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Twin moon - Little Solarflare

an alicorn adventure story, without the sad, and the philosophical insights

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Chapter 4: First Impressions

Twilight Sparkle was livid. Her mane was wild, hairs sticking out of places, but her eyes had not begun twitching just yet. A sign which everypony in Ponyville was grateful for. Usually when that rare phenomenon occurred, the student of Celestia herself would do something drastic which affected everypony within a five kilometre radius.

“Oh Princess Celestia, why did you have to be so sudden?” Twilight thought to herself

Twilight had fallen asleep during her studies, and it wasn’t until the morning when she had received her letter. She galloped as fast as she could towards the Town Square.

Ponies were milling about their daily eyes, but their attention was soon drawn to the purple unicorn galloping towards a heap of used cider kegs.

Curious eyes followed her as she climbed on top of a barrel.

*Ahem*! Everypony Listen up!” She shouted at the top of her voice.
The residents all stopped their activities and looked towards her.

“I had just received a letter from the princess informing us that a very important pony will be coming to stay here in Ponyville for three days.”

The Crowd murmured to themselves. What was the hurry? They always tidied the Town to royalty before, so why was she so distressed?

Twilight Continued.

“Therefore, the Princess’ V.I.P will be arriving in one hour, and I repeat, ONE HOUR!! So everypony will need to work with triple the effort to spruce up the Town! Well...? What is everypony waiting for?? GET TO IT!!”

With that, the entire town was exploded into action. Everypony rushed to either tidy up their appearance, their homes or rushed to find some sort of decoration to beautify the town. Mr Cake, whom was buying sugar from a local vendor cantered as fast as he could towards Sugar Cube Corner, he had a large order to fill, and Mrs Cake was still hospital, awaiting the arrival of their children, he really had no time to lose.

Rarity, drawn out of her boutique by the commotion, walked up to Twilight. “Oh Twilight!” She called out in her sing song voice. “Please do tell me what in Celestia’s name going on?”

Twilight did not seem to notice her.

“Oh Equestria to Twilight!”

Suddenly Twilight spun around, displaying a large and creepy smile on her face.

“Oh Rarity! I didn’t see you there! Everything is fine! the princess just told me that she has a very important filly coming to Ponyville and she will be here within the hour and I’m to watch over her! I’m going to make it right because I’m a responsible student and Oh hey Rarity! Did I ever say that I was a responsible student?!” With that she begins to hyperventilate.

Rarity facehoofed. Twilight was having another of her ‘panic attacks’. She sighed and laid a hoof and Twilight’s shoulder and looked into her crazed eyes. “Twilight, look at me deary.”

Twilight continued to hyperventilate.
Rarity pokes her. When that triggered no response, Rarity decided to forsake her manners for a very good, but troubled friend.

“TWILIGHT WAKE UP! “ Rarity yelled and shook the purple unicorn.

With that, some sense seemed to return into Twilight’s eyes. She blinked out of her stupor, however her eyes still remained panicky.

“Oh my gosh Rarity! What time is it now? Has the filly come? Is the town ready?”

Rarity shook Twilight. “Twi, you must really stop fretting over every little detail! It’s going to drive you crazy! Besides, apart from the parasprite incident, since when has Ponyville failed to greet royalty?”

Twilight’s breathing slowed. “I guess you're right Rarity, I’m sorry I got worked up like that. It’s just that I want to make an good impression for this Very Important Filly who is coming.”

Rarity raised her eyebrow, “Very Imp- Oh my Twilight, do you mean that filly we found in that crater during Hearths warming day?”

Twilight nodded. “Yes, and her name is-”

Rarity ran off muttering, “Ooh less than an hour, and I do not have a gift for this filly, I’m a terrible Element of Generosity.” She disappeared back into her boutique.

Twilight viewed the activity around her. She had to credit the Ponyvillians.
In less than 10 minutes, ribbons had been put up, the aromas from baking for floating in the air. Rose was fixing the rose bushes, that strange hour glass cutie marked stallion was helping several earth ponies drag out a welcome sign.

However she needed to find a certain rainbow pegasus to clear the few clouds from the sunny sky. She sighed and looked to the sun.

Around 45 minutes left. I can do this!” She thought in determination.

Oh reminds me, I have to send a letter back to the princess as soon as Spike wakes up.”

