• Published 9th Oct 2011
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My Old Apple Acre Home - Sith_Dreamer

When Sweet Apple Acres burns, it will take more than just friendship to heal an certain orange pony.

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My Old Apple Acre Home Part 7

When Rainbow Dash awoke the next morning, Applejack was nowhere to be found. After her time with Twilight she had come back into AJ’s room, and crashed onto the fluffy mattress. It had felt to her that her emotional outpouring had been as exhausting as the physical work she had done all day, so if Applejack had come in Rainbow likely wouldn’t have noticed. Rainbow Dash noticed that she was sprawled nearly the same way she had been when she’d fallen asleep, so she guessed Applejack hadn’t.

“Where would she be?” Rainbow asked herself.

She pulled herself out of bed, her body aching from the strain she had put on it the day before. Manual labor wasn’t exactly Rainbow Dash’s thing. She tried to shake off the pain, as she knew they had another day ahead.

“Maybe Applejack is already out getting ready,” Dash said to herself again, and headed into the library area.

Twilight was nowhere to be seen, so Dash guessed she’d left as well, maybe with Applejack . Walking by a mirror on the wall, Dash noticed her mane in complete disarray. She slicked it down quickly and tried to make herself look a little nicer. Her personal appearance had never been at the forefront of Dash’s priorities, but she decided that it wouldn’t hurt to look a little nicer from time to time. She doubted Applejack cared though, and didn’t spend more than a moment on herself.

She headed outside, stepping into the cool morning air as the sun began to reach over the horizon. She stretched her wings, popping the bones and straightening the feather. With a single flap she levitated herself into the air. She hoped Applejack was out at the orchard waiting on her. With the exception of the night she’d gotten Big Macintosh’s letter, they hadn’t had a night apart in quite a while.
Now above the library, Dash could see her other friends headed for the orchard as well. Rarity could be seen with saddlebags bulging with designs for the décor. Sweetie Belle walked a little bit behind her, trying to get her Crusader cape tied on just right. Fluttershy was distributing bird seed for all the early morning birds on her way there. Big Macintosh and Applebloom weren’t far behind. Suddenly, a voice called up to her.

“Hey Rainbow Dash!” It was Scootaloo who had called her. “Are you headed out now?”

Dash could barely see the little Pegasus from the height she was at, so she swooped down and landed next to her.

“Yeah, I guess I am. You haven’t see Applejack have you?” Dash asked.

“Uh, nope not yet. But I can’t wait to see more of your awesome moves today! Maybe you can do a sonic rain-“ but Scootaloo was cut off as Dash soared back into the air and flew off towards Sweet Apple Acres.

“Hey, wait up Rainbow Dash!” Scootaloo cried out, and took off on her scooter after the cyan Pegasus.


Dash arrived just after most of her friends had. Fluttershy had already headed into the rows of trees, trying her best to get the animals woken and moved before the hard work began. Twilight had come early to start organizing the second phase of the building process. Pinkie and Caramel still ha d a lot of plowing and planting to do, and Rarity had a lot of designs to go over to decide what would work most perfectly for the new farmhouse.

Twilight called Dash over for a moment. “Ok Rainbow Dash, things are going to work pretty much like yesterday. I’ve put the fillies on seed duty, to start planting while Pinkie and Caramel finish up the plowing. If I can pull her away from her drawings for a moment, Rarity and I will will begin dividing up the wood we already have with our magic. Everything else should work just like yesterday.”

Before she had finished, Twilight could already see something was wrong in Dash’s eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Twilight tried to be quiet as she asked. “Did something happen?”

“No..I’m not sure,” Dash told her, “I’m pretty sure AJ never came back last night. I haven’t seen her all morning.”

Twilight broke a smile, and said, “Oh, don’t be silly. Applejack is here. She was already up and in the library when I woke up. We came here together, and talked a little.” Twilight saw Dash become nervous, and quickly added, “Oh, but we didn’t talk about that stuff.”

Twilight didn’t add how hard it had been not to. Just looking at Applejack reminded her of everything Rainbow had told her, and she knew something deep inside her just wanted to burst through and spill everything. Pinkie Pie’s warning of FOREVERRRRRR rang in her head over and over, and she managed to keep herself contained.

“Well, uh, where is she?” Dash asked, a slight wave of excitement hitting her.

“Over there,” Twilight pointed her hoof to the small grove of apple trees.

