• Published 9th Oct 2011
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My Old Apple Acre Home - Sith_Dreamer

When Sweet Apple Acres burns, it will take more than just friendship to heal an certain orange pony.

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My Old Apple Acre Home Part 6

That morning, things had already started off better than the previous one, with everypony arriving on time, well rested, and, especially in Rarity’s case, ready to work. Rainbow Dash and Applejack stood before the other ponies as they got ready for each of their tasks.

“Alright,” Twilight said, laying her schematics out to show a much more refined set of designs than what Rainbow had drawn up earlier. “Fluttershy has already gone off to begin rounding up the animals. Rarity, I assume you’ll be planning the décor around my designs?”

“Why of course,” Rarity said and pulled a rolle dup blanket from the saddle bag she was carrying it.

Rarity laid out the blanket and dropped down onto the ground next to the plans, and began studying them intently.

“It’s a good thing you know how to keep everyone organized,” Rainbow said with grin.

“Yeah, I think things will go quite smoothly,” Twilight replied, and looked back at her documents. “Pinkie Pie, did you get the seeds for the trees?”

“You bet!” Pinkie cried with glee, “and I convinced Caramel to give me a hand with the plowing. We’ll be done and ready to plant in no time!”

The brown earth pony trotted up slowly from behind one of the apple trees that were still standing and sat next to Pinkie Pie. Pinkie wrapped her hooves around his neck and pulled him close, a squeel of glee escaping her. Caramel could only blush.

Before Twilight could continue, the sound of hooves clopping up the path to the farm could be heard. The group waited in silence to see who it was; a big cloud of dust shrouded whomever was coming closer. Before long the cloud stopped just a few feet from them.

“What’s this now?” Rarity asked as the dust began to settle.

Standing before them was the tall red form of Big Macintosh. At his hooves were the Cutie Mark Crusaders, who looked to be at the ready for whatever was asked of them.

“Big Macintosh?” Applejack said surprised. “What’re ya’ll doin’ here?”

“Well, Ah couldn’t help but think about all that was said between us the other day. And maybe Ah am a little bit wrong,” he lowered his head and looked away. The regret in his eyes was apparent.

“So what’re ya tryin’ to say?” Applejack asked.

Instead of outright answering her, Big Macintosh looked at Rainbow Dash and said, “Ah was a bit skeptical about ya’ll, Eeyup. Ah admit I’m not always the most open-minded pony. But seein’ this dedication to each other, well, Ah’m impressed. And maybe Ah’m not the one workin’ hard enough.”

Scootaloo broke in, “What Big Mac won’t wrap up here is that we’re all gonna help so you can stay in Ponyville! Besides, it’s another opportunity to for us to get our cutie marks!” And so we don’t have to break up the Cutie Mark Crusaders!”

“But how’d you guys know about my idea?” Rainbow Dash asked, a smile extending wide across her face.

Fluttershy poked her head from the trees, and softly said, “Well…I might have had something to do with it.”

Fluttershy blushed and quickly went back to rounding up the animals.

Mac continued on to Rainbow for another moment, “Miss Dash, Ah’ve got a lotta faith in ya’ll, so don’t let me down. And a’specially don’t let mah sister down.”

Rainbow Dash tried to put a cool look on her face, and nodded at Big Macintosh.

Big Mac turned to Twilight, “So, what’re ya needed us to do Miss Twilight?”


Twilight Sparkle was not very good at keeping secrets. Twilight was working extra hard to keep up with everypony else as they all went diligently about their work. Twilight knew if she didn’t then her mind would again return to everything from that morning. Once Applejack had woken up, Rainbow and her had headed out, leaving Twilight to think on everything. Knowing what her friends secrets sometimes did to her mind, she casted a spell on herself to help her focus on the day ahead. But even with this aura of determination, she still couldn’t help but dwell on her conversation with Rainbow Dash.

“Lay those trunks over here!” Twilight ordered a lot more sternly than she meant.

Big Macintosh pulled two large trees tied up with rope from their work area and dropped them next to Twilight. He galloped back ready for the next ones. Applejack was lassoing three trees at a time, and together, her and Rainbow Dash were pulling them out of the ground. Seeing Dash stay in one place when in a state of sonic speed was quite a sight for Twilight. However, her amazement for Dash's abilities could only go so far at the moment.

