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Twin moon - Little Solarflare

an alicorn adventure story, without the sad, and the philosophical insights

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Chapter 2: Trials of the Sun

Thank you to Mrminimii and Kaddence whom edited this chapter

I am floating in darkness once again, images and voices flashed before me.

The night will last forever.... a cackling voice fills the silence, I realize it came from me.

The darkness fades, I’m in a stone room laughing, corpses littered the floor around my feet, when suddenly The Shining One bursts in through the door.

Luna! What have you become? The Shining One gasps in horror.

The scene changes again. I am in a classroom full off colourful ponies, an elderly cream mare with white hair points a blackboard.

Now, who can tell me what happens when magic comes in contact with an Null gem?
Anyone know the answer?
She looks to me.
What about you?

The Walls of the classroom begin to peel, to reveal the stone walls of a cave.

A Dragon looms over me from where the teacher was. Broken crystalline fragments lay in front of me.

“What have you Done!?”, its voice thunders

The Dragon roars in fury.
I try run for my life, but to my horror, I am still on the same spot.
My legs were moving, but I was not.

The dragon looks at me before lunging forward, It’s pointed teeth engulfing me.

I scream

I bolt upright, feeling the cold sweat on my face. I look around, I was in a large four-poster bed in a room with walls of stone and an large golden door. Sunlight was streaming in from ornate windows, and I could see a beautiful winter garden with a huge snow covered maze beyond it. I stretch before slumping back down on the bed in relief.

It had been a dream after all.

The Door creaks and the shining one walks in, again my gut feeling tells me to hide.

“Good morning little one, how are you feeling?”

I ‘eep’ and quickly dive under the bed covers.

The voice sighs.

"Little one, I'm not going to hurt you, please come out of those covers"


"Please, it's already midday and oversleeping is no good for a filly."

"Hmph, I don't care, I don’t like you." I pout.

The voice gives another exasperated sigh. "You've been sleeping all morning, aren't you hungry little one?"

"NO!!" I shout. However, as soon as the word leaves my mouth my stomach rumbles. I feel myself blush.

"Tsk. Tsk, my little pony, it's not good to lie, especially to yourself."

I jump from the sheets, "HEY!! Who said I was lie-woahh."
An invisible force lifted me from the bed and left me floating in midair.

"Hey! Put me down!" I yell,l but she chuckles and walks out of the door, along with me floating-struggling- indignantly behind her.


"...and here we are, the royal dining room." she continues as she opens the door.

"Hmph, whatever," I reply sulkily, my forelegs folded and eyes glaring daggers at the one whom dragged me across the castle. Curious eyes had followed us everywhere we walked; even the ones in armour, which I presume to be the guard, glanced when the Princess had her back turned. (That was obvious, now that she was one, as everyone addressed her that way.)

"Oh you’re so adorable when you’re angry," she laughs, adding to my frustration, as she places me down on a seat with an extra cushion. Even then only my eyes reached the side of the table.
The Princess calls out to two ponies in dresses. "Silver Platter! Caramel Cake! Please see to it that this filly gets a royal breakfast, Ponyville style... and an extra cushion... maybe two."

With that the two ponies gasp with excitement and dash off. I scratch my head in puzzlement, "What's a Ponyville style?" I ask. The Princess, smiling, simply points to the door and says "Look!"

My eyes widen as a cake taller than myself was wheeled in. “So much Frosting!”, my eyes tell my mind.
“As you ordered your majesty, a Quadruple Bypass, Ponyville Style.” Silver Platter bowed and backed towards the door.

“Please enjoy your breakfast.”

The Princess looks to me. “Well what are you waiting for my little pony?”


Celestia smiled herself as the little Alicorn leaped into the cake. "Test one completed Filly has shown non-reliance in Magic at this stage for basic matters such as eating.”

Celestia winced as a piece of cake flew by her head and splattered onto a painting of a duke, the Filly was flapping her wings inside the cake in excitement.

and note to self, teach table manners.

It was pure heaven.

I had eaten a hole through the base of the cake and the top had collapsed on me, but I didn’t care. The Mousse and foam of the cake was delicious, filling my mouth with melting pleasure with each bite.
The Chocolaty Goodness covered me. I giggled as I found my way through the cake, its chocolate walls parting.
Realising I was completely covered in cake, I shook, spraying icing and cake in every direction. Said Icing flew everywhere and splattered over walls, the furniture and the Princess, who gives me an annoyed look.

The Princess isn’t so scary anymore, in fact I'm starting to like her.

“Well my little pony, it seems we have made a fine mess of the dining room haven’t we?” She closes her eyes and her body flashes for a moment, all the cake which had been splattered on her vanishes.

I am levitated again. “HEY... I mean, your majesty, where are we going?” I ask as she once again carries me as she trots through the door.

“Bath. Now.” She says sternly to me as whipped cream drips down my wings.


Caramel Cake and Silver Platter bowed as the Princess left the room with a protesting and rather sticky alicorn floating behind her. As they enter the dining room, their eyes widen in horror. There was cake.

Even on the chandeliers and ceiling. But worst of all, the Painting of Prince Blueblood.