Twilight hurried her way to sugarcube corner. “Mrs Cake is child rearing, so I’ll check up on Mr Cake and Pinkie to see if they need an extra hoof.”

Suddenly a Pink blur sped past, leaving a trail of flour behind and spinning Twilight around.

“Wooah~~” Twilight said dizzily as her perception slowly eased back to normal.

The Pink Pony sped back, a two bags of flour hung by her side, along with a bag of chocolate chips on her back.
“Oh hey Twilight! I heard you just announced that a very important filly was coming to town and I knew that we were going to be super duper busy today so I grabbed some flour to make chocolate cake! My Pinkie Senses told me that whoever is coming here loves chocolate cake, so I got some extra flour and chocolate. *Gasp* look at the time!, I gotta get makin, so I can start Baking!”

Twilight watched speechlessly as Pinkie Pie disappeared into the cake shop. It was often best to let Pinkie Pie do whatever it is she does.

“Oh...kay that leaves me Rainbow Dash...” Twilight thought to herself, as she squinted at the sky, looking to the clouds for the shape of that familiar rainbow pegasus who was probably still asleep.

She grumbled to herself as she began to look for the next pony of interest on her list.


I grip Luna tightly around the neck in fear as the chariot soars through the sky.

“Dawn? Could you please stop hugging me so tightly? I know you’re scared, but you're choking me.”

I open my eyes and I see clouds parting and reform before the chariot, to reveal a forest and mountain before covering them up once again.. “Wow.” I breath in respect to the magnificence of the sight. I loosen my grip. “Huh, this isn’t so scary after all” I think to myself.

Suddenly, there is no more cloud the cloud parts once more, not to reveal another mountain, instead, a huge drop between us and the ground.
There is a colourful town in distance which was rapidly growing in size.

Upon seeing how high we were, my eyes widen in fear, and I tighten my grip once more and bury my face into her mane.

Luna sighs in annoyance.


“Phew! And that’s it! All done, well done everypony!” Twilight said as she wiped the sweat off her forehead.

She watched as a golden chariot appeared from the cloud.

“And not a moment too soon,” she smiled.


I feel a jolt as the chariot hits the ground, followed by vibrations caused by the the wheels along the ground.

“Dawn, you can open your eyes now, we are on the ground.” Luna says.

I cautiously creep my eyes open and notice that we had stopped in front of a bridge to a very colourful looking town. There was a large crowd before us, all whom had bowed down to us. However, it is the purple pony with the pink streak in her hair which catches my attention. Rather than bowing, unlike the rest of the crowd, she had walked up to the front end of the bridge.

She has a very strong aura” , I think to myself, “Just like Mommy and Auntie Celestia, but she has no wings...”

Luna steps off the chariot imperiously and approaches the Unicorn. I trot closely behind, wary of this purple pony.

Luna however doesn’t seem to notice this as she closes the distance on the bridge beams. “Ah! Twilight Sparkle, tis a pleasure to meet you again!”

With that, the purple unicorn bows. “The pleasure is mine and Ponyville’s, Princess.”

She turns to me. “Hello! What’s your name?” she asks.

However, still wary of her, I shy behind Luna’s leg.

Luna looks back to me. “Dawn, you don’t have to be afraid of her, she is Twilight Sparkle, Auntie Celestia’s personal student!”

However I just end up glaring this ‘Twilight Sparkle.’

“I don’t like her.” I say, my body all tense.
Twilight shifts on her hooves uncomfortably, avoiding my eyes.

Luna, however gives me a very stern look.

I cringe under her gaze.

“Young Filly, Twilight Sparkle is the element of magic! She has been kind enough to let you stay here in Ponyville whilst My sister and I go on a mission! You will show her the respect that you show us, or so help me Dawn, when I come back, I’ll make you clean up the castle by yourself!”

I eep and look toward Twilight. “I-....I’m sorry” I say sheepishly with my head down.
Luna smiles again. “I’m terribly sorry about that Twilight Sparkle, but Dawn here needs to learn how to greet somepony properly. She isn’t this cold towards other ponies, but I think she was just a little scared from flying.”

Twilight bows. “It’s quite alright princess, I understand.”

I look around, many of the ponies in the crowd were looking at me with curiosity, however their eyes did not make me feel nervous as did the crowd in the day court. Rather, their gaze was welcoming.

Suddenly a Pink Pony appears out of the crowd. “Well what is everypony waiting for?!! LETS PARTY!!!”