She really couldn’t imagine how calm Dash seemed. Twilight knew in her own position she could never keep up such a calm and friendly demeanor around anyone she may have harmed. Dash seemed to be able to do it with no problem. Twilight now knew the torment going on inside Rainbow’s mind though, and couldn’t imagine what it must really be doing to her mental state. Before long, Twilight realized her focus spell had not been strong enough, and began to drift into her thoughts.

“Twilight,” Rainbow Dash said unusually softly as she came out of Applejack’s room, “Can we talk?”

“Of course Rainbow Dash! I’m always ready to help a friend in need, and maybe it’ll help with a new letter to the Princess.”

“No!” Dash snapped. “Sorry about that Twilight, but…no one can know about this.”

At that point Twilight was sure she should stop Rainbow Dash there. She knew whenever words like those came up, whatever was coming would eat away at her until she had to tell somepony else. But she also saw her friend standing in front of her, obviously with something weighing very heavily upon her mind.

“Alright Rainbow Dash, it’ll be our secret. Now, what do you need to talk about?”

From that point it took a long while before Twilight could get another word in. Dash started with that morning at Sweet Apple Acres, and how perfect everything had been. She told her about her long time feelings for Applejack, and how she couldn’t stand to see the colts that hit on her at the Apple stand. At these comments Twilight seemed to be very understanding, and couldn’t begin to understand why these would upset the cyan Pegasus. The story soon turned to the recent events that had changed Applejack’s life. She heard of the stern weather team pony and his ditzy worker, and the accident she’d created. She listened with a look of seriousness on her face when Dash told her about the reaction she had had to the colt Applejack was talking to.

Although she let Dash continue talking, Twilight was, by that point, sure she knew where the story was going. She remembered talking with Dash that morning, and Rarity’s sudden entrance. At that point Dash’s story had ended, but the rest of the events continued to play out in her mind. Twilight remembered the flames leaping across the trees as the ponies stood by and watched in horror. She remembered watching Dash create the trail of rain for Applejack to rescue Winona. And Twilight couldn’t forget the expression on Applejack’s face as she came back to her friends, her fur soaked as from the rain that poured between two sides of flames.

Dash set there for a moment as Twilight continued to gather her thoughts.

“Uh…Twilight,” she said, sure her friend was preparing to blow up on her.

Twilight sighed, closing her eyes for a moment before speaking, “Rainbow…I am not sure where to begin. I mean, this is much bigger than I could imagine. If you hadn’t come to me I never would have known. You just seem to be good old Rainbow Dash so easily to everyone.”

“Twilight…” Dash said, tearing forming in her eyes, “You have no idea how hard it is. I can’t even stand myself lately! Something keeps…” Dash stopped for a moment, realizing she didn’t want Twilight to think she was crazy, “I keep telling myself I need to say something. It’s on my mind all the time. But will she hate me Twilight? I can’t lose her, not now!”

Dash began to sob, the tears splashing silently onto the library floor. Twilight came closer to Dash and pulled her close with her hoof.

“I won’t say anything Rainbow Dash,” Twilight said, patting her back as she continued to cry. “You have to work this out though, somehow. You’re going to make yourself crazy if you don’t. I can tell you’re doing everything else to fix your mistakes. Sweet Apple Acres…er, 2 is proof enough of that.”

Dash pulled away and tried to wipe the tears on her cheeks away with her forehoof. She started to give a smile when they heard the Applejack’s door begin to creak open. Applejack emerged with a yawn, and rubbed her eyes with a hoof. The first thing she saw was Rainbow Dash, tears still in her puffy reddened eyes.

“What-what’s all this?” Applejack asked. “What’s a’matter Rainbow?”

“No-nothing,” Rainbow said quickly, “Just I got to talking with Twilight about Sweet Apple Acres, and everything, and about how happy you had been, and, well, it just made me so happy, thinking about you being so happy.”

Applejack came up and put a hoof around Rainbow, pulling her close and giving her a kiss on her cheek.
“it’s alright sugarcube,” she said sweetly, “Lets get this thing going. We can all be happy when everythin’ is finished.”

Applejack pulled Rainbow Dash back to the room to get some things together for the day ahead, leaving Twilight alone with a terrible feeling growing deep inside her.