The two maids look at each other before giving a sigh of resignation and trotting off to find a bucket, cloth, and a lot of soap.



I went bottom first into the bath, my wet mane covered my eyes. “Did I really need a bath, your Majesty?” I grumble. With that, I shook my head to clear the wet hair from my eyes.

“Please little one, just call me Celestia. Of course you do, you were dripping icing all over the palace, and that’s no way for a filly to be around in a castle.”

My eyes widen at the mention of her name. “Where have I heard that name before?” I think to myself, but my thoughts are interrupted as a thick flowery liquid was poured onto my head.

“Mr Dettol, see to it that this filly is clean and ready in twenty minutes. I plan to take her to the my school for gifted unicorns, for a little test. She will have to be presentable. I must attend to a few duties in the meantime.” With that Celestia leaves the washroom.

“This isn’t so bad,” I think to myself as Dettol begins his work
Then the scrubbing began. The Servant doing so, a stallion named Dettol, was doing a very good job of making me bald by his hooves.

“Ow.” I wince as I feel another hair pluck from my head. “Mr Dettol, um... could you please be a little gentler?” I plead as he begins to massage my scalp.
To my dismay, he shakes his head. “Sorry, Princess’s orders.” He continues with renewed vigour.

My scalp hurt, and everywhere I walked, I was sure sparkles followed me. I never felt so clean before.

I trotted behind the Princess. Everywhere we had walked, ponies had bowed down to her, though as soon as she walked past, their curious eyes would stare at me. Though I didn't mind at first, it was growing increasingly uncomfortable.

I felt a chill as we exited the castle. Snow was covering the landscape.

“Your Majesty?,” I call to the Princess, “You said I was going to do a test. I was wondering what kind of test is it going to be”

“Oh it will be very easy for you, don’t worry.” she answers.

"Oh. Okay. But what are you testing me on?"


She stops mid track and looks at me. “Little one, do you remember your name?”
I seek in my mind for an answer, but nothing comes. “No,” I say whilst looking down at my hooves in embarrassment.
She looks at me with concern. “We can’t have you walking around nameless...hmm. Oh I know! how about we call you...Red Eye!”

I raise my eyebrow. “That sounds like a disease,” I answer, not amused.

Her eyes go to her head in thought. “Hmm. what about Cake Dancer?”

“....” “Is she for real?” , I think to myself.

“No. That sounds silly."

“Blue stars?”


“Red Moony?”

“NO, all these names sound ridiculous, your just making fun of me!” I pout.

She pauses again, eyes closed in thought.
After a long while she opens them and says “Dawn.”

“....I guess that’s okay”, I say. Well it did sound nice to me.

She smiles “Oh this name suits you perfectly.”

“How come?” I ask her, perplexed.

Unfortunately, she answers cryptically, “Oh you will find out my little pony, all will be revealed later.” I simply stare at her in confusion as we trot along.

With that, we approach a grand tower where a hooded figure stood waiting for us. As soon as the princess drew close he bowed, His spectacles hanging from his sagging ears. “Your majesty, please follow me. The test has been prepared.”
Upon noticing me he bows. “Ah! Princess Luna! I did not expect you to be awake at this time of the day, I see the shrink spell worked rather well?.”
I give him a confused look. “Princess Luna?”
He examines me, and something clicks in his mind. He gasps and turns to the princess. The princess walks up to him, leans down, and whispers something in his ear.

I can’t hear what they say. The hooded one looks shocked.

“So she is the one from last-?”

He bows once more, “I understand your highness, please follow me. Come along little one, Dawn, if i am correct."


I am staring at an round golden metallic egg. “So let me get this straight, I have to make it hatch. How the hay do i do that?” I ask the princess.

She replies “Try to focus and observe through your horn and sense a aura within the egg, then mentally grasp it. You would then need to imagine it growing, breaking from it’s shell.”

“Observe through my horn?”
“Close your eyes and watch for the colours around you.”

“Well that doesn’t seem so hard, here I go!” I think to myself.

I close my eyes and focus my mind around the egg. There it was an dark space around the egg, though i could see the aura. There was magic flowing everywhere around me, the Hooded pony displayed a faint glow, whilst the Princess was a blinding light. I gasp at my discovery, maybe this Magic thing is pretty cool after all. The egg emanates a green glow and there is something within it.

“There. Now I need to grasp it...” I think to myself and mentally reach out to the aura and grab it.


I open my eyes again, “What just happened?” I ask, my ears searching for the source of the sound.
The robed figure looks at me in awe. “Sweet Celestia,” he mutters, shaking his head, his eyes showed disbelief.

I glance to the Egg, it had been completely crushed, violet smoke exiting from it’s inner shell. Inside, many gizmo's and springs were poking out from the crushed sides, and what seemed to be crystalline fragments were smouldering a pink mist.
I turn to Celestia, she is giving me a strange look, though her facial expressions quickly revert back to her usual smile. “It’s quite alright, you aren’t’ the first to do that.”
Celestia suddenly notices Dawn’s red eyes on her, examining her. Celestia quickly realises that she must have been staring at the crushed remains of the egg, and quickly smiles.