With that, party streamers and balloons seemed to materialise out of nowhere. Balloons floated out of bushes, streamers seemingly fell from the clouds.

Suddenly appears beside me and startles me with a Party blower.

“Oh hey there, you must be that very important filly that Twilight was talking about but, Duh! You must have been an very important filly in the first place because you have both Wings and a Horn! So when I heard you were coming I was like *GASP* a very important filly needs a very important party so everyone can get to know you.......”

She continues to ramble on, whilst I look at her in surprise.

Luna laughs. “Oh Dawn, that is the Element of Laughter, Pinkie Pie, don’t be startled or confused by her behaviour, she is like that all the time.”

However she looks to me once more, her expression sad. “Dawn, I have to go now, Auntie Celestia is expecting me, and I cannot keep her waiting for too long.”
“But Mommy-”

“No buts little filly, you're a big pony now and we told you why we must leave you here. Try and make some friends whilst you are here.”

She walks up to me and gives me a nuzzle. “Be good, and listen to Twilight Sparkle, I’ll be back in a few days, I promise.”

With that I slump onto my haunches as she walks back towards the chariot, tears form around my eyes.
As they take off she waves to me.

They soon disappear over the horizon.

I feel empty, and alone.

Discord’s voice comes back into my head, followed by the echo of Luna’s promise. “She will abandon you when she can’t use you anymore! Aahahahahahhaha!!!”

“I’ll be back in a few days, I promise....”


Commander Iron Hoof, Lieutenant Storm Weaver, and Captain Cloud Breaker surveyed the dark blue alicorn from the edge of the Everfree forest.

Iron Hoof, took off his helmet and armour.

“Celestia’s orders are clear gents. Remain hidden, lookout for any potential threats to the elements or her majesty’s daughter. If found, any measures necessary must be taken to ensure the safety of her majesty. “

Storm Reaver opened his eyes as his horn stopped glowing. “No suspicious aura detected within the town’s vicinity sir.”

Cloud Breaker flew down from a nearby tree. “Sir! Filly is on the move, she is staying in the residence of Twilight Sparkle, that large tree house in the middle of the town.”

Iron hoof cracked his neck. “Alright fellas, you know the drill. Storm will keep watch during the night. Cloud Breaker is to keep overwatch during the day, and I’ll be in the town in disguise. HQ will be set up here, in this spot and a beacon will be set up here. Should any drastic measures be required, one touch of the beacon, and we’ll have an entire regiment of the elite Royal Guard backing us up.

He turned towards the two officers. “I shall be heading into town now, rendezvous in 20:30 here.”

The two officers saluted and went off to complete their duties.

Iron Hoof smiled to himself as he approached the town. This job as a spy was almost too easy.


Twilight looked at the little alicorn and couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. She had simply sat on her haunches and stared into the space where Princess Luna had disappeared over the horizon, her ribboned mane flowing gently in the morning breeze.

“Ummm.. Dawn?” Twilight asked carefully. There were tears streaming down the filly’s face.

The crowd remained dead silent at the scene before them.

The little filly began wailing. “Mommy...” she cried in anguish. Pinkie Pie had stopped talking and had a worried look on her eyes.
“Uh oh” she said in a matter-of fact, before dashing off.

Twilight walked up to the little filly. “Don’t worry, she’ll come back for you.”

The red-eyed alicorn sniffled and looked at her hopefully. “Really? you think so?”
Twilight smiled warmly
“Of course! Princess Celestia and Luna have always kept their promises, well... I know Celestia has, but I’m sure your mommy does as well!”

The alicorn stopped crying, and answered unsurely “I...I guess your right.”

Twilight smiled.

Okay step one complete, let the foal know everything is A-okay

Step two: introduce self in a positive manner

“My name is Twilight Sparkle, what’s your name?” Twilight looks at the filly warmly.

“D-Dawn.” The filly says through sniffles. Her red eyes still downcast and sad.

“Well Dawn, someone like you shouldn’t be sad, look how many ponies have come to welcome you!”
The filly looks up.


Hundreds of faces are smiling at me, welcoming, and causes a warm feeling inside me. I wipe the tears from my eyes and I smile sheepishly back.

“There, see? Do you feel better now?” The lavender unicorn Twilight Sparkle says to me.