Everyone had began to leave for the day as the sun began to set over the site of Sweet Apple acres. Rainbow Dash and Applejack sat for a while watching the ponies begin to leave. Dash lifted herself into the air the orange earth pony.

“You ready to go back, AJ? I’m beat.”

“Go on ahead,” Applejack said grinning, “Ah think ah’m gonna stay here a little longer.”

“You sure?” Rainbow asked her.

“Ya go on and hit the hay. Ah’ll be there soon,”

Dash nodded and streaked off across the sky heading for the library. Applejack continued to watch the sunset. She thought about the good times she’d once had amongst the trees. Lost in her thoughts, she didn’t notice Big Macintosh trot up and sit beside her.

“Even like this, Ah can still find some beauty in this place,” Big Mac said.

Applejack snapped out of her daze, and looked up at him. “Ah know. Ah’m really happy you decided ta stay with us. It wouldn’ ta been the same without ya.”

“Ah wasn’t thinkin’ too clearly,” he said, “And Ah want ta see all this finished as soon as possible. Not fer me, fer Granny Smith. She’s not doin’ well Applejack. She don’t lead on about it, but she’s not well. Ah want her to see this place lookin’ good again, just like when Pappy Smith built it fer her…and when Ma and Pa owned it.”

“Ya know Big Mac, Rainbow would never know about it, but I cry almost every night. Not cause’a her, but even when she manages to make me the happiest pony in the world, I still end up thinkin’ about everything we lost in the fire. We lost every piece we had of Ma and Pa.”

“Ah didn’t,” Big Mac gave a small smirk, “Ah got you an Applebloom, and that’s all I could ask fer.”

Applejack leaned against her big brother as the sun began to creep below the horizon. The first stars were starting to twinkle in the twilight sky.

“Yer the best Big Macintosh,” Applejack gave him a nudge which caused the pony to topple over.

Big Macintosh and Applejack both started laughing. They laughed harder together than they had since they were little ponies.


Rainbow Dash arrived exhausted to the library. The lights had all been turned on, so she knew Twilight was already home. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to face Twilight now, after everything she’d said this morning. Unfortunately, Dash was too tired to stand outside all night, and didn’t want to abandon Applejack for a night in her cloud home. Dash decided to just walk on in, and pushed the door without a second thought. The first thing she saw was the purple flank of Twilight Sparkle.

Rainbow blushed. She didn't want Twilight thinking she had thing for her too.

“Oh, Rainbow Dash, you’re back,” Twilight turned around and said, trying to not say anything upsetting.

“Hey Twilight…” Dash trailed off.

“Is…did you…want to talk?” Twilight asked her.

“You know…it actually felt pretty good to cry for a minute,” Dash admitted, “but that’s not what us cool people do!”

Dash realized that after all the crying she’d seen Applejack do, that statement made her sound like a jerk.

“Sometimes it help Rainbow Dash,” Twilight said to her, “If everything is still on your mind, maybe you should do it more often.”

“Yeah…” Dash said, and started trotting to the room.

Dash shut the door behind, leaving Twilight alone again. Some time went before she saw the cyan Pegasus. Dash flung the door open and ran over to where Twilight was now stacking books. Tears clung to both sides of her face.

“Oh Celestia, I can’t help it!” Dash sobbed, “I am so worried about what I should do. I can’t hide it like this forever!”

With that, Twilight sat down on the floor next to Rainbow Dash, and once again let her cry into her mane.


Applejack arrived at the library as the moon was rising into the sky. She had to admit in the short time she’d been able to see them, when Luna raised the moon there was just something a bit more special than when Celestia had been doing all the work. Applejack felt great, and couldn’t wait to snuggle into bed next to Rainbow Dash.

She wasn’t sure what Twilight would be doing, so she nudged the door open lightly to not cause much noise. She saw Twilight through the cracked door, sitting near her table, alone…except that she wasn’t alone. Applejack saw the rainbow mane hanging off Twilight’s shoulder, Dash’s face buried into Twilight’s own mane. Applejack couldn’t tell what was going on, or why Dash was so close to Twilight. She waited a moment, watching Twilight put her own head down and give a small nuzzle to Rainbow Dash. Applejack dropped her head low, and slowly backed away into the night.