Celestia hated lying. But Dawn must not know how special she really is.

She hated especially doing it towards this new filly, whose trust she had just gained. Though this filly, Dawn, had just shown beforehand that she hadn’t relied on magic before, the way she had grasped it’s concepts and ‘completed’ this test was simply astonishing. There was no question that she lacked the finesse and mastery which Luna, her Student and she possessed, but the raw power she had just demonstrated was staggering.

The Egg itself, not only did she see right through the Null field which the egg emanated to the aura inside, but completely crushed what was suppose to be anti-magic material as if it didn’t exist. It was a feat only She, her sister and Starswirl the Bearded had achieved, and she was sure that Twilight, her own personal student wouldn’t be able to do that for at least another few years. Dawn had done this so casually at her age was concerning.

This egg had been made specially at her own request the night before. Any unicorn at Dawn’s age would have been disorientated by the Null field, let alone see through the field and crush it. Any unicorn whose even had a chance of seeing past the field must have at least mastered teleportation, and in Equestria, a skill only the most learned or powerful can even hope to achieve.

“Test two completed. ‘Dawn’, has shown immense power and potential in terms of magic, though she lacks visible control over it. To her it is a concept which is completely new, and yet she had grasped it so naturally after one attempt displays that she is an extremely fast learner. Hmm.. definitely No magic kindergarten for this one, she would be a danger to everypony around her.”

“What just happened?” Dawn asks, her eyes filling with worry. Upon noticing the ruined mess of the egg, she hangs her head guiltily. “Oops.”

Celestia forces herself to smile. “It’s quite alright, you aren’t’ the first to do that.” She looks to her examiner.

Starry Quill, her chief examiner was simply staring at the remains of the egg in shock, and she knew he would remain as such for a long time.
Dawn trots up to the examiner and gives him a slight poke with her hoof.
He is unresponsive.

“Is he going to be okay?” Dawn asks with concern. Celestia Nods, “Don’t worry my little pony, Starry Quill here has been like that for many years, he’ll snap out of it soon.” She walks to the door.

“Come Dawn, this test was a little too simple for you but I must say, I’ve only ever seen someone with your raw abilities at your age once.”

“So I did pass right?” the little alicorn asked, hopeful.
Celestia smiled “Oh Dawn, you passed with distinction.”
Dawn beamed at this compliment.
“In fact, you did so well, I believe you deserve a treat!”
Dawn’s ears perked at the word treat and began to bounce behind Celestia

With that, they make their way back down the tower.

“Well at least she didn’t break the roof.” Celestia thought to herself as she trotted down the stairs.

As soon as the footsteps became quiet, Starry Quills broke out of his catatonic stupor. He looks around, realising that the two were already gone.
"Fascinating...", he breathed, “There has been nothing like this since her majesty’s protege had caused a baby dragon crash though the tower’s roof."
"I do not care what the princess said," he says to himself. "That filly is definitely related to Luna herself. It's the only explanation for their shared appearance and her vast powers. Ooh the others are going to love this!" He chuckled darkly. “Time to call in the mob, they are going to pay handsomely for this piece of dirt.”
Starry Quills proceeded to clean up the mess, all the while, he pictured the all the bits piling up on his desk. Maybe his trip to Stalliongrad would be possible after all.


I hum tunelessly as I bounce behind the princess. “Today was amazing! First I wake up and get to meet the princess, then there was cake, she gives me a name, then I had passed that test with Distinction!

I giggle to myself happily.

What’s more she gave me this awesome purple ribbon as my treat!

Said ribbon was now tied to my mane.

“I wonder what will happen next” I wonder to myself as I bounce along behind the Princess. We were once again approaching the royal gardens. Snow was falling ever so gently.

The Sun was beginning to set, its light was casting a reddish glow over the castle. The lights further away in the city were beginning to come to life, the first signs of the night.

“Princess Celestia?”

“Yes Dawn?”

“Your my favourite Princess Ever!!”

She smiles at this compliment.

“Oh come on now, my little pony, I want you to meet someone.”
I stop bouncing. “Who?” I asked curiously.

“The other Princess, my sister. If you would excuse me Dawn, I need to lower the sun. Just stay here for the moment.”

With that she unfolds her wings and her horn began to glow.

It was a magnificent sight. With her wings spread in their full glory, she effortlessly took to the skies until she reached the top of the sun. There, her horn flashed and she began to descend gracefully, the sun followed her silhouette as she descended. As she touched the ground in front of me, the sun had completely set.

“Wow.” I breath. “That was amazing princess!”

However she simply points her hoof to the sky once more and says “Look!”
My eyes follow the direction and I see a figure take to the air. The figure glows and the round form of the moon takes off with it. It flies higher and higher, the moon arcs with it. When finally I see a shape, similar to the princess herself though slightly smaller.
The figure descends.

The Sun Princess looks up and greets the figure. “Good evening Little Sister.”
The Lunar Princess returns the gesture. “Good evening Big Sister.”
My eyes widened at the sight of the Lunar Princess.

It was her.