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Twin moon - Little Solarflare

an alicorn adventure story, without the sad, and the philosophical insights

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Chapter 3: Daughter of the Moon

Luna, wings spread looked intently at the filly beside her sister. “She looks exactly like me, save
the eyes.” Luna thought to herself.
The filly seemed very excited to see her, her red pupils wide and full of love, seemed to bore into Luna.

“Mommy...” The Filly whispered.

Luna whom had not quite heard her said “Pardon little one?”


The dark blue filly launched herself at Luna and before she could react, had wrapped her hooves around her neck. Luna shocked, was unsure what to do. She looked to her sister, whom simply nodded, her magenta eyes informing Luna what to do next. She looked down at the filly hugging her, felt her heart soften and returned the gesture.


It was her!
As I embraced her, I felt her neck stiffen, then loosen. I feel her nuzzle me.

"Little one, what is your name?, I look up into her light blue eyes.

She lowers her neck and I hop off. “Dawn, We wish to ask you something.”

“Yes mommy?”

She sighs, and sadness enters her eyes. However she immediately straightens her posture. “Dawn, what do you remember before today?”

I was surprised by her sudden question. Doesn’t she know me?

“I..I’m, not sure...” I strain to access these memories.
Nothing comes at first. However, like someone whom had opened a floodgate, they began pouring into my mind.

I’m on a lonely star-filled wasteland. The other one is crying.
I am furious at her. I take over.

Princess Celestia is flying with me. We take many loops and rolls through the air when suddenly she is engulfed by a ball of fire. My eyes trace to the source. A strange creature is laughing, it echoes in my mind.

I am standing over Celestia. Gone is her magical chromatic mane, it has reverted to an unhealthy looking pink. She is lying unconscious, covered in cuts and burns. Tears stream down my eyes as I yell in defiance at the Insane embodiment of chaos. Before I can react, he grabs my horn, ever laughing. My world grows black as something cold enters my mind.
I Hate Him...
He Will Pay For What He Has Done To Her...

“-awn? Are you alright? Dawn? Dawn! Wake up!” Celestia yells

I blink in confusion. Suddenly I feel an urge to protect the princess. “NO, HE WILL NOT HURT YOU!” I yell, much to her surprise.

“Who is trying to hurt me little one?” Celestia asks in surprise.

“Him! The one who won’t stop laughing. That weird dragon guy!”

Suddenly, she is very quiet, “And what was he doing Dawn?”

“He..he threw a giant fireball at you and then you fell from the sky and then he was going to hurt you even more and I wouldn’t let him!”

Luna, whom was quiet the whole time asked. “Dawn, did you feel hate for him?”

I wasn’t sure how to answer. “Well..umm...I kinda wanted to hurt him real bad...”

Luna looks to me and smiles, “Don’t worry Dawn, that evil monster is long gone.”

I feel myself relax a little. “How? he was so strong he hurt you!”

With that, the two princesses look to another once again.
“Dawn, we will show you what has become of the monster tomorrow. The Sun has set, it is scheduled to snow for another 5 days, and we don’t want you catching a cold at night.”

I protest, desperate for this link to my memories. “but-”

“No buts little filly, come let us have something to eat. It’s getting late.”
With that I humph in dissatisfaction, and begin to follow the Princesses back towards the castle.


Celestia was deep in thought on the way back. “Little sister, this little filly has attained some of our most earliest and darkest memories. Is this when her conscious had begun it’s infancy?”
Celestia mentally spoke to her sister.

“Dearest sister, when the mad creature Discord had wounded you so badly, I had never felt the compulsion to protect someone so much. Just looking at your wounded form made me want to hurt him back tenfold, and I refused to leave your side the entire time. However when he had touched my horn, I felt another presence form in my mind.” Luna replied.

“Luna... I believe that this Entity was born out of retribution, and love. It had evolved into the Nightmare after I had dejected you. However, I think the events of yesterday night have reverted it back to it’s original form.”

Celestia reached her conclusion.

“Sister, this Filly truly is your daughter. Before it was nothing more than a dangerous doppelganger of your darker side, bent on eternal night. Now, she is drawn to you, innocent and carefree. Alicorns are beings of living magic, and such magic can be formed with extreme emotions by beings of extraordinary power. She was part of you, now independent from you. It’s the only way to explain her shared memories and her attachment to you.”

Celestia paused for a moment.