“I-I guess”

Suddenly a rather extravagant and classy voice calls out. “Oh excuse me please! Please make way! Yoo Hoo, lookout! You nearly made me drop my gift!”

A white unicorn with a lavish purple mane steps out of the crowd.

“Ah! There you are, aren’t you the cutest little thing!” She exclaims, whilst walking towards me at an excited pace.

I shy away from her sudden outburst and hide behind Twilight.

Twilight steps aside and says “Come on now, look what Rarity brought for you!”

I look up and see the white unicorn holding up a purple ribbon. Her expression drops.
“Aw drat! I didn’t realise you already had one deary, I’ll be right back!!”

She turns and melts back into the crowd.

Twilight looks at me again. “....how about I show you around. By the way, do you like chocolate cake?”

At the mention of that word, my eyes lit up. “Really? You have cake here?” I burst out excitedly, only to blush in embarrassment “I mean. Yes I do.” I smile sheepishly.

Twilight chuckles. “Well we have the best cake here in all of Equestria, and Pinkie Pie, has prepared something just for you!”

My eyes widen in anticipation “Really?”

Twilight smiles. “Party At Sugarcube Corner Everypony!!” She announces, followed by cheering and stamping from the crowd.

She looks back to me, “Follow me Dawn, I know you’re just gonna love this!” As I follow her, I realise that all the Ponies were following closely behind.


We walk towards what seemed to me a life sized gingerbread house.
It looks so tasty...

“So the party is in there?” I asked Twilight.

“Oh yes my little pony.”

“That house looks cool! I kinda want to eat it though.” At that, my stomach gurgles out loud.
I blush in embarrassment. “Not again,” I groan in frustration.

Twilight however chuckled in amusement. “Come on, we’re nearly there.”

Suddenly I hear voices behind the door.
“....-hhh she’s coming!”
“everypony get into position!”

I roll my eyes. What kind of surprise is it if I can hear them?
Twilight, however, didn’t seem to notice.

“Here we are,” She says with a warm smile as she pushes open the door.

The room is dark, but I can see every movement in the room.. “and here we go” I think to myself.

As predicted,
SUPRISE!!” Around a dozen or so odd ponies jump up in party hats and some with party blowers. Twilight falls back in surprise.

I just stand there, not amused.

Some of them begin to speak quietly amongst themselves.
“Darn it. She don’t look too pleased with the surprise”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t want to startle her.” A gentle voice replies.

Suddenly a Pink Pony jumps from down from the ceiling in front of my face, startling me. “SURPRISE!!!”

I fall backwards onto my back in shock.

“Hey there Dawn, Dawn isn’t it? Anyway I just saw you all sad, and I thought nopony should be sad, so I decided to throw you a party! So do you like it? Do you Do you????

“Umm...Yeah... It’s....Great!” I say nervously.

Twilight glares at Pinkie Pie, and she is carried away with magic.
“Hey!” Pinkie Pie protests as she is carried away.

She turns to the others. “Everypony, meet Dawn!”

A wall of faces greet me. Also, Cake. My eyes widen in happiness.

However before I can move, an orange pony with a hat walks in front of me.

“Hey there sugarcube, ah’m Applejack, Ah run sweet apple acres!” an orange pony with a hat walks up. “How ya likin Ponyville?” She asks warmly.

“Colourful!” I reply “Also everypony doesn’t look at me weird like they do in the castle.”
“That's nice,” she replies, “Also feel free to stop by mah farm at sweet apple acres, we got the best apples in all of Equestria here!”

A cream coloured Pegasi flies around me. “Oh my... she looks just like Princess Luna, except she’s sooo cute!” My eyes widen at the sight of her. I have seen her before.. but when?

Another voice cut in.

“Well, Duh! She’s Princess Luna’s Daughter, of course she looks like her. Hmm I wonder if she is now royalty.

I look up and see a rainbow maned pegasus. She winks at me.
“Hey there pipsqueak, name’s Rainbow Dash! Fastest flyer in all of Equestria!”

“Really?” My ears perch in excitement. “That’s awesome!”

At this compliment, her chest seems to rise in pride. “Got that bit right! You’re a laugh there Pipsqueak, I’d love to show you some moves sometime!”

I raise my eyebrow in annoyance. “My name isn’t Pipsqueak, Its Dawn.”