Applejack was sitting with her hooves folded under her body, with her head up but her eyes closed. She looked so peaceful under the bright morning sky. The dew dripping from the trees bathed her in an aura of cool morning light. Dash glided over to her slowly.

“Hey AJ, everything ok?”

“Okay? Why…yeah…Ah guess,” Applejack tried her best to say.
Consarnit, Applejack thought to herself. Stupid element of honesty.

“You guess?” Dash looked a tad puzzled, “That’s not exactly a no either AJ.”

“It don’t matter what it is RD,” Applejack snapped at her “Ah’ll be ok no matter what.”

Dash backed off. She wasn’t sure what was wrong, but she decided to let Applejack cool down and she’d get the story out of her later. Dash could tell Applejack had tried her best to lie, but Rainbow Dash also knew Applejack was terrible at it.

“But why did she have to try to lie to me?” she asked herself quietly so no one else would here.


The day passed just as the previous one had. Big Macintosh helped with all of the heavy lifting, while Applejack and Rainbow Dash brought the trees down. Applejack seemed to be using a great deal more power, which Dash could only assume was her relieving whatever kind of anger she was experiencing. Rainbow Dash continually found herself distracted by her thoughts on this, and was reprimanded several times by AJ and Big Mac alike.

Twilight and Rarity had managed to separate the tree trunks into several equal planks of wood that would begin the frame of the farm house and barn. Pinkie Pie and Caramel had managed to finish plowing the rest of the fields. In turn, this had allowed the fillies to plant all their seeds, playing games along the way like who could plant them the fastest. With so much work done, all of the ponies were now able to focus on building the structures, ensuring that everything would be able to be finished much faster.

All the ponies said their goodbyes, and headed off to get some well deserved nourishment and relaxation. Applejack tried to leave herself, but Rainbow noticed before she could slip away.

“Applejack…what’s the matter?” Rainbow decided to ask her again, hoping for a better answer.

“Ah just need some time to think,” Applejack told her. “Ah got a lot on ma mind, and nopony but me’s gonna be able to fix it.”

“I can help!” Dash exclaimed, a hint of desperation creeping into her voice.

“Naw sugarcube,” Applejack told her, “Just let me work it out. Ah’ll be in tonight, Ah promise.”

With that Applejack left Rainbow Dash fluttering a few feet above ground; alone. Dash could feel a black void opening inside her heart, sucking the happiness from her soul. Something screeched inside her head, like a griffon’s nails across a chalkboard.

Maybe she knows, the voice in Dash’s head returned, louder than ever.

“That can’t be it,” Dash said to herself, “She’s way to calm.”

She’s also not being very honest, it replied back, That’s not in her character.

Dash tried to ignore it once again, hoping it would clear out by the time she got back to the library.
However, the whole trip back the voice derided her, and tried to make her feel worthless. It said more horrible things and laughed at her sadness. Dash couldn’t stand to hear anymore or it. Arriving at the library, she took a sharp nosedive and crashed headfirst into the ground. The hit made her woozy, but it did its job, and the voice instantly stopped talking.

She shook the dust from her coat, and quickly went inside. She was again very tired, but a part of her hated that she never seemed to want to go out anymore, even when she had the opportunity, instead opting to come back and hang out at Twilight’s library. She’d always been a bit of a party pony, but she had to admit, even with Pinkie’s great parties, Ponyville never threw ones like she’d been to when she was friends with Gilda.

Twilight had already made her way home, and welcomed Dash inside. Twi closed the door behind Rainbow Dash, and walked with her to the table.

“Anything you need to get off your mind today, Rainbow Dash?” Twilight asked her.

“I…I think I’m ok,” Dash told her, but was reminded that things weren’t exactly ok. “Well, on second thought Twilight, I’m just not sure what’s up with Applejack. She’s been mad at me all day, and I can’t figure out why.”

Twilight moved closer to Rainbow, and leaned onto the table to think for a moment.

“Hmmm,” Twilight was in deep thought for a moment, “Maybe Applejack figured it out? And maybe her anger isn’t as bad as you thought? I mean she still sounds angry, but not like I would have imagined she would.”

“If it was, I don’t think she’d lie,” Dash told Twilight. “I just have a feeling it’s something else.”

Twilight continued to move a little closer to Rainbow Dash. Dash noticed, but didn’t say anything.

“Well, let’s talk about it then,” Twilight said.