“We must be careful not to repeat the mistakes of our past, lest we cause another millennium of grief and regret. She is powerful, but she is now no more than a child. We must treat her as such and provide her with a proper and loving childhood.”

Luna looked back towards the filly.
Dawn was sulking quietly, however upon noticing Luna looking at her, she smiled.
Luna smiled back and mentally replied to her sister once more. “I guess you’re right, but how do we tell the our subjects of Dawn?

Celestia smiled at her sister.

“Leave that to me.”


We are again sitting in the royal dining room. This time though, the servants Silver Platter and Caramel Cake are giving me strange looks.

I look to the princesses excitedly, “Ooh! What’s it going to be this time? More cake?”

I giggle as large trays with shining covers were pushed in. They are placed in front of us.

My eyes widen in glee as the covers are lifted....

Only to see a single olive in the middle of the trays.
I slump down, enthusiasm levels dropping to non existence. “Is this some kind of sick joke?”
I ask the Princesses.
Luna giggles whilst Celestia shakes her head. “Dawn, do you remember what had happened at lunch time today?”

I scratch my head. “We had awesome cake?” I answer in confusion

“No little filly,” Celestia says, her tone suddenly becoming terse, “Today you had successfully managed to splatter cake all over this room. Not only did you manage to get it over the walls but onto the ceiling and paintings which decorate this room. It is not fair to the servants whom had to clean up after you.”

“But isn’t that their job?” I ask

“It is little filly, but one must be more considerate for others, otherwise nopony would care about anypony else apart from themselves,” she answers. “If that were to happen, we would live in a very cold and unfriendly world.

My face blushes as I realise that Silver Platter and Caramel Cake were glaring at me. T
“That’s why now little filly, I want you to eat this olive, without using your hooves,” Celestia continues.

I stare intently at her and suddenly realise what she wanted me to do. “Umm.. You want me to use magic to eat that.”


I look at the lone olive before me in it’s over-sized platter.

I mentally reach out to the olive, and grasp.

It explodes, spraying the juice all over the table.

I hear the two servants sigh and exit the room. They return with more trays, this time with an assortment of fruits.
I look in dismay at what had just happened. “I didn’t mean to do that... please don’t be mad at me!!” I cover my eyes with my hooves.

My fears, however, were quickly brushed aside by the sound of laughing.
Luna was rolling on the floor laughing. “Ooh she is just so adorable, you made her believe that making a mess whilst eating is a serious offence!”

Celestia shot her an annoyed look. “Luna, please at least try to act responsible.”

Luna sat back up onto her seat and noogied me. “Oh don’t worry Dawn,” she said in amusement, “You just need to learn to use the appropriate amount of force when using magic.”

“The appropriate amount of force?” I ask in curiosity.

“Yes Dawn. Now try to pick up this lemon softly....”


My left eye began to twitch, my mouth was contorted into a grimace. My patience, completely gone. “So I have to grasp it gently... then...”

The grape flattens mid-air, juices spray everywhere.

“AAAARGH!!!! FORGET THIS!!! I’m not even hungry!!” I yell out of frustration.

Before me, the table was covered in the crushed remains of over 15 types of berries and fruits. The Princesses simply levitated their cutlery around their food with expert ease, much to my dismay.

“Oh my she is an angry little one,” Luna remarks with amusement.

“Indeed she is little sister,” Celestia says whilst sipping a cup of tea, “but so were you when you were just a little filly. I remember that I had to force you to eat alfalfa when you were around her age”

Luna shot her an annoyed look. “But that’s because you never ate it yourself, and it tastes horrible!” she retorted.

With that Celestia grins and levitates the green leafy vegetable her mouth and begins chewing.

Luna’s eyes widen. “Don’t do it Tia.”

Celestia turns to me.

“Bleeeurgh ALFALFA MONSTER” she says, pulling the silliest face she can. I giggle at the silliness coming from a normally sensible princess.

Luna facehoofs.

“Really Tia? After one thousand years, you’re still doing that?!”

I grin as I pick off a stray piece of the same green vegetable with my mouth. I chew and wince at it’s bitter taste. However I see Celestia wink to me and I understood what needed to be done.

We both turn to Luna at the same time, “BLEEURGH ALFALFA MONSTER!!” we shout in unison whilst pulling the silliest faces we could.

Luna, overcome by the silliness of the situation starts laughing. “ Eeeeeew no! Oh Dawn, not you too!”
We all laugh together.