“Yeah, whatever Pipsqueak, enjoy the party, gotta dash!” With that, she speeds out the door in a rainbow trail, blowing back my mane and leaving me stunned.
Twilight giggled. “Come on now Dawn, let’s party!”

Celestia waited irritatedly on a cloud above Canterlot. “Where is that foal of a sister?” she thought to herself in impatience.

Suddenly her Sister’s head popped up from the bottom of the cloud. “Sister, forgive me for my lateness.”

“The guards have been returned to the castle?” Celestia asked, not wasting any time.

“Yes big sister, though they insisted they come with us.”

Celestia gave her an impatient look. “Yes little sister, come, we are behind schedule already. I plan to see at least four elder dragons before the end of this day, and at this rate, we will only meet two.”

Luna sighed. “I know sister, it’s just that... I wanted Dawn to know everything will be fine. She’s just a filly after all.”

Celestia smiled. “Of course, and I’m glad that you care about her now. You almost killed her a few days ago.”

Luna hung her head. “I know, it’s just a few days ago I saw her as nothing more than a weakened Nightmare Moon, trying a pathetic last attempt to deceive us. But, these last two days, Dawn has shown me otherwise. In fact today when I left her in Ponyville, I..I..felt something in my heart break,” Luna stammered.

Celestia however replied in a comforting manner. “I understand little sister. You want to be with her, to protect and watch over her, but please understand Luna, I need you for this, and also I have utmost faith in the Elements and Commander Hoof to keep her safe for three days.”

Luna gave her sister a tired look. “I wish I shared your confidence in our subjects Tia, but let’s hurry and get this over with. I don’t want to keep Dawn waiting any longer than she has to.”

Celestia nodded in agreement. “Then let us make haste.”
They spread their wings and took off into the horizon.


“Come on Dawn! You can do it!” Applejack cheered me on as I struggled to balance the apples on my head.

“Steady..Steady....” Pinkie Pie says in concentration whilst attempting to place another apple on top, “aaaaaand Done! 6, that’s a new record! This calls for a celebration!” She cheers in excitement along with nearly half the town whom stamp their hooves on the ground.

I beam in success as the fruits fall off my head. “YAY!”

The door swings open to reveal the white unicorn from earlier.

“Hello everypony! Have you seen- Ah! There you are!” She says upon noticing me.

“ummm.. Hi!” I say, unsure how to greet her.

“Oh darling, I have made the most magnificent dress for you, you simply must try it on!” With that, an extravagant and lacy dress floats towards me.


“In fact, you should come by my Boutique now so you can try it on!” She says happily, whilst her horn glows.

Suddenly I feel the familiar sensation of being levitated. “Hey!”

With that, I suddenly fall back to the ground. “I have legs you know!!” I say indignantly.
“Oh I’m terribly sorry your majesty, I was a little carried away in my excitement.” she backs away slowly.

“Huh? Your majesty?” I say in confusion, “But everypony calls Mommy and Auntie Celestia that..”

She giggles to the ponies around her. “Oh, she doesn’t know!”

“Don’t know what?!” I ask in annoyance.

She looks at me again. “Little filly, if your mommy is a princess, what do you think that makes you?”


Suddenly I realise what she meant. “But I’m not a big pony like them yet!” I rebuke.
She grins. “It’s official! Princess Celestia announced it in her Day court yesterday!”
With that, she floats an newspaper article to my face. My eyes notice a picture of Celestia and I whilst she points to the words.

“Ummm.. I can’t...read..” I admit in embarrassment.

Twilight gasps, then frowns. “That will not do! Little Filly you’re coming with me right now. Sorry Rarity, but your dress will have to wait!”

Rarity gives a hurt look. “But Twiligh-”

“No buts Rarity! I will not let a Princess be illiterate whilst she is under my watch! Princess Celestia has told me to teach her magic, but I will not stand for Luna’s daughter being unable to read!”

Pinkie Pie, from across the room, dashes over. “But the party isn’t over yet..” She gives a sad look towards Twilight.

“Well there will be plenty of time to party later. Sorry everypony, but this filly is going to the Library now! She needs a crash course, and stat!”

With that, everypony in the Sweet shop goes “awww” and begins slowly exiting,

Twilight felt a pang of guilt.
“But I promise I’ll make up for it as soon as she can read!”

Pinkie Pie gasps. “Ohmygosh! that means I’m gonna have to start preparing now!” With that she disappears upstairs.

