• Published 24th Sep 2013
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Nightshade - Blazing Dragon

Luna tries to forget her past one night in the library and a surprise incounter with a lavender unicorn changes every thing.

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Written By: Blazing Dragon Edited By: BeneathTheShade

I stared up, annoyed, into the night sky, the storm getting in the way of my research on the evolutions of a star. ‘Just my luck! Whenever I find time to do some of my own research, a storm comes.’ I sighed heavily, falling into the nice soft couch next to the telescope. My hoof dangling over the side as I close my eyes. ‘Why does the weather have to be so stupid right now? Couldn't the pegasi have picked a different night to have a storm,’ I thought grumpily. ‘Well, I could always write my book. Luna seems to really like reading it.’ Grabbing the book off the desk next to my notes I start writing some of my ideas down for the next chapter. The rain from outside coming down hard against the glass window next to me.

‘Mmm, what could the next book be about I wonder?’ Taping the quill in my magic against my chin. ‘Has Luna figured out I based Starlight off of her yet? Also, does she know I have a… No, no she doesn't. I mean how could she?’ I thought, chuckling sheepishly to myself.

‘Unless she’s seen my dreams... Can she do that!?’ I thought, my eyes shooting open.

Just then I hear the clicking of hooves on the marble floor of the library getting closer.“Hello Twilight.” Luna says, moving towards me, and sitting on her haunches in front of the window.

The abruptness almost causes me to jump out of my skin as Luna just appears in front of me out of nowhere. “Luna... you have an incredible talent for sneaking up on ponies!” I said, holding a hoof to my chest.

“We are sorry Twilight, we did not mean to frighten you.” Luna says, looking rather down for some reason.

“Is everything ok?” I asked curiously, setting my book on the table next to me, “you look… upset.” I finish staring into her eyes. Scrunching up my eyebrows I notice once again she doesn't hear me. She looks like she’s lost in her thoughts again, just blankly staring at the raging storm outside.

‘I wonder, what’s behind those eyes of hers… I could only guess.’

Getting off the chair and onto my hooves I lightly poke her in the side to get her attention. “Luna what is the matter?” I asked sitting down next to her.

“Twilight have you ever heard the old saying, ponies never change?” Luna asks, staring out the window distantly. The rain continuing to pound the glass as a flash of light brightens up the night sky, making it seem like day for just a split second.

“Yes, I’ve heard it before. Why do you ask?”

“Don’t ever believe it, Twilight.” She says looking into my eyes very seriously. “Ponies always change. It’s just that they don’t always change for the best. Most of the time they steadily get worse. But then, there are those rare occasions they change for the better.”

“What, um... brought this up?” I ask quizzically.

“Nothing.” She says softly, “just, the musings of an immortal.” Luna then moves over towards the table I set my book on. She looks at me while pointing at the book with her hoof. “Is this the book we talked about last night?”

Moving towards her I grab the book off the table. “Yes it is. I’ve been trying to finish it, but whenever I get to the romance, my mind just goes blank. I sometimes wonder why I even started writing a romance in the first place... I know nothing about it.” I said, holding the book close to my chest.

“We find it surprising to hear that. You’re my sister’s pupil, a colt should have made a pass at you by now.” Luna says with a smile.

‘Ok, how do I say this without embarrassing myself?’ Then I mentally facehoof ‘I don't think there is anyway for me to say this without embarrassing myself!’ I thought, laying back down on the couch from earlier.

“I have been asked many times, but none of them interested me. I have found a few slightly attractive, but never enough to go any further.” I feel my cheeks heat up after saying that. ‘Oh great! Now she’s definitely going to know somethings up.’

“We know of what you speak. When we were young Tia kept pushing us to find somepony, but when we finally did, she didn’t approve of our choice.” She says, looking sad and distant again.

“Why didn't she approve of your choice?” I asked a little hesitantly, not wanting to push too much. But... my curiosity got the better of me.

‘I wonder what sort of pony Luna could have been with to cause Celestia not to approve.’