Meanwhile, Applejack had been wandering the streets of Ponyville, her mind swirling with thoughts about the night before. She’d seen Dash and Twilight together, she was sure of that. However, she really hadn’t seen anything completely wrong. Dash had looked somewhat sad, and in keeping with how Dash had acted the morning before, it could have been likely Twilight was just trying to calm her down. Regardless, seeing anypony else, even one of her best friends, laying a hoof on Dash like that got Applejack’s blood boiling.

Rainbow Dash had been her ray of hope against everything that had happened, and she wanted to believe she would always see the cyan Pegasus as that. Applejack just couldn’t seem to get her head clear though. She was sure Twilight would never try to make a move on Rainbow Dash. At least, she thought she was sure. Applejack had also heard the comments around Ponyville that Dash wasn’t the type to stay committed very long. When she’d heard it, Applejack brushed off the thoughts and tried her best to ignore them, although she did let it slip into the back of her mind. Applejack hadn’t even known Rainbow to be in any committed relationships at all, let alone any on the short term. She decided maybe she needed someone to talk to herself.

Applejack did not dare go to Fluttershy. If Big Macintosh got wind of any trouble, she imagined anything that had been accomplished between the two over the past few days would quickly crumble. Pinkie Pie was never very good with advice in her opinion, so she decided that maybe Rarity could help. Applejack couldn’t help but find it funny, remembering times not so long ago when her and Rarity could hardly stand to be in the same room together.

After a short while, applejack found herself on the doorstep of the Carousel Boutique. She knocked lightly and waited. In a few moments, the white Unicorn opened the door to see who was outside. She had mask of green mud laid across her face, and her usual pink bathrobe was pulled tight around her body.

“Oh Applejack, this is an unexpected surprise,” Rairty said.

“Heya Rarity, are uh, the girls asleep yet?” Applejack began to think maybe she didn’t need to do this after all.

“Of course they are,” Rarity gave a stern look, “I run a tight ship around here.”

“Heh, well, good ta know Applebloom isn’t getting’ in ta too much trouble. But, uh, Rarity, do you mind if we talk for a few?”

“Why of course not darling, come in,” Rarity opened the door wide and let Applejack come in.

Applejack made sure she wiped her hooves off before going in further. She could see Rarity had been working hard in her spare time, creating many new fashions. Many of them seemed to be inspired by the beauty of the country.

“You like them?” Rarity had noticed her looking and asked, “While making up my designs for the farm, I just ran with some of the ideas. They’ll be a hit come Applebuck Season!”

“Yeah, they’re really great,” Applejack let out a sigh, “But Ah’m not here ta talk fashion Rarity. Ah’ve, uh, got some problems.”

“Rainbow Dash?” Rarity said quickly.

“Is it really that obvious?” Applejack was quick to ask.

The two walked over to a small table in the center of the dress shop. They each took a seat on one side.

“Its always easy to spot when there’s trouble between lovers my dear,” Rarity said, “And I doubt I’m the only one that noticed the tension between you two today. We’ve seen you two kiss, and you barely even touched the air two feet between each other.”

“Well”, and so Applejack told the story.

It didn’t take long to tell, and when it was done, Rarity simply smiled, got up, and trotted off into the kitchen. She came back levitating two cups of tea with her. She sat one down in front of Applejack and took her seat again, sipping on the tea as she did.

“Honestly,” Rarity said, “I think you are overreacting dear.”

“Wha-, me? Why in tarnation are ya sayin’ that?” Applejack asked.

“Well, to be quite honest, you are here, talking to me right now, aren’t you?”

Applejack nodded.

“Then tell me what’s to say Rainbow Dash didn’t have something she needed to talk about? I’ve had plenty of things I haven’t had the chance to say to somepony I was with at the time, and Fluttershy was always willing to listen. And that doesn’t mean she is lying to you either.”

Applejack thought it over for a while. It made sense, although she hated the idea that Dash could be hiding something from her.

“If it is something important Applejack, Rainbow Dash will tell you. Just give it some time, and stop worrying. If things still seem off, confront Rainbow about them. Either way, I’m still going to be here if you need to talk some more.”

Applejack managed a smile and said, “Thanks Rarity.”

“Now, lets talk about something else,” Rarity said, “You at least need to finish your tea. And besides, can you imagine Twilight Sparkle having a thing for anypony?”


Despite the fact that her eyes were open, Rainbow Dash was not sure how long the kiss had lasted. It had come as such a shock to her, her whole body had tensed up, leaving her stiff and unable to pull away. The purple unicorn had forced her tongue into the edges of Rainbow’s mouth, trying her best to mimic the passionate kisses she’d seen Rainbow share with Applejack. At that moment, despite having nothing to do with what was happening, Rainbow could feel the hatred for herself burning brighter than ever. She wondered if it was because deep down, she didn’t entirely hate the situation that was taking place.