“Come now Dawn, we should get started as soon as we can.”Twilight says to me as she heads to the door.

I look desperately towards Applejack, who shakes her head. “Come on now sugarcube, It’s for yer own good.”

“But-” Luna’s voice rings in my mind.

“Young Filly, Twilight Sparkle is the element of magic! She has been kind enough to let you stay here in Ponyville whilst My sister and I go on a mission! You will show her the respect that you show us, or so help me Dawn, when I come back, I’ll make you clean up the entire castle by yourself!”

I gulp.

“Fine...” I say in exasperation, and trot after her in defeat.
“I didn’t even get to touch the cake” I think to myself glumly as I exit the door.

“......and again!” Twilight says in an authoritative manner.

“A....B...C...D...E...F...G....H...I.....That’s all I remember.” I slump down in hopelessness on the wooden floor.

It was soooo boring. I look out the window, the sun’s angle has arced again. .

Twilight sighs. “Come on now Dawn, that was only your second try and you already got to I. Don’t give up!”
“This is boring, can I do something else?” I ask hopefully

Twilight gives me a stern look. “No Dawn, not until you can do the entire alphabet!”
I return her look with one of determination. “Fine, here goes.”
I straighten my posture.

“*Ahem* ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ- Can I go now?” I ask innocently.

Twilight gives me a stunned look. “umm....I guess...”
However that was all the permission I needed. “Alright thanks bye!!!” I say as I dash for the door.
Twilight snaps out of her stupor. “Wait-a-minute.. Dawn come back here this instant!”

But it was too late, I laugh as I exit the door. “Phew, Finally!!” I think happily to myself.

“Come back here, or I’m telling your mother on you!!” her voice follows me, but I gallop as fast as I can towards SugarCube Corner.

Nearly there...” I think to myself as the building looms larger. I was so close, I could hear Pinkie Pie’s voice singing some random melody from the top floor. “Chocolate cake here I come!!”

Suddenly there is a purple flash and a very annoyed looking Twilight appears in front of me. “Dawn, that’s far enough!”

I dig my hooves into the ground to avoid colliding into her.
“So Close!!” I think sadly to myself.

“Dawn, I am very disappointed with you, I expected you to listen to your mother.” She gives me a very harsh look. However I wasn’t scared nor worried. Instead, I was angry.

“Go away, I don’t like you!” I say to her in defiance.

Twilight Sparkle was nervous. It had been less than 3 hours, and already she was losing the little alicorn.

Dawn glared at her, her red eyes boring into hers. “Go away, I don’t like you!” Dawn replies aggressively.
Twilight shifted uncomfortably. “Oooh, what do I do...”

However, to her relief, a fashionista's voice rang out. “Twilight dear, I see you have finished with the reading lessons with Dawn yes?”
An idea popped into Twilight’s head. “Yes! we finished! Dawn was just coming to try on that dress you made her!”

Rarity gave a gasp of happiness. There was a gleam in her eyes.

Dawn’s glare became a look of confusion. “huh?” The diminutive filly managed to utter before she was lifted up by magic and carried off.

“Heeeeey-!” her voice rang out, across Ponyville in protest as the excited fashionista carried her off towards the Boutique.


Help” I think to myself, as Rarity pulls at another strap, tightening the purple dress again. I feel the fabric crush against my ribs. “I...Can’t.....Breathe!!” Her cat seemed to be smirking at my discomfort, whilst resting upon a pile of fabrics.

Rarity lets go of the strap, much to my relief, and turns me around to face a panel of mirrors. “There! Now what do you think?”

I looked very nice, the dress suited me perfectly, though a little too tight. However I couldn’t speak, rather just gasp for breath.

“Aww, you like it so much you’re lost for words! Oooh, you should try out some of the other dress designs I made for fillies, I just know you’re going to love them!”

My eyes widen in horror.

“Just wait a moment dear, I’ll be right back!” She turns to another few outfits, whilst chattering excitedly to herself.

Must....escape!!” I think in desperation. I turn my head to one of the straps on the back and pull, instantly loosening the dress, and filling my grateful lungs with fresh air.
I gallop for the door. As I leave the Boutique her voice follows me.

“Oh Dawn, you simply must try... Dawn?”

But it was too late, I had already escaped and was not planning to look back. I open my wings and give it a few flaps. It felt good to stretch them after having them crushed between the wing holes of the dress.