“Well… it’s a bit of a long story but if you are willing to listen we would be willing to tell it.”

“I don’t have anything else to do. The storm’s kind of in the way of my research right now. ” I said, looking over at the window half smiling.

“Ok then,” Luna says laying down on the floor next to the chair. “Where do I begin..?”

“At the beginning.” I said with a smile, laying the book in my lap, eagerly awaiting her to start her story.

‘I have always wondered about her past...’

“It all started in the early years of our empire when we were still trying desperately to hold things together. In those days, you see, “racism” was a very big problem. The nobles would feud over the most trivial of things. Unicorns, Pegasi and Earth ponies were not as unified as this era seems to believe. But my sister accomplished over time what I wanted to solve immediately. I never understood her unlimited patience for intolerance and bigotry.”

“What about the Hearth's Warming and the windigos that forced the tribes to work together?”

“Oh, that… we believe our sister calls that one a noble lie. A lie designed to hold ponies together and to keep them unified. Nothing more. It’s a sweet story, but a story none the less. The truth though is a bit darker than that.”

“What was it actually like!?” I ask, curiously.

“You really don’t want to know Twilight, and I don’t feel like sharing. It was awful, and we do not wish to relive those early days. We tell you these things to prepare you for what you will hear next…

“I already have a hard time believing Celestia would lie to me like that.” I replied, disbelievingly.

“You do not know my sister like you think you do. She isn’t an awful pony, but she will use deception to get ponies to do the right thing. We are sometimes surprised by how successful she is, this place is nothing like it once was.”

And there she goes again, that blank stare as if a memory is forcing its way inside her mind. “Could you please tell me about it? At least some of it, I’m very interested.”

“We do not know if our sister would like you to hear such things, but as long as you keep it between us, We will share some of it, yes.”

I set my book down next to me on the couch and get comfortable. ‘I’ve always loved history lessons...’

“It all began when We were walking through our garden one night, admiring the beautiful flora around Us when We came across a most peculiar mare…”

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Comments ( 23 )

Your dialogue and normal prose is getting much better! Keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

you got me hook line and sinker

-Moar plz

Moar soon, please?

YOU'RE ALIVE!!!!!! :pinkiecrazy: :rainbowlaugh:

3782768 it could be a harry potter reference in that the Ravenclaw dormitory door does the same thing

5668043 it was an enjoyable story i cant wait for teh next chapter

I hope this continues at some point. Its an amazing story.^^


Thank you!:twilightsmile:

I'm working on it, so expect an update soon.

6084287 :pinkiegasp: My last name is alive?! Why didn't you tell me?!

6084402 I didn't even realize it until now!! :rainbowkiss::pinkiesad2:

So is this story dead...or what?

6067398 so is this story dead...or what?


No, it is not.

I just don't know what to do next.

6721378 why not ask around for help with ideas and such then?


Why, are you volunteering?

PM me if you're interested in helping me out.

This comment is brought to you by Commence Comments : So first I really enjoyed this fic. It not often I see a good first person story. Secound you have done a great job with your characters. I feel like its actually Luna talking and Twilight.
I do enjoy your ideas about Celestia and hope you put more of an intrest into her part in the story.
As for the bad, I feel like you could have done more with the gaurds and mabey let that revaluation play out longer, not that it was handled bad mind you. I just felt like it could have been drawn out a little. My only other complaint is the sudden switch to Twilight’s point of view. You went several chapters as Luna and then bam we're Twilight. If you had done that sooner it wouldnt have bothered me as m6ch.
But any who I plan on favoriting it so theres that. I give a 7 out of 10 so great job
Also if your still wanting help give me a shout I love to help.

good story i hope for more

this is quite long hiatus


Yeah, I have been very busy these last couple of years but I do fully intend on writing the rest of this story one day.

Aaaaand I wanna read more.

I can see Luna's story putting Twi off a bit but also giving her hope cause it tells her Luna's unlikely to be interested in stallions. Wonder how long it will take for Luna to really take full interest in Twilight too. For now, the little hints and friendly moments are cool and I can see this going somewhere great.

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