Gathering her strength, Rainbow pulled away. She quickly wiped the wetness away from her mouth. Twilight sat before her, a look of sadness and confusion upon her face.

“What the hay was that Twilight?” Dash snapped out.

“I…I uh… nothing, it was nothing,” Twilight turned her head away, trying to hide a few tears that had formed in her eyes.

“Nothing? You call that nothing?!” Dash continued to raise her voice. “What if Applejack had come back and seen that? Or anypony else for that matter?”

“You…you didn’t feel anything…” Twilight seemed to trail off.

“Feel…what? You know what my feeling are Twilight. I thought us talking was going to help me get through my problems, help me make a better relationship between me and Applejack. But big surprise with my bucking luck, it’s only gotten harder!”

“I…but I…oooohhhh!” Twilight raced off, tears streaming down her face, up to her oom and slammed the door with a burst of purple magic.

Dash was left sitting on the floor of library, unsure of everything now more than ever. Not only was she unsure of how to go about the discussion she had to have with Applejack, but she was worried by the feeling she had just felt. Somewhere deep inside, it was as if Twilight’s magic had reached in and touched something inside the Pegasus, and it had felt….good. Dash couldn’t believe herself.

Hmmmm, interesting thoughts we’re having, eh Rainbow Dash, the voice inside her head suddenly broke in. Really testing this whole “Element of Loyalty” thing, aren’t we.

Dash had no intention of listening, and tried her best to pretend she was hearing nothing. Several minutes with her alone in the library. Soon however, she heard light hoofsteps on the doorstep, and Applejack came in quietly through the door. Dash got up quickly, acting as if nothing had happened.

“What’re you doing up?” Applejack asked her, “Ah thought you’d be worn out by now.”

“Twilight has some great comics here,” Dash lied, “Some I’ve never read before. I was just putting them up when you came in. I couldn’t sleep is all.”

The fake grin Dash managed seemed to work, and Applejack trotted over to her and tugged on her rainbow mane.

“Come on sugarcube, lets curl up for the night and talk some before we fall asleep,” Applejack said sweetly,” And uh, Ah love you Dash.”

“I love you too, AJ,” Dash said back, and simultaneously felt like somepony had bucked her in the gut.

“Ya know, if you’ve ever got anything ya need to talk about, no matter what, I won’t be mad,” Applejack said, trying to hint around to see if Rarity might be right.

“Of course I will,” Rainbow said, the knot in her stomach twisting ever worse. “I uh, might need too soon…but…not now.”

Somewhere inside Applejack, a spark of happiness sprung to life. She was sure Rarity had been right, and that it was only a matter of time till she found out everything.

Applejack just smiled. “Come on sugarcube, lets hit the hay.”


For the first time in quite awhile, Dash had had dreams, and not a single one had anything to do with the guilt on her conscience. For Dash however, these new dreams were much worse. Every place she went in these dreams, she went with Twilight. Everything she did in these dreams, she did with Twilight. She dreamt about Twilight’s body, about her mane about her…kiss.

Not long after falling asleep, Dash sprang awake, these new dreams fresh in her mind. She could still feel the knot in her stomach, reminding her of how horrible it was she was thinking of this now. Dash decided she needed some sort of closure on the subject. Twilight had left Dash’s mind in such a state when she ran off, Dash knew she had to talk with her about it.

Dash climbed out of bed as quietly as possible, and rose into the air to try and make the least amount of noise possible. She nudged the door open, and closed it back just as gently. She headed up stairs, floating above each step like a ghost in the old mare’s tales Dash heard about when she was a filly. She landed softly outside Twilight’s door. She pushed the door open, and found Twi still awake, sitting on her bed with her face buried in a book. It was obvious she wasn’t reading it. Spike snored loudly in a basket on the other side of the room.

“Twilight…” Dash said.

A little over an hour after Dash had gotten up, Applejack stirred from her sleep. Groggily she adjusted her eyes to the dark, and realized the warm cyan body she had become so used to sleeping against was nowhere to be found.

“Rainbow Dash?” Applejack called out into the darkness.

No reply came back. Applejack climbed out of bed cautiously, and ignoring her hat on the bedside table, left the room to find Rainbow Dash.