I sigh in relief as some feeling returns back into the wings. I look around and realise that many eyes were looking at me in curiosity.

A green unicorn walks up to me. “...Are you okay your majesty?”
However before I can reply, the classy voice of Rarity makes me cringe in fear. "Dawn? Oh Dawn? Where are you? We still have several dresses to try out!"

I eep and continue my escape, galloping down a dirt track..

“Everypony in this town is CRAZY!” I think to myself as I dash toward a road leading to what seemed like a orchard.


I Lean against a tree in an attempt to catch my breath. My eyes dart around for the white fashionista. She was nowhere to be seen.

I give a sigh of relief and look around my surroundings. There were apple trees everywhere. With a barnhouse and corn fields in the distance.

“I must be at that place Applejack told me about,” I think to myself, “I wonder if she is here.”

I walk along the dirt path, towards the barn.


Applejack gave a grunt as she bucked another tree. As usual, the apples fell neatly into the baskets placed carefully around the tree. She slid under the baskets, lifted them and poured their contents onto a cart.
“Hoowhee! Well ah’m plumtuckered.” She said in a matter of fact as she wiped sweat from her brow. She adjusted her hat and looked toward her barn, noticing the dark blue alicorn walking toward it.

“What the hay is she doing here right now?”

With that she began to trot back to the barn, leaving the cart of apples unattended.


I reach the front door and knock. “ummm, hello? Applejack? It’s me Dawn, I just need somewhere to stay away from Twilight and Rarity.”

There was no reply.

I sigh, It was worth a try.

As I turn to walk away however, I hear hoofsteps ring closer.
Suddenly the door swings open. An elderly green earth pony “Well hello there young un! What can ah do fer ya?

“I’m here to see Applejack!” I tell her.

However she scratches her ears and holds her hoof to her ear. “You wanna bee a squack?!”

“ummm, I’m here to see Applejack?” I repeat myself.

“Yer here to slack? That doesn’t make any sense young filly!”

I feel reserves of patience drain away.

I’M HERE TO SEE APPLEJACK!!” I yell in frustration.

With that the strange old lady laughs and points.
“Aww why deary, she’s right behind ya!”

I turn around to see the orange farm pony walking toward me. “I hear you were lookin’ fer me yer highness, besides shouldn’t ya be with Twilight?”

I stammer my reply. “uhh..Yes! and um please stop calling me ‘Your Majesty’ or ‘Your Highness’, I really don’t think I’m a princess just yet.” I answer quickly.

“Fine then, How can ah help ya Dawn?”
I look at her with pleading eyes. “Mommy told me to stay with Twilight Sparkle, but she’s mean and I don’t want to be with her! She’s trying to make me learn the alphabet and then she chases me to Rarity who's trying to kill me with her dresses! Please, just let me stay here!” I beg.

Applejack looks surprised, then starts laughing, “Oh those two! Yer a laugh Dawn. Why, of course you can stay here for awhile. Here, let me talk to those two fer ya okay, while yer here, why not go find mah lil sister Applebloom, I’m sure she’d love to meet ya. Her classes should have just finished, just wait fer a few minutes she should be back any moment now.”

I thank for stars for this turn of good luck. “Thank you, Thank you!” I hug her front hooves.

She back away nervously “There there now princess, you shouldn’t bow down to me like that, Ah’ll be off now, have fun!”

With that, she bows and heads to the road to Ponyville.

The old mare smiles “Come on in little filly! mah eyes an’ ears ain’t as good as they use ta be. Make yerself at home.”
“Thanks!” With that, I trot inside.


Twilight was in a state of panic. “What do you mean she just left?!”

Rarity gave Twilight an annoyed look. “That Filly, most uncouth for a royal, simply left in the middle of our fitting session! What’s more she didn’t even say thank you! She ran off the store like she was the princess, what nerve!”

Twilight replied a bored expression. “Umm Rarity? She technically is a princess.”

Rarity sighed in frustration, “I know Twilight, but that fact just makes me more angry! How can one as rude as her be part of the royalty?”

Twilight raised an eyebrow. “Prince Blueblood?.”

At the mention of that name, Rarity stiffened. “Do.Not.EVER. MENTION THAT NAME AGAIN!” Rarity emphasised.

Twilight put her hoof to her face. “Look, I Rarity, I really need to find Dawn before sunset. Could you at least tell me which direction she went?”

