• Published 24th Sep 2013
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Nightshade - Blazing Dragon

Luna tries to forget her past one night in the library and a surprise incounter with a lavender unicorn changes every thing.

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Rainy Nights

Rainy Nights

Written By: Blazing Dragon Edited By: BeneathTheShade

The gardens looked different from the time she cared for them, but there was something that never changed: the flowers that bloomed at night. Chuckling to myself, I twirl one in my magic, admiring it’s exotic beauty, and smell it’s sweet fragrance. 'I don’t know what they are called… she never told me.' Laying under the sapling we planted so long ago, I drop the flower onto the wet grass below me and turn to stare up at the moon. A drop of moisture falls from the leaves above and lands upon my snout. ‘I wish there was more to do besides lay here and mope all night.’

Laying my head in the grass I curl my hooves close to my chest and shut my eyes. I’ve been so drowsy lately, but from what, I do not know. There is rustling in the leaves above me as rain starts to pour down from the clouds above. Each individual drop cold as ice as it hits my coat. ‘I love the rain.’ I thought, just laying there motionless listening to the sound of the rain coming down.

Next was the wind violently rushing through the leaves. ‘Storm’s coming.’ I thought, as I hear thunder, high above the clouds. Looking up, I watch lightning streak across the sky, lighting the dark clouds in the distance. I always thought thunderstorms looked better at night.

My ears perk up as I hear movement behind me. A yellowish shield surrounds the area around me and disappears, the rain hitting it the only visible clue it was still there. “Tia, we would like to be left alone.” I said with irritation clearly evident in my voice.

“Has anypony ever told you that it’s not smart to lay under a tree during a thunderstorm?” Tia says with a smile, laying down next to me in the grass.

“We do not care Tia. Our life feels so empty ever since our return. We would rather leave, not much is keeping us here.”

“Where would you go?” Tia asks, looking downcast, “Because I would be very sad to see you gone.”

“We don’t know... We have thought about visiting the human world, or the world of the fairies. That would be nice. Someplace where we would be loved rather than feared.”

“Luna, do you still think that I am only loved by my little ponies? Some love me yes, but most envy me and pretend to love me. I feel sometimes as alone as you... in a sea of faces. None ever interested in getting to know me, only caring for what I can give them, or take away from them.” Tia spits out the last part with venom.

This is the first time I have ever heard my sister speak like that about her subjects, and it worries me. This is so unlike the Tia I knew so long ago. ‘What has changed you Tia?’

“There are times I hate them.” She says under her breath looking at me with a coldness I’ve never seen in my sisters eye’s before. “But there is one that loves me, and loves me for who I am, and that is you dear sister. I don’t want to lose you...again.” She finishes, pulling me in close for a hug.

I didn’t know what to say... So, I just remain silent, and keep listening.

She buries her face in my neck, and I can hear her fighting back tears. “I love you, Luna. You’re the only real friend I have.”

The cold part of me wants to leave her wallowing in her tears, and her misery. ‘She deserves it!’ My heart though, is telling me to try and comfort her, to tell her it’s okay and that I forgive her. I feel conflicted. I still love her, but she hurt me badly, and I can’t let that go so easily. “I love you too Tia... But, it will be awhile before I can forgive you.”

Breaking down and crying into my shoulder, I hear the roar of thunder, and see lightning race across the sky again as the rain continues to pound the shield in front of me. I lay there and let my sister cry on my shoulder for awhile ‘Why? I do not know, maybe I’m too soft.’

I eventually grow tired of hearing my sister cry, and I start to get up. Pulling from her embrace I look at her. “Be thankful you can still receive forgiveness Tia, some of us don’t get such a luxury.” I tell her, perhaps harshly, turning around and walking out of the shield. As I get further away I hear the shield she erected collapse as another bolt of lightning flashes through the sky, followed by a loud bang. Finding shelter from the rain under the entrance to the postern door to the castle I look back and see my sister still lying on the damp grass, unmoving in the rain. ‘I love the rain...’

Laying in the wet grass, her body on top of mine, and the rain pouring down on us both, soaking into our coats. Our lips caress each other in a slow kiss, her hooves running through my mane slowly. Pulling from the kiss she lightly bites the bottom of my lip, pulling back in a sensual fashion. I look into her eyes, giggling happily, with her following suit. ‘How strange, our laughter looks like crying with no song. The raindrops running down my face taste like tears...but without the pain.’

“I love you Luna,” she declares, nuzzling her head under my chin. “You make me feel so special…”

Heading into my private bathroom I grab a towel off one of the silver racks that line the walls and dry myself off. I don’t want to visit Twilight looking like a wet dog… I really should take a shower, but I think I’ve gotten wet enough for one night.

After drying myself off I head down the hall towards the library, passing my night guard from last night, and like before, I hear them whispering to each other. Curious as to what they were saying to each other, I hide myself behind the corner of the hall, and lift my ear up to eavesdrop on them.

“I always get so freaked out when she walks by, like I’m going to faint or something.” He says in a hushed whisper.

“Yeah, I know, she kinda has that effect on me too. What would it be like if one of the princess asked you out?”

“If something like that were to ever happen? I think I would die if Luna ever asked me out, she’s so sexy I think it kills ponies… Never mind her seductively mysterious nature. Gives me the bucking shivers.”

My eyes go wide with shock. “My seductively mysterious nature?” I ask, under my breath, raising an eyebrow. ‘All this time I thought they feared me for the things I did in the past, but they were only intimidated by beauty.’ I facehoof, while dragging my hoof down my muzzle. ‘Of course! How could I have been so blind. They were always like that, even a thousand years ago.’ With a gleeful smile on my face I continue to listen to my guards whisper back and forth amongst themselves. ‘I have to say they are acting more like school fillies talking about colts than grown stallions.’

“What about Cadence or Celestia. What if they asked you out?”

“Cadance I would turn down, not because I think she’s ugly, but she’s dating the captain, and I would rather not get on his bad side. Celestia though doesn't really do anything for me. I see her more as a mother figure.”

“Not me! I would probably pass out if Celestia so much as winked at me.”

“If that’s the case, why’d you join the night shift?”

“The day guard’s way too strict for me, you can’t talk, and you just stand there for hours looking like a statue. I… I couldn't take it.”

“No wonder, you never shut up.”

“Hey! I don’t hear you ever complain.”

Smirking, I stop listening and move back in the sight of my guards, revealing myself to both of them. They both immediately compose themselves as I stare at them. I see that glint of fear from before in the one on the left’s eyes. Turning towards him I bring my muzzle close and kiss him on the forehead.

With wide eyed shock I see him blush as bright as my sisters sun, then faint onto the floor.

I turn to his friend. He looked almost as shocked as his unconscious companion, though he was composing himself a little better. “Princess I think you killed him!” He yells loudly, kneeling down to check on his buddy.

“He is fine, he only fainted. When he gets up, tell him I said ‘thank you’.”

Getting back up and saluting, “Ye-yes ma’am!”

“Have a good night private, we are off to the library.”

Author's Note:

I'm very sorry for taking so long on this update guys. I hope there are still people that actually care about this story. I want to thank everyone of you that has favorited, and liked this story. I never thought when I first published this that it would be this big of a hit. I mean my last story kinda bombed, I'm not really proud of it to be honest.

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