Celestia however stops laughing and says. “Dawn, you still need learn to use magic to eat properly.”

“But It’s just SO hard,” I complain, “all those berries and fruits keep exploding as soon as i grab them with magic!”

Celestia thought for a moment.

“Hmm Dawn, how about you try to picture this apple as a cute little bunny and you need to gently lift it?

A red apple floats in front of me. I mentally reach out for it.

I gently hold it this time. It doesn’t explode much to my joy.
Now to bring it to my mouth.

“Okay. Cute little bunny... Cute..Little..”

The Apple catches fire.

It’s ashes fall to the table, leaving gray streaks.
Silver Platter and Caramel Cake just shake their heads.

“WHAT??!!” I yell in outrage, “How was that even possible?”

Luna falls of her seat laughing again.

Celestia gives me an odd look. “Bunnies made you think of fire!?” she asks incredulously

“No..I..what...I don’t even know that happened.” I look glumly at the ashes. “Oh forget this, I’m never going to be able to eat properly with magic.”
With that, I plant my face on the table in defeat.

“Hmm. Dawn, pick up this fork.” Celestia says. A Gold inlaid fork floats up near me.

“What’s the point, I’ll probably melt it or something,” I say glumly.

“Oh Dawn *gasp* don’t give up so easily *gasp* everypony is like that on their first *gasp* go!” Luna says on the floor, out of breath.
I raised my eyebrow. “Really?”

Celestia nodded, “Oh yes my little pony, the first time I attempted to use magic to eat, I ended up burning down half a forest...”, Celestia says with a hint of embarrassment.

“Now please my little pony try to lift the fork with your mind.”

I do so. The fork now levitates in my grasp. “Now try to pick up something you like with the fork.”
I move the fork towards a slice of pineapple and push in, though it goes a little too far, the tip of the fork screeches against the platters.

Everyone winces at the sharp, irritating noise.

Celestia gives me a pained look and says, “Now levitate it in front of your mouth.”

I gulp. The fork begins to move slowly toward my face.

“Just a little closer..”

The pineapple slice stops in front of my face. Not trusting myself anymore, I lean towards the pineapple, close my eyes and took a bite.

It felt great.

The sensation of victory flowed through me as I savoured the taste of the fruit. The Sweet sweet taste of victory. It was awesome, so good I just felt like jumping for joy.

“Yeeees!!!” I cry out in joy and begin flapping my wings in excitement.


“Dawn stop!!” Luna suddenly yells from underneath me.

I open my eyes and see a chandelier.

I realise I was very high up. I gulp.
I look down, fear overtakes me.

My wings lock.

I fall.

“AAAAUUUU-ooof!” something breaks my fall as I realise that I was being levitated once more slowly back to the ground. “Oh little Filly, we cannot stop watching you for a moment!” Luna chuckles, “Come on now Dawn, now that you can eat properly, let us enjoy a proper meal together.”

She Claps her hooves and a large garden salad is brought in.


Meanwhile near Canterlot University

Starry Quills hobbled towards the banging on his front door. “I’m Coming...I’m Coming..” He says with a tone of annoyance. “Who in Equestria could it be at this time?” He thought to himself. Whoever it was better have had a good reason for disturbing him.

“Who is it?” he called out to the door.

“Professor Quills? It’s me, Iron Hoof,” a low baritone voice called through the door.

Starry Quills opened the door. “Ah! Mr Hoof, please enter my humble abode, I didn’t expect you at this time of night. Please come in.”

The armour plated stallion walked in.

Starry Quills rubbed his hooves together. “So...tell me what you have seen”

The stallion took off his helmet and reported.

“Sir, The Princess’s have indeed brought in a filly, one which like them is blessed with a horn and wings, though she lacks mastery over either. This filly, several times throughout the night, had called Her Majesty Luna as ‘mommy’. Though I cannot say for sure if she is truly Luna’s daughter, the way they treat her and the way she acts around them is as though they are family. However as you had said sir, she bears an uncanny resemblance to Princess Luna except in their eyes.”

Starry Quills adjusted his glasses in delight.
“Please continue Mr Hoof.”

“As I was saying sir. Yes this Filly has potential to become once of the most powerful beings in Equestria, in both politics and magic, a possible third princess. It is possible that her Majesty will plan to raise her.” Iron Hoof stated.

Starry Quills materialised a bag of bits to the soldier. “Thank you for this Mr Hoof. As I promised. Three hundred bits, I’ll pay you another three hundred for your next report in two weeks.” The spy bowed and left the room.