Rarity gave her an apologetic look. “Look Twilight, I would really love to be able to help you, I really do, but no, she had left when I had gone upstairs to retrieve a marvellous gown so I don’t have a clue on her whereabouts.”

Twilight sighed, “Thanks for trying to help.”

She turned and exited the Boutique, “Now where in Ponyville could she have wandered off to?” Twilight thought to herself.



The old mare had fallen asleep in her armchair whilst in the midst of telling me a story of how Ponyville was found.

I look around the house. There really wasn’t much to do and I felt like a snack. I fall back on my haunches. Then again, I could always get an apple from outside..

I stand. “Thats It!”

With that I trot outside. Maybe this won’t be so bad after all. After passing through several trees, I notice a particularly enticing looking apple high up the tree. My mouth begins to water.

Okay.... just grasp it gently and lift it down.”

I mentally focus a tendril of magic around the fruit and give it a light tug. It comes off the tree with a satisfying *pop*. I lift it closely to my face, open my mouth, ready to savour its taste.

“Hey! Whatcha think your doin stealing apples?” a young accented voice calls out to me, causing me to lose concentration and dropping the apple.
I turn to see a yellow filly with a red ribbon my size glaring at me.

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to steal, I was just hungry!” I explain nervously as I back against a fence

She continues her glare whilst walking closer. “Well next time you ask!”

I gulp as she walks closer, pressing her face into mine. Her eyes squint as she examines my face closely

Suddenly her expression changes. “Hey! Yer that new Princess that everypony is talking about in town!”

“I guess..”

“Well I’m mighty sorry for scaring you like that yer majesty, Big sis had always told me ta chase away apple stealin’ thieves. By the way Ah’m Applebloom” she smiles and backs away a little.

I relax. “My name’s Dawn!”
She looks at me in excitement. “This is so awesome! A Princess is here at th' Farm! What’s it like to be a Princess yer majesty?”
I sigh. “Look, umm.. Applebloom. I don’t know where everypony is getting the idea that I’m a Princess. I just woke up one day in the Castle, and I meet Auntie Celestia then Mommy. After that Auntie Celestia takes me to this day court thing, where all these ponies stare at me and after that she tells me to go to Mommy’s room. Next thing I know, I mess up Mommy’s office and I’m sent here for three days!”

Suddenly Applebloom asks “Umm sorry ta interrupt yer majesty, but whos yer mommy?”

“Luna!” I answer. “and please stop calling me ‘your majesty’, just call me Dawn.”

“Okay your majesty!” She says with a huge smile.
I place my hoof on my face in annoyance.


Starry Quills glared at the servant before him. “What do you mean she has gone to Ponyville?”
“I mean sir, the Princesses decided to send her to Ponyville for the duration of their negotiations with the dragons sir!” The servant answered nervously.

“Very well, you may leave.” With that, the servant bows and trots out of the room.

He rubbed his forehead in frustration. “With the filly under the care of the elements, she is damned near impossible to touch. The moment Celestia’s student is involved, this would be all over.”

He walks up to his desk for an important message. .

To Commander Iron Hoof

I know you are stationed now in Ponyville. The fact that our filly of interest is there is a huge disruption to our original plans and schedule.

Read carefully for the next set of instructions as you can only view this message once.......

"So how come ya can't read? Ah thought all the princesses were super smart and stuff." Applebloom asked me.

"I don't know," I sigh "Auntie Celestia had only just taught me how to eat properly two days ago. Now she's on a trip with mommy to see some dragons.”

Applebloom’s eyes widen in amazement. “Wow Dragons! The Princesses must be so brave!”
“I know right! Mommy has told me all these stories of the past where they fight all these evil ponies and Dis- I mean, a really bad monster.” I pause, not wanting to remember Discord’s voice.

“You must be the luckiest pony to have a mommy and aunt who are both princesses!” She exclaimed.

I ponder for a moment. “Yeah... I guess I am.”
She glances at my wings when suddenly she gasps. “You don’t have a Cutie Mark?”

I raise my eyebrow. “What’s a cutie mark?”
She looks at me incredulously. “Ya really don’t know?”

I shake my head.

Suddenly she begins pushing me towards the door. “Hey! Where are you taking me?!” I demanded in surprise,
“To get yer Cutie Mark!” She replies as we exit the barn. "Yer gonna meet the Cutie Mark Crusaders!!"

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