horn glowed and her check-list poofed into existence floating in front of her.

“Prevent impending Apple-Dash fight, ensure pies are ready on time. Check and check. Three down about a hundred to go.” Twilight sighed in contentment as she made the check-marks and went to take care of the next item on the list. She could se how Pinkie Pie was so into this. The challenge of organizing everything was really fun.