Starry smiled to himself. “So we have a new piece on the board eh? Let’s see if we can make this piece move to our advantage.”

He moves to his work desk and continues his letter.

“-and that’s why, I believe that this new being ‘Dawn’, will be instrumental in our research and prove to be a boost to our funds. We have approached the gates many times, however that accursed three headed dog has driven us back after every attempt. We have tried everything on that dog, from magical bolts, tranquilisers, mercenaries, but nothing seems to harm it. We had find places to dump the mangled remains of the mercenaries, and worse, there was an inquiry into their disappearance which lead the detectives right to us. It was only through a memory replacement which prevented the detectives from exposing us, and those are extremely hard to come by.
Legends say ‘only the call of an immortal will the guardian of the lost submit’. The Other Immortals, the Princesses vehemently rejected our last request to enter the gates. However with her, I believe we can finally unlock the mystery of the Alicorn and the key to immortality and godhood.

We need to redirect our focuses to this alicorn. She is the key to the Gates of Tartarus.

Your Humble Colleague

Starry Quills

P.S: We need another shipment of Null Gems and Iridium. The last shipment was...crushed.
P.P.S: Call in the press. The story will fund our little vacation to Stalliongrad.

P.P.P.S: Message will self destruct in ten seconds.


Luna floated the protesting filly towards her bedchambers. “Awww but mommy *yawn* I’m not even tired yet!”
Luna smiled. “Come on now Dawn, a young filly needs to sleep to grow up into a beautiful princess!”

Dawn’s red eyes widened for a moment. “Really? I can be a Princess too?”

Luna answered. “Of course you can, but first, you need a good night’s rest.”

Dawn was struggling to keep her eyelids open.

“But I want to be with you when you run...your...night...whatsit called again?” Dawn stifled a yawn.

“Night Court dear. Night Court is only for big ponies like me and Princess Celestia. It’s where we talk big Pony talk, and you are still too young for that.

Dawn protests sleepily. “..But..I am..a big..Pony..”

Luna chuckled as she opened the Filly’s bedroom door and tucked the filly into the bed.
“One day Dawn, one day. Now be a good pony and go to sleep.”

However there is no reply from Dawn, rather the slow rhythmic rising and falling of her chest.

Luna smiles. “Good night my little pony.”


Princess Celestia and I stand before a grotesque looking statue in the centre of the garden maze. It’s facial features were distorted in fear, and it’s back bent in an unnatural shape.
I gulp, despite it being a statue, it’s features seemed to stare at me.

“Ummm Princess Celestia, why isn’t mommy here?” I ask her nervously

“My sister needed to rest, Dawn. We should just be taking a quick look and getting out. It’s not safe even though he has been turned to stone also I need to go back to my day court very soon. I can’t afford to spend anymore time with you after this. I’m very sorry my little pony, but royal duty calls.”

My ears lower in disappointment. “Its..okay Princess, I understand.” I reply, downtrodden.

I walk up to the statue. “It looks silly,” I remark.

Suddenly a voice spoke, seemingly out of thin air and echoed around. “Good Morning my dear Celestia.”

I am startled and run behind Celestia. She stands firm, her expression hostile toward the statue. “Discord,” she says through gritted teeth. I cringe at his voice, his laugh still haunting me. I hug Celestia’s back leg in fear.

“Oh my, it looks like I scared the little filly there. Don’t be so shy, little one. I can’t hurt you. My, it’s so boring being stuck in stone all day, you’ve really outdone yourself this time Celestia, always giving me the harshest treatment. Why don’t you banish me to the moon like you did to your precious sister? At least then it won’t be quite as dreary as now.”

Celestia continued to glare at the statue. “I cannot allow you to roam freely, nor can I banish you to the moon, we both know you are too powerful and slippery for that. Also You left me no choice in the past Discord.”

The voice chuckles. “Oh Celestia, ever predictable. How boring,” he emphasised on the last word with distaste. “All I wanted was a little fun and a little chaos, but you use your elements to turn me to stone.”

Celestia turned to me. “Come on now Dawn, lets head back to the castle, I believe you have seen enough.” She lifted me onto her back and began to beat her wings.

Discord’s voice echoed out after us, full of spite. “Oh little Dawn, I pity your existence. She will abandon you the moment she can’t use you anymore. After all, she has been doing it for thousands of years! When that happens, oh little one, it will be hilarious Hahahahahaha!!”


I grip her tightly as his laugh and words haunts me. We sail through the air, gradually getting higher as his voice slowly fades. The castle looms ahead and she banks gently, descending, the wind rushes though my mane. She lands gracefully on a balcony leading to a large bedroom. I walk slowly behind her as she enters.

“Princess Celestia?”

“Yes my little pony?”

“You're never going to abandon me right?”

She gasps at that question. “No Dawn, I will never abandon you, nor will my sister.” She nuzzles me gently. “Now forget that monster Discord ever existed. He cannot hurt anypony anymore. He was a liar and trickster. Never believe his words completely, after all, he is the evil spirit of chaos. He enjoys causing pain in others, that’s why he is imprisoned in stone.”

I break from her embrace though another question appeared in my mind. “So what are the elements?” I ask with curiosity.

“The elements of harmony my dear, they are the ponies who saved my sister and equestria from Discord” she replied.

“Who are the elements of harmony? They sound like awesome ponies! I wanna meet them!” I say, though more questions begin piling up.

Celestia smiled, “Come my little pony, I’ll tell you everything on the way to the Day Court. I want you next to me as I to announce you to Equestria.”


“Fillies and Gentlecolts, please stand for our co-ruler Princess Celestia!”

The large golden doors opened as Celestia walked in with a smaller Alicorn following closely behind. The Crowd immediately stopped bickering amongst itself and the room became dead silent as the princess made her way towards the throne.Though Celestia walked with her usual royal grace, the little filly was intimidated by the hundreds of curious eyes staring at her. She was trotting as close to the princess as possible, avoiding any direct eye contact.
The Curious dark blue alicorn continued to shy away from the staring eyes and eventually made herself by Celestia’s side. She looks to Celestia and whispers something to the Solar princess, whom looks back to the little pony and whispers something back. The little alicorn is quiet once more and sits by her silently.

The Princess stands and nods to a guard, whom walks in front of the throne and announces.

“Let the day court Begin!” With that, he stands aside in attention.

An Grey Stallion in a suit and tophat stands. “Your Majesty, who is this Filly?” Celestia recalled his name to be Money Jar, manager of the Equestrian Agricultural bank.

Almost at once many different ponies begin shouting to be heard, before Celestia could even open her mouth to answer. However the entire room began shouting with the exception of her guards. She looked to Dawn and says “Cover your ears”, the Filly acknowledges this and does so.


Instantly, the shouting stopped. Whoever had worn a hat that day, had them blown off by the force of her shout. Several Ponies in the front rows had fallen over their seats by the sheer volume of her voice.

“Now that I have your attention,” Celestia continued, “Mr Jar, this little alicorn here is Dawn, and yes she is my Sister’s daughter.”

With that, murmuring within the crowds had begun once more.

“Who is the father?!” a voice rang out.
Shoot!” Celestia thought to herself, she knew that question would have come, but so soon? She turned her head to Dawn, who was tense, trying to act as calm as possible. She was getting very scared by the noise. “Dawn, go to your mother’s room and wait for me there, this could get ugly.”

Dawn nodded and galloped off as fast as her little legs could carry her, and two armoured guards followed behind. The eyes and murmurs stopped followed her out of the room.


I pace around Luna’s room restlessly. She is there filling out a pile of paperwork. “
She will abandon you the moment she can’t use you anymore.”
Despite Celestia’s assurance, I still can’t help feel troubled by the monster’s words. “She has been doing it for thousands of years..”

“Dawn, what is troubling you?” Luna says to me, looking up from her desk.

“I don’t know mommy, that monster in the garden said that Celestia won’t care about me when I’m not useful anymore. I just don’t know if that’s true!” I respond heavily. Luna stands, she walks up to me and picks me up suddenly.

“Ummm.. mommy? What are you doing?” I ask with a hint of surprise.

I float toward her and she gives me a hug. “Oh Dawn, I can’t believe you let that monster get to your mind. My Sister has never abandoned anypony before in her life, she has simply had to act out of necessity, many times in her life.”

“What do you mean?” I ask

“You see Dawn, thousands of years ago, My sister and I have had to make many decisions for the good of Equestria. For example, there was a time when the Pegasi tribe had tried to take over Equestria by making it storm for two years straight. They had attempted to drown everypony whom could not fly.”

“What happened next?”

“We had to choose whether to save the Unicorns or the Earth tribe. In the end, we took a gamble to defeat the Pegasi General, and leave the two tribes to fend for themselves. It was a gamble which had thankfully worked, otherwise there would be no Earthpony or Unicorn left today.”

“But you and Celestia had saved everypony, what has this got to do with abandoning anypony?”

Luna looked at me sadly. “Even though we had saved everyone, both the unicorns and earth tribe were furious at us. They felt as though we had abandoned them for the sake of our own personal glory. It took nearly a hundred years of amendments by us before they even acknowledged our good intentions.”

“What about Discord, what did he mean that when he said that Princess Celestia has been doing so for thousands of years .”

Luna paused, and her eyes became distant.

“When my sister and I had cornered Discord with the elements of harmony, we could not use them against him. He had completely transformed the old capital city of Tartarus into his own personal hell and playground. There Discord was nigh unstoppable. When all seemed lost, one of the greatest and most powerful unicorns to have ever existed came to our rescue. It took the sacrifice of this pony Starswirl the bearded, whom sacrificed himself by using his own life force to cancel out the Chaos of Discord, thus weakening him.This provide us with a brief moment to channel the elements. As the life left Starswirl, we managed to trap him in stone, but Starswirl was past saving. His soul was devoured by the magics around him, and there was nothing we could have done.”

My eyes widen in understanding.

“Discord was defeated, but at great cost. Not only did we lose one of the greatest unicorns In existence, but we were forced to seal off the city. Everypony whom had once lived there were reduced to nothing more than mindless and sadistic creatures. We were forced to abandon them, for the good of all. Even now, after nearly two thousand years, the foul creatures are still trapped in there, writhing in pain and hatred. They are so dangerous, that we had to summon a beast of the Abyss, the Cerberus to ward off anypony foolish enough to enter from outside.”

“So you see why my little pony, why we had to do the things we had done?”

My heart felt as though a weight had been lifted. “I understand now mommy. I’m sorry for ever thinking this way.”

We embrace one another. “That’s okay Dawn, I would be thinking the same way if i was in your hooves.”

She looks down.

“There now Dawn, do you feel better?” I smile at her.


“Now come Luna, go play by yourself, Mommy’s got a lot of work to do.”


Luna looked up from the latest report on the agricultural sector and smiled. The little filly was there immersing herself in her imagination with her old toys.

“Grrr I won’t let you take the cupcake kingdom if it was the last thing I do!” the filly said as she impersonated the voice of a dragon doll. “Very well you big meany, I will have to use the elements of harmony on you!!” she replied with the plush doll of Celestia.

Suddenly, the door to Luna’s room opened and a very distressed looking Celestia walked in. “Luna, I must speak with you for a moment. This is very important.” Upon seeing Dawn, her expression softens, she walks up to her and gives her a noogie. “Good evening little one, did you have fun today?”

The little filly quickly blushed as she realised that Celestia had seen her trying to impersonate her. “Yeaah.....fun!” Dawn replies nervously.

With that Luna walks up to Celestia, she whispers something in her ear, and they walk out of the room, shutting the door, leaving the curious filly behind.


As soon as they had some privacy to themselves, Luna looked to her sister in concern. “What’s the matter sister, why do you look as distressed as though someone had turned your coat pink?”

Celestia sighed. “Have you forgotten little sister, the centennial dragon migration will occur in a few weeks, and this time the number of adolescent dragons present in this generation are absolutely staggering. Almost triple the previous century’s. We need to negotiate with their elders to control and teach these adolescents the value of harmony, and to stay away from Pony towns and forests. Otherwise we could be having an imminent state of emergency from their antics.”
Luna pictured towns and cities burning in her mind as unrestrained and impulsive adolescent dragons reigned free.

She replies. “I understand sister, but why do you need me?”

Celestia sighed “Last time I went alone to see the elder dragons, I almost didn’t make it back. I need your powers in case that the old ‘One Eye’ decides to treat us like a joke again.” Celestia shuddered at the memory.

“The Day and Night Court will be postponed for three days as we make this trip. Also as incompetent as the pony royalty is, I believe they would be capable of running the kingdom for three days without society collapsing on itself. “

Luna thought for a moment. “What of Dawn, we can’t simply leave her alone with the palace staff. Lately I’ve been hearing talk of someone within our castle whom wishes to test Dawn’s powers, and I am taking no chances lest they harm her, or she ends up destroying half the castle.”

Celestia thought for a moment when suddenly an idea ticked in her head. “We could send Dawn to live with my student for a few days in Ponyville! I’m sure they would love to see her, as we had whisked them away before they even saw had the chance to know her!”

Luna scratched her chin in thought, gasped then beamed at her sister. “Celestia you’er a genius! Not only will Dawn be in one of the most friendly towns in equestria, but the Elements of Harmony would be there to protect her! On top of that, she will be able to make some friends there instead of being trapped in a castle all the time! I’m sure your student will help her fit in as she did for me during Nightmare Night!”

Celestia smiled, “So it is settled then, dear sister, we shall send Dawn to Ponyville for three days.”

Luna smiled back. “This is probably for the best”

“Very well then Luna, let us tell Dawn of the good news”

They both return, but as they open the door, Luna’s eyes widen in horror. “My..room...”

Her desk was overturned, her carpet covered was covered in spilt ink. All her books were stacked into the shape of forts and several torn pages littered the floor. Luna’s stuffed toys were all over the place.

But worst of all, her abacus lay broken, its beads scattered all over the room.

“What happened to my abacus?” Luna asked in horror

Only one certain filly could have done such an atrocity.

“DAWN!!” Luna yelled, “Come out this instant!”

One of the book forts shifted and fell apart. The ink covered filly gave a nervous smile. “Umm..Mommy..hehe..this isn’t what it looks like.

Luna crossed her hooves and gave the filly a very harsh stare.

Dawn gulped. “uh oh.”


“Ow! Mr Dettol, Can you please be *ugh* gentler” I wince as I feel another strand of hair pull free.
The Servant looks at me sternly. “I would, if ink wasn’t so hard to wash out of hair!” he replies.

I look to Luna, who looks at me sternly. “Mommy, please tell him to be softer, I’m sorry I messed up your room, please let me go with you on your trip.”
“No little filly, as a punishment for completely destroying my room and Abby, you will go to Ponyville where the Elements of Harmony are going to teach you lessons on how to be a good filly!”

Despite all the pain I was in, I manage to raise an eyebrow,

“Whose Abby?”

Luna suddenly blushes. “Anyway, so that’s why we have to clean you up now, so when you go tomorrow, you’ll be presentable.”

A towel scrubs forcefully across my head, followed by a full body blow dry. “All done your highness!” Dettol says with a bow to Luna and leaves the bathroom.

I am levitated once more. “Umm mommy, I know where my room is, I can walk there myself.”

Luna grins and continues to float me through the air.

“Hey! Are you even listening to me?”


Celestia chuckled softly as she watched as her sister carry off the struggling filly to her room.

She yawned, it had been two days since she had any proper sleep.
However there was one more thing to be done before she could allow herself the luxury of rest.

She closed her eyes and her horn glowed. Quill and ink materialised.

She floated a piece of paper and began to write.

To my faithful Student Twilight Sparkle,

As you know, the Centennial dragon migration is upon us, and the latest generation has a number of their young are tripled that of last century’s. As a result, Luna and I will need to take a visit to the elder dragons around Equestria to keep this new generation in line, lest they ‘accidentally’ burn down a few towns and rekindle a century of hatred between our races. Just read the old tome of “The War of Flames” and you will know what I am talking about.

I write this letter to you in regards of a much needed favour Twilight. The alicorn we had found together during Hearth’s Warming Day will be sent to your library for the duration of our trip. She needs someone responsible and well versed in magic to watch over her. Someone like you.

She is no longer evil, however be wary of her powers. Though she lacks finesse, she would have as much raw power as Luna or I. Keep in mind that she is not Nightmare Moon, and do not refer to her as such. She is now Dawn, a child who is still innocent and carefree, treat her as such.

However I have heard rumours circulating the palace that someone is out for Dawn, therefore, I will need the elements to be on their guard. It will be safer leaving her with you than the royal staff within Canterlot, for I trust you with my life.

Therefore I, Princess Celestia, put her in your care for three days whilst we begin negotiations with the dragons. See to it that this filly makes some friends and that she enjoys her time here in Ponyville, and that she masters her powers a little better. In addition, I would like her to attend classes for one day in Ponyville Junior school.

Yours Truly, Princess Celestia

P.S: She loves chocolate cake, perhaps your friend Pinkie Pie could indulge her there.

P.P.S: Though she has wings, she is afraid of heights. Make sure if that if your friend Rainbow Dash decides to teach her how to fly, that they go very slowly